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Commercial Kitchen for Sale/Lease


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Well, the time has finally come, I (aka Artisan Confections) am moving my shop to a new location in the Clarendon area this fall. We are now in the process of designing the new space and finalizing the lease. More details to come when they happen.

However, I am also looking to sell/ lease my current space. It is approximately 850 sq feet and pretty much ready-to-go in regards to food production. The space will include a Type 1 hood system, 3-compartment sink, 6 burner stove/oven, 2 Arctic Air refrigerators, 1 Arctic Air freezer, a few stainless steel tables, and various other odds and ends. The space is in very good condition and would be perfect for any small caterer, carry-out, or other small food service operation.

If anyone is (or knows anyone that is) interested, please PM me and I can fill you in on the details and cost.

Thanks in advance.


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