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Los Cuates Restaurant, Tex-Mex Cantina Now in Several Area Locations

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(From the Red Ginger thread)

'zoramargolis said:

I noticed a big sign in the window Sunday that indicated a Mexican restaurant will be coming to the space: "opening soon."
I was just driving by and now can't remember the name.

'Antonio Burrell said:

I belive it called Las Canteras or something similar, i see it everynight on he way home and I always think, 'hummmm, fine dining mexican...' I don't have any idea who ownes it or who is opening it but I wish them luck, the tables look set the other night, like they migh be getting close to opening

I noticed Los Cuates Restaurant (1564 Wisconsin Ave) is on Open Table. Has anyone been by or know more? Here's the website, but there's not much on it yet.

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Has anyone been by or know more?

Los Cuates reminds me of a stereotypical college-town Tex-Mex restaurant (you know the ones), and I suspect they have their eye on getting some Georgetown students as customers. That having been said, it's definitely a small restaurant and not a bar.

Dining in the old Red Ginger was like having high tea at the morgue, and Los Cuates breathes some life into that space. It looks and feels just like it's been open for fifteen years, except that if you look around, it's brand new and squeaky clean. They did a nice job with the design, and Los Cuates is a perfect restaurant for that location.

Chips and salsa were uneventful.

Tamalito Dulce ($3.95) was a corn husk stuffed with sweet "corn cake" which must have been cornbread from a mix, served unadorned with plain sour cream.

Tacos El Viajero ($9.95) and a Beef Chimichanga ($10.95) were exactly like you think they were, complete with all the condiments - refried beans with a little grated Jack cheese, yellow Mexican rice, limp pico de gallo, and passable guacamole. The two things about them that stood out were the mesquite-grilled beef which had a good flavor to it, and the taco shells which seemed griddled.

I'll leave the Margaritas for others to try; this was squarely ice-cold Negro Modelo territory for me.


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We attempted to hit Vaso's for lunch today only to find they are not open on Monday. Ended up here by default. Place was packed for a Monday but I suspect Cinco de Mayo had something to do with that. Chips and salsa were not worth the calories. Tacos were decent but nothing to make me rush back anytime soon.

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