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Polyface Farm Deliveries - Chicken and eggs are worth the hassle!

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Hi everyone!

As a burgeoning foodie and cook, I recently started participating in the polyface farm buying club for NoVA. I pretty much tried everything on their list from grass-fed steaks, to broiler chicken to stew hens, to eggs, apple cider, sausage and bacon. I am extremely pleased with their eggs and chicken; nothing like what you get even at Wholefoods. The steaks have robust flavor, but turned out really tough no matter how I prepared them. The bacon has no preservatives (sulfur etc) and hence is overly salty, but an overnight soak in water fixes that.

I am predominantly in it for the superior taste, but these guys have also taken the sustainable/green farming to the next level.

The process is you order on the website, pick one of their standard delivery location/time and go pick up your delivery. You pay via cash/check at delivery.

I think you have to send an email to get on their list, here's the website:


Reply to this post if you have any questions, I'd be happy to tell more about my experience,



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