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Xin Xim: Has Anyone Made It?

Joe H

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For a dinner party this weekend I, fearless and who has no limits, have decided that I'll make Norman Van Aken's Xin Xim. I've been to both of his restaurants in the past (Coral Gables and Orlando) yet have not had his version of this. I must note here that I love his cooking-the James Beard award that he won was well earned! However, to be honest, I've never had any version of Xin Xim. Still, the recipe is truly intriguing with huge flavors that seem to meld together: fresh orange juice, annato seed oil, butter, olive oil, chopped fennel, heavy cream, ground cashews, toasted shredded coconut, tomatoes, garlic-it goes on and on, an apparent "riot" of flavors. And, it's served on saffron rice.

Has anyone made this before?

If so, what did you think of it? Was it Norman Van Aken's recipe that you used?

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