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Alcohol Substitutions

Steve W.

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A family member sent me this, thinking it might help me in our new venture.

Liquor Substitutions


I'll grant you, sometimes you can substitute things like orange liqueurs around in a pinch, triple-sec and orange curaço, Cointreau and Grand Marnier, etc... but gin for vodka? ;)

If I can't have a proper cocktail, then I'll drink something else, I'd rather not have odd substitutions made for me without my knowledge and consent.

I guess that perhaps sometimes the "battlefield conditions" of restaurant service require ingenuity. I do know of a highly-regarded chef who, many years ago, when faced with a customer who wanted a glass of white zinfandel, simply took some cheap white wine (Trebbiano, I think) and added some simple syrup and a dash of red wine for color. They never claimed that this on-the-fly concoction actually tasted good, but it passed muster with the diner.

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I think I died a little inside watching this video.

Just so I'm clear, she says to NEVER substitute tonic water and club soda. However, it's perfectly acceptable to substitute tequila, Cuervo no less, with rum. :o;):lol:

I agree with Joe, if I can't get a properly made cocktail, I'll drink something else.

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