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Easter Dinner with Amberleigh and Demetrius

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I know that Demetrius almost a month ago promised some people pictures of the meal we made for our family at Easter. This was our first official "Holiday meal" that we prepared and we wanted it to be special so we used a recipe of Bob Kincaid's his tortilla pepita crusted salmon with shrimp ragout' as the main course, grilled vegetables (squash, zucchini, peite peppers and onions), basic grilled scallops as the appitizer and for dessert we made a carrot cake out of the Philidelphia commisary cookbook. .

Let me just say that it was a blast cooking a dish that required so many steps, and was out of my comfort zone (meaning I actually had to read the receipe/s) and it looked almost a pretty as the pictures. I did have a few issues such as not havnig a blender and having to use a chopper and strainer to create the sauces, and not adding crab (to the ragout) everything went off wit hout a hitch.

One thing I would say about the carrot cake is the pecan filling that it suggests (sugar, flour and pecans) was a little too sweet for my taste it reminded me of German Chocolate cake iciing without the coconut. But, Here are some of the pictures of our dinner.





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