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Egg Free Challah?


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My BLBaby is about to start pre-school (I know...not so much a baby anymore...) and there is a tot shabbat on Friday's. Terrific except that he has a severe egg allergy.

I've already checked with Sticky Fingers Bakery and they don't do breads.

Does anyone know of a commercial bakery that makes an egg free challah?

Or a decent recipe? I'm happy to dig out the Kitchen Aid and learn how to make challah for him.



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A quick search on the net will bring you lots of recipes such as:


Also, Ener-G foods has lots of specialty products. I don't see Challah there now but you may want to give them a call, as they tend to produce some seasonal goods: http://www.ener-g.com/default.aspx

Here is an Egg-free challah, note that it does contain other allergens: http://www.3brothersbakery.com/products.php?cat=21

I can do a more comprehensive search.. you might want to try searching for "gluten free" and see what you come up with, since there are many more food market sites devoted to celiac allergy.

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Since challah is simply braided egg bread, any braided bread is egg-free challah. If you want to make your own, I'd make your little one whatever type of bread he likes (white, wheat, rye, cinnanom-raisin, etc) and braid it. Just make three long thinnish rolls of bread dough and braid them like you'd do hair and bake. Some people like me like sweet challah, so you may want to add some sugar to the bread, if that is your "tradition." Just avoid the traditional eggs and/or egg wash in any traditional recipe.

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