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  1. Hi everybody - hope all's well. Wanted to share a few posts we've had up on Washingtonian.com that I thought you'd like. -We scored the recipe for Jaleo's bacon-wrapped dates -An early look at Againn, with photos and menus -We want to know what you think of the 100 Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do list -Todd Kliman's mother has started writing brief restaurant reviews for us. They're a great read! -How to make the Greek Deli's delicious avgolemono soup, starring Kosta himself. -An interview with David Guas, who's just released a great new pastry cookbook. Enjoy! Catherine washingtonian.com
  2. Hi folks! Just letting you know about a few new things we've put up on Washingtonian.com recently. -Chew on This: Which Locals Should Try Out for 'Top Chef'? -An Early Look at the Reserve (With Menus and Photos) -Some extra online-only Dirt Cheap Eat content - with a drool-worthy photo slideshow -A report and photos from the Signature Chefs Auction Enjoy! Catherine washingtonian.com
  3. Hi everybody! We have a bunch of new stuff up I thought you'd enjoy... -We're asking folks to chime in with their opinions about Barton Seaver being named the best chef in America by Esquire Magazine. -We have an early look at Sou'Wester with photos and menus. -And an early look at Eola as well. -We've got our annual dining reader survey up, and we'd love it if you participated. You could win a free dinner to Potenza, Black's Bar and Kitchen, and more. Cheers! Catherine washingtonian.com
  4. Happy Tuesday, everybody! Hope you're enjoying Todd's chat right now. Just dropping in to let you know about a few new things... -We have a FeedBack Video from Kora -We have the menus and photos from SeventhHill, the new pizza place from the Montmartre folks. -Folks have plenty to say about Mike Isabella in our Chew On This blog post. -A couple of these events have passed, but here's an Oktoberfest restaurant roundup. -Have you been reading the weekly Recipe Sleuths? Last week was Art and Soul's popular skillet bread. Send any requests you have to recipesleuth@washingtonian.com -There's a couple of great (and romantic!) dining guides in our Fall Weekends package. Cheers! Catherine washingtonian.com
  5. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know about a few new things on Washingtonian.com... -Hope you're following the Pizza Pool. We're nearly down to the Final Four here! -We put together a guide to restaurants that are extending their Restaurant Week. You can read it here. -A lot of folks tweeted their Restaurant Week experiences, and also commented on our Best Bites blog, and we rounded up all their thoughts here. -We have a First Look at Cajun Experience in Leesburg here. Enjoy! Thanks, Catherine washingtonian.com
  6. Hi everyone! Another Restaurant Week update. Todd Kliman has put together a guide of his top picks for RW. You can read it here. Here's an Early Look at Kora as well. Cheers, Catherine washingtonian.com
  7. Oh, and one more thing! We just put up a giant list of Summer Restaurant Week menus. It'll be updated daily, so be sure to check back. Cheers, Catherine washingtonian.com
  8. Hi everyone! Just dropping in on this hot August day to show you a few new things we've put up. -I hope you're all following the Pizza Pool, as we have readers vote on the best pizza in Washington. -We have a First Look at Blue Ridge -...And an early look at Room 11, the new wine bar in Columbia Heights -Readers dished feedback on Zentan -And we round up some of our favorite sticky buns in the area. As always, you can find more at our Best Bites Blog, our twitter feed, and in our Food & Dining section. Thanks, and enjoy! Cheers, Catherine washingtonian.com
  9. Hi there, folks, just dropping in to let you know about a few new things up at Washingtonian.com.. -Delicious Dining Deals: Determined to lure diners despite the economy, high-profile restaurants have come up with stimulus packages. Here are some of our favorites. Link here. -The Best of Washington package is now up, and it includes lots of food fun. The full thing is here. -You may have seen that we started the Pizza Pool - a reader-voted feature on the best pizza in Washington. The full bracket and a contest to win a $100 gift certificate to Pete's can be found here. -Rahm Emanuel, foodie? Seems like it! -Have you been following our Recipe Sleuth feature? You ask for a recipe from a restaurant, and we find it out for you. Read the full archive here. Enjoy! Catherine washingtonian.com
  10. Hi everybody! Just a couple of things at note over at Washingtonian.com: -The full Cheap Eats guide is now online! -The Best Bites Blog team started a Twitter. (Todd Kliman has one too, as does Washingtonian) -We have a roundup of Fourth of July special menus and deals Cheers! Catherine Andrews washingtonian.com
  11. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I posted here! But we have some good stuff up on the web site, and just wanted to point you to it: -Our drool-worthy Cheap Eats slideshow is up online, and the new Cheap Eats issue is on stands now -We rounded up some of our favorite brunches in Washington -Some new reviews are up - Inox, Founding Farmers, and more -We profiled the Fojol Bros, with a video - they're a new street cart entry on the scene Also, likely most of you know this, but in case you don't, we have a very active Twitter account where we post lots of new content and announcements. Twitter.com/washingtonian Cheers, and have a great weekend! Catherine washingtonian.com
  12. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know some breaking news, if you haven't heard it already: Farrah Olivia is closing. Todd Kliman has more here. Thanks, Catherine washingtonian.com
  13. Hi everybody! Thanks to all who participated in the Burger Brackets. If you didn't see, the winner was announced last Friday. We'll likely do another brackets later this year, so if you have suggestions for what food we should focus on, let us know! Here are a few more links I thought you'd find useful: -Our Easter Brunch guide -Our Passover guide -Who do you think should win a RAMMY? -A picnic guide Thanks! Catherine washingtonian.com
  14. Hi everyone! In honor of March Madness, and our burger obsession, Washingtonian.com is launching a new series called The Burger Brackets. We've selected 32 of our favorite burger spots, and every day through the rest of March, we'll be pairing off their creations, two by two, and asking readers to vote on which of them is the best. At the end of the month, a top burger place will prevail as the winner! I thought you all might be interested in participating in this feature - we expect the competition to really heat up! - so I wanted to pass along the link to our inaugural post here. Keep up with this series throughout the month here. Check back on washingtonian.com for the first face-off tomorrow at 10 AM. Thanks! Catherine washingtonian.com
  15. Hi folks—if you are interested, you can see all the online features from the issue, and online-only reviews of dozens of extra bars that couldn't fit into the print issue, here. Enjoy, and drink up! Cheers, Catherine washingtonian.com
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