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FREE Weekly Beer & Cheese Tastings at Arrowine


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Thursday night before Round 2 of the DC area snow storms come by Arrowine in Arlington, VA to sample some of the fine beers of New York! Free! Weekly Beer Tastings every Thursday 5 PM- 7:00 PM 10% OFF the Beers during the Tasting! Ommegang "Hennepin Farmhouse Saison, Brooklyn "Local 1, Ommegang "Abbey Ale, Ommegang "Three Philosophers" Quadrupel, Southern Tier "Unearthly Imperial India Pale Ale

Ommegang "Hennepin Farmhouse Saison"

As you pour this rich golden ale into your glass, consider your surroundings. Are you in a restaurant? Outside on the deck? In Arrowine? Is it hot and humid? Cold and brisk? Take a drink. Feel the way Hennepin is bright and lively in your mouth with a warming mix of spicy gingersnap and citrusy hops. Refreshing. Relaxing. It's true: no matter where you are, Hennepin is the perfect ale for all seasons. Try Hennepin with: rustic fare such as quiche, bread and cheeses, roasted chicken, fresh water fish, including shellfish (especially lobster). Hennepin's coriander and ginger notes lend themselves to the composed spicing in Asian cuisines. It goes well with Thai and Indian cuisine, sushi, Mongolian hotpots, fried fish, spare ribs and Peking duck. Saison / Farmhouse Ale | 7.70% ABV

Brooklyn "Local 1"-

In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they forge barley malt and hops from Germany, aromatic raw sugar from Mauritius and yeast from Belgium into one of their latest beers, Brooklyn Local 1. Behind the full golden color you'll find an alluring aroma, a dynamic complex of flavors. Belgian flair, Brooklyn fortitude and a dusting of their special yeast.

The smell is nice and inviting. Some honey glazed fruits, a little citrus. Pineapple, pear, peach, and grapefruit. A healthy dose of candy sugar and a definite yeast. Peppery flavors are present along with the fruits. A moderate sweetness from the candy sugar. To create this beer, they use the old technique of 100% bottle re-fermentation, a practice now rare even in Europe. It gives this beer a palate of unusual depth. Enjoy it locally or globally, as an aperitif or with your favorite dishes. It is particularly nice with spicy seafood and with fine cheeses. Belgian Strong Pale Ale | 9.00% ABV

Ommegang "Abbey Ale"

Meditate on this dark ruby elixir. Breathe in its deep emanations of fruit and spice. Is that clove you smell? Licorice? Fig? Sip serenely as revelations of honey, toffee, chocolate and dark dried fruit delight your senses. Ommegang, Their first brew, was inspired by the centuries-old brewing practices of the Belgian Trappist monks. This burgundian brew gives off a variety of aromas, including plum and cinnamon, and packs in flavors such as caramel, toffee, and licorice. At 8.5% abv., it is known to cause spontaneous meditation. Try Ommegang with: savory dishes, meats, slow-cooked French dishes made with pork, lamb, rabbit, beef, carbonnades, hotchpot, marinated roasts, barbeque, rich cheeses, almost every dessert. Dubbel | 8.50% ABV

Ommegang "Three Philosophers" Quadrupel

Cynics can't believe it, Epicures hail it a sensation, and Pythagoreans just can't add up what makes this luscious blend of rich malty ale and cherry lambic so delightful. It might be the flavor of dark chocolate and cherry cordials; it could be the way it acquires wisdom and grace in the cellar. Maybe it's a conundrum. What's your theory? The essence of wonder is a unique and masterful blend of strong malty ale and authentic Belgian Kriek. Ommegang philosophers deduce that this powerful marriage of cherries, roasted malts, and dark chocolate will only achieve more wisdom and coherence as it broods in the dark recesses of your cellar. Try Three Philosophers as: a delightful accompaniment for roasted meats, rich cheeses, desserts, and for after dinner sipping as with a fine port. Quadrupel (Quad) | 9.80% ABV

Southern Tier "Unearthly Imperial India Pale Ale"

an uninhibited infusion of hops

At the Southern Tier Brewing Company, vigorously hopped beer is their standard and inspiration. Southern Tier continues a commitment to innovation with their most aggressive offering yet. Unearthly is a manifestation of the brewers craft; skillfully balancing art and the forces of nature to produce a divine liquid. Delicately pour a taste into a fluted glass. Smell the enchanting aromas of the hops waft forward as your first sip divulges this beers fervent soul. Complex notes of nuts, sharp hops, caramel, light toffee, earth and spice.

Medium body, good coating, residual sugars. To underestimate Unearthly is to trifle with the mysteries of the universe, so please consume wisely. American Double / Imperial IPA | 10.00% ABV


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We do a Free Weekly Beer Tasting everyweek. I am hoping we can open tomorrow with all the snow and all, I encourage people to call Arrowine 703-525-0990, To check our Store Hours for this week. Thanks


Lindemans Pomme

The pronunciation in English is "PUM." Long before hops were common in most beers, various fruits and herbs were used to season beers. The clean, bright aroma and flavor of apples melds beautifully with the complex tartness of lambic beer. Smooth, light body with the fresh flavor of real apples and a light green-apple tartness. Unique non translucent light brown yellow body with a minimal head that dissipates within a minute or two. It is not unlike a thick cider might look. Smell is exactly like a green apple jolly rancher or any other type of green apple candy. There's a nice natural green apple aroma but also a touch of that artificial candy sweetness. Taste starts with sweet apple, then fades to sour granny smith, then completely dries up with a bit of a puckering finish. Tasty and flavorful Lambic here. Sweet enough that your girlfriend would drink it but with enough subtle flavors to keep a beer geek interested. Lambic - Fruit | 4.00% ABV

Lindemans Peche

Golden in color; with a nose that fills the room with fresh peaches. Sparkling, crisp and refreshing balance of fruit and acid. Pours a honey gold color, pretty good clarity, moderate head with mild retention. Looks pretty good. This is very tasty. Notes of honey-like sweetness. Mild floral fruitiness. The taste is delicious. Starts out sweet with a nice taste of peaches which quickly turns to some sour tartness with the peach flavors still there. There is also some very slight malt and yeast flavors that seem to be hidden very well. The finish is peachy and tart. The peach flavors are present throughout. Very nice mouthfeel, and very drinkable. Overall this is a delicious beer. One of my favorites from Lindeman's. Gold Medal—World Beer Championships. Lambic - Fruit | 4.00% ABV

[Lindemans Cassis

A classic Belgian favorite. Black currants have been used for centuries as an ingredient in beers and liqours in Belgium and Northern Europe. Deep reddish-purple color with exceptional aroma, flavor, and complexity. Fuller bodied and soft, while still being refreshing and crisp.

Pairs well with Venison, roasted pork tenderloin with rosemary cream sauce, scones, New York style cheesecake, and fresh fruit. Pours a beautiful clear deep reddish-purple with a substantial frothy head that lingers nicely. Also displays nice lacing. The aroma of currants is pervasive. Taste has initial slightly sour currant taste that leads to a slighty sweet finish. Very enjoyable, hard to stop sipping. Good carbonation, just a great way to finish a meal. Skip the dessert and have one of these. Gold Medal—World Beer Championships. Lambic - Fruit | 4.00% ABV

Troegs Nugget Nectar Imperial Amber

Squeeze those hops for all they’re worth and prepare to pucker up: Nugget Nectar Ale, will take hopheads to nirvana with a heady collection of Nugget, Warrior and Tomahawk hops. Starting with the same base ingredients of their flagship HopBack Amber Ale, Nugget Nectar intensifies the malt and hop flavors to create an explosive hop experience. Deep amber orange with red sunbursts with a bubbly cream color head that slowly reduces and leaves rings of sticky lace. Since Arrowine got this as fresh as we did, you might as well have peeled a grapefruit and cracked a few pine needles to compete with the beers super fresh punchy aroma. There are hints of mixed citrus as well. Blood orange, tangerines, and a touch of grapefruit. Piney hops come in middle to end in the nose. This is just a wonder to sniff, definitely one of the best beer I've ever smelled. Taste is mind blowing! The hops are show cased, just like the smell, but the malts, biscuit and carmel, are there to keep everything balanced. Mouthfeel is resiny, medium bodied, with a low to medium carbonation. Finish is sticky orange sweet with a bitter grab at the back of my throat. This beer is fantastic, delicious, wonderful, or any other adjective you want to use. Imperial Amber Ale 7.5% ABV.

Southern Tier “choklat stout”

Imperial Chocolate Stout

the ancients called it 'food for the gods'

The Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, unfolds a complex web of mystery around a beverage known as xocoatl (ch-co-atle). At Southern Tier, we’re not surprised that hieroglyphs of the ancient Maya depict chocolate being poured for rulers and gods. Even through the many voyages of Columbus, the mystical bean remained nothing more than a strange currency of the native peoples.

Moving through centuries, the circular journey of cacao has been realized in our brewing house, encompassing the complexity of the darkest, bitter-sweet candy together with the original frothy cold beverage of the ancient Maya to bring to you our Blackwater Series Choklat Stout. They have combined the finest ingredients to tempt your senses & renew the power & interrelation of history in every bottle.

9.5% ABV • Imperial Chocolate Stout • 22 oz

2-row barley / caramel 60 malt / barley flakes / chocolate malt / bittersweet Belgian chocolate / kettle hops: chinook & willamette

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Arrowine Free Weekly Beer Tasting!

Thursday 02-18-10 5:30- 7:30 PM

Flying Dog Brewery Rep Heather Donahue will be pouring Raging Bitch Belgian IPA, Double Dog Double Pale Ale, Kerberos Tripel, Gonzo Imperial Porter, Horn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale, Perry Soulos will be pairing cheese with the selection of beers 5:30- 7:30PM



Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian-Style IPA

Bitches come in a variety of forms, but there's never been something as sassy as Flying Dog's Raging Bitch Belgian IPA. An American IPA augmented with Belgian yeast, Their 20th anniversary beer jumps out of the glass and nips at your taste buds with its delicate hop bitterness. I love the hops in this stuff. Very floral and strong citrus flavors with the bitterness of good grapefruit. For 8.3% ABV, this is a very drinkable hi-ABV beer. I didn't realize the strength at first. The Belgian characteristics of this IPA make for a nice soft mouth feel. I know it's labeled "Belgian-style IPA", but I'm calling it an IPA because the hops clearly dominate this brew. At 8.3% ABV, this bitch is dangerously drinkable. Belgian IPA | 8.30% ABV

Paired with.. Meadow Creek Dairy Grayson

Grayson is a soft, finely textured cheese with a orange-brown rind, a golden semi-soft paste, a pungent aroma and a rich, beefy taste with nutty overtones. This washed-rind gourmet cheese is made in the mountains of southwestern Virginia at the Meadow Creek Dairy; a small family farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture.


Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel

Named after the mythical beast that guards the gates of hell…Pours out a slightly hazy, but very vibrant gold. Nearly two fingers of foam slowly dissipate leaving behind scattered specks of lace. The aroma is intensely yeasty with a pronounced vinous note. Lots of fruity sweetness at first sip, apples and pears primarily. Some yeasty tang in there as well. A little nip of black pepper. Some grassy, slightly earthy hops on the finish. This nectar of the Gods is deceptively strong at 8.5% and is bottle conditioned for an authentic flavor. Tripel 8.50% ABV

Paired with.. Beemster X.O

With this 26-month gouda, we first noticed its creaminess but also it’s delicate, brittle texture. After we tasted it, the flavor of butterscotch permeated the palate, followed by alternating waves of whiskey and pecan.


Flying DogHorn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale

Pours much darker than any barley wine I've ever had and I like it. It's a dark walnut color and produces a beautiful creamy off white head that is fiercely persistent. Dark roasted barley and malts, a hint of chocolate, brown sugar and something dark like figs or something. By far the biggest dog in the yard... Horn Dog Barley Wine is a dark and malty English-style Barely Wine that is aged for a minimum of three months before being packaged. Like a fine wine, this beer will only get better with age when stored at optimum conditions. English Barleywine | 10.50% ABV

Paired with..Cantal

This semi-hard cheese is aged for several months. The form is massive, and the cheese has a soft interior. Its flavor, which is somewhat reminiscent of Cheddar, is a strong, tangy butter taste and grows with age. A well ripened Cantal has a vigorous taste, while a young cheese has the sweetness of raw milk. Its smell is of earth and pasture lands, and is reminiscent of the rich pasture land


Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale

Back by popular demand, Their original "Wild Dog Release" is back, and this time it's for good. Double Dog Double Pale Ale is a generously hopped ale with a deep red color and pours with a nice frothy head. The abundance of hops will conjure some provocative aromas with hints of raisins and citrus. Nicely fragrant aroma of caramel and toasted sugar with pungent hop scents of juicy citrus fruits and resinous pine. Maybe a pinch of spice in there, too. Bold and brash, it'd be a fine choice for a nightcap. It's doing fine as a late-afternoon beer, too! American Double / Imperial IPA | 11.50% ABV

Paired with.. Black Diamond 2 Year Cheddar

You have lots of choices when it comes to cheddar. mild, medium, sharp, New York Style, Colby, Longhorn, white, orange, English, Irish, Vermont, Wisconsin. Well, I like good cheddar so I guess I now have a good excuse to try them all. Established in 1933 by Robert F. Hart, Black Diamond Cheese Limited has over 65 years experience of excellence in Cheese making. Great for some homemade macaroni and cheese or throw a slice on your next burger…Delicious.


Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

Pours black, with a nice reddish hue around the edges. Decent half-inch, dense, brown head. Very aromatic nose of roasted barley with a light malt sweetness. Initial semi sweetness with a very creamy mouth feel. Full of roasted barley and chocolate. Malty, but still a porter. Flavor complexities lasting well beyond the swallow. Like Hunter S. Thompson... Gonzo Imperial Porter is deep and complex. This turbo charged version of the Road Dog Porter is mysteriously dark with a rich and malty body, intense roasted flavors, and a surprisingly unique hop kick. With Gonzo weighing in at 9.2% ABV, it will bite you in the ass if you don't show it the proper respect. Baltic Porter | 9.20% ABV

Paired with.. Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue

Aged at least 90 days in their Roquefort modeled caves, its semi-soft texture is smooth and its flavor rich and robust. Richly hued blue-green veins randomly highlight the wheel. Pairs nicely with figs, red silk pears, Viognier wine, rustic peasant bread, strong beer and coffee.

Creminelli Tartufo Soppressata

Creminelli meats are handmade under the supervision of master artisan, Cristiano Creminelli. Cristiano insists on using choice cuts of meat from select breeds, fed with organic white grains and raised on small family farms. Organic spices are employed cautiously in the European tradition to complement and not overwhelm the flavorful, well-marbled natural pork. The truffles delicate aroma works magic with the all-natural pork to create the Salami Tartufo.

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Stop By Arrowine in Arlington, VA Feb. 25th Thursday Night 5 PM - 7 PM. For our Freek Weekly Thursday night Beer Tasting!

Perry Soulos will be pouring Chimay Cing Cents, Westmalle Tripel, Trappistes Rochefort 6,8,10. Beers will be paired with a selection of cheese. ;)

Only 6 beers in Belgium can carry the appellation "Trappist": Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren and Achel.

The monks dedicate their life to the worship of God in prayer and meditation. Making a vow of celibacy, they live in a community, under the direction of an abbot and renounce all personal possessions. The heart of their life is their work and they try hard by these means to secure aid for the poorest people.

The work of the monks has for a long time essentially been the cultivation of crops in the field, but recently this has extended to light industry, in particular food and agricultural activities. This is how, in the northern part of the country, they have brewed beer for many centuries. Since the monks carry out their work with the same concern for perfection that they strive for in their life of prayer and study, brewing has become a true art over the course of time in the abbeys and has been perfected over time. Pure ingredients: water, malt, hops, sugar and yeast. All this time the monks have made 100% natural beer with them.

Chimay “White” Cing Cents Tripel

Cinq Cents pours a deep yellow gold, slightly hazy. Thin threads of bubbles cover the bottom of the glass, contributing to a head of white silk. The aroma is somewhat chameleon-like in it's changing nature. In many ways, this defines the entire beer. The aroma is loaded with yeast, spice, sugary hints, light fruit and fresh hop. Coming and going are light aromas of orange, apricot, peach, honey, wild flowers, citrus, coriander, lemongrass and pepper. The body is medium & the mouth feel is creamy soft -almost cottony- due to the fine (but high level) of carbonation. The flavor wanders much like the aroma, varying it's intensity between sweetness, yeastiness, spiciness, acidity and bitter qualities. The flavors starts gently spicy and zesty with some hop bite, and an occasional flash of lightly sour acidity, eventually softening as it warms and loses carbonation, allowing more alcohol, sweetness and yeastiness to dominate. As you go through the glass these characteristics interact in different ways, giving it complexity. The finish is generally spicy and hoppy, with a quenching acidity and lingering yeastiness. The alcohol makes its presence felt but doesn't bully you. 8% ABV | Belgian Tripel

Paired with…L'Edel de Cleron

We feel it is one of the best commercially made full-flavored brie’s from the French-Comte region. The perimeter of the cheese itself is banded by a strip of an aromatic spruce bark which lends to woodsy, resinous flavor of the cheese. These young cheeses were fairly fragile and so were banded with bark (Spruce, fir or pine) to hold the shape for storage and serving. Even now these cheeses are best eaten from late fall to Spring when the milk is most suitable for this type of cheese. The crust is a pale-gold with specks of pink throughout, and you will notice the checked cloth markings on the top of the wheel from a special 3 week brining process. Best eaten at a full ripe stage. The texture is very rich and creamy.

Westmalle Tripel

A clear, golden yellow Trappist beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle (9.5% alcohol). It is a complex beer with a fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. It is soft and creamy in the mouth, with a bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma. An exceptional beer, with a great deal of finesse and elegance. And with a splendid long aftertaste. The Westmalle Tripel is indeed called the “mother of all tripels”. This type of beer was first brewed in Westmalle abbey in 1934 when the new brewing hall came into use. The current formula has stayed practically unchanged since 1956, thus more than 50 years. 9.5% ABV | Belgian Tripel |

Paired with…L'Edel de Cleron

Trappistes Rochefort 6

The presentation was grand, with a three-finger head blanketing a rich ruby red body. It emitted wonderful aroma and accosted the taste buds with berry, a bit of caramel smoothness, raspberry, citrus, spices such as cinnamon and to me a good deal of grape. Absolutely perfect. The taste was so mellow and well crafted that there is really nothing that can be improved. Sweet fruity, spiciness, like a good fruit cobbler, malty sweetness, more spice, some hops, and then a little bit of alcohol. Up front the beer had a carbonated malt flavor. This slowly gave way to a strong, sweet finish most akin to the sweetest and tastiest of all honey. A simply outstanding beer can't say much more than that, amazing! 7.50% ABV | Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Paired with...Petit Agour

The Basques insist that their cheese have remained unchanged for 4,000 years, after you have a taste of this incredible cheese you might understand why. Winner of two gold medals at the Paris Salon de L'Agriculture. Through the curves of the Pyrenees this beauty comes all the way to Arlington for you. Bringing its delicious olivey-fruity, and nutty flavor.This cheese is matured for three months and is semi hard in consistency.

Trappistes Rochefort 8

Burnt orange infused with coral red and dark butterscotch. Backlight this beer and you will be rewarded. The attractive beige crown isn't the typical Belgian masterpiece, but it's more than worthy of praise. The nose is rich with a fruity, spicy, cake-like maltiness and a waft of alcohol. Malty and sweet without being syrupy; spicy and bright without being hot; overall, very robust and very balanced. Notes of cola, red wine, figs, molasses, prunes, strawberries, and aged balsamic vinegar spill over the palate, cleaned up by the perfect amount of alcohol, and hop spice: cloves, come to mind. Finish is clean with a zip of alcohol and an aftertaste of roasted nuts. Wow. 9.20% ABV | Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Paired with...Petit Agour

Trappistes Rochefort 10 Quadruple (Quad)- (Abbaye de Notre-Dame de Saint-Rémy)

Poured a very dark, murky, ruby-brown with tons of large, floating yeast particles. The huge, saddle brown, fluffy head faded to a generous film with a thick ring of lace. Smell was intense, rich, spicy, sugary and bready with some alcohol evident. Scents of brown sugar, spices, ripe fruits, raisins, plums come through quite strong. Taste was extremely complex and smooth, dried fruits, molasses, brown sugar as well as earthy and woody notes were quite evident. Some soft hops were consistently present throughout the drink, but they merely functioned to balance the sweetness. While the alcohol flavor was only moderately detectable, the beer warmed the mouth and throat. Incredibly rich, supple and smooth mouthfeel. The drinkability of this beer was mind blowing when one considers that it is 11.3% ABV. The aftertaste lasted for an eternity. Sweet malts and caramel flavors coated the palate. This beer sets the standard by which all Belgians/ Trappistes should be judged. This is one of the worlds greatest underrated beers. Smooth, easy to drink, and one of the most complex of the Trappist beers. If you get the chance to try one of these, do it at any cost. Belgian Quadruple Ale | 11.3% ABV

Paired With…Hirtenkase

Hirtenkäse is a traditionally handmade product of the Allgäu mountain region in the south of Germany. This majestic cheese is rustic, savory and firm textured. It is an authentic mountain cheese with a rugged, earthy aroma. In mid-September there is a big festival in the Allgäu called the "Viehscheid". A "lead cow" is decorated with flowers and all the region's cows are herded down from the mountains to their barns. That's where the name Hirtenkäse comes from. It is German for "cow shepherd's cheese". Hirtenkäse won two gold medals at the World Cheese Awards in London, England in 2005.

All Beers Paired With…Volpi Un Mundo Saucisson Sec Al Noix

Volpi’s Un Mondo meat products bring together old world traditions and new world beliefs. The recipes used in these all natural products were created from research, travel and over a century of experience in making salumi. The end products are simple and uniquely Volpi quality.

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Free beer, cheese and Salami tasting @ Arrowine in Arlington, Virginia today Thursday 6-17-2010 from 5 PM- 7 PM. Come and try some new and exciting products.

The Beers:

The Bruery Trade winds Tripel, Triple Karmeliet, Sierra Nevada Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock, North Coast Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale, Trappistes Rochefort 6

The Food:

Cato Corner Hooligan, VBC Double Cream Cremont, Rochetta, Petit Agour, Der Sharfer Max, Creminelli Fine Salami

The Bruery Trade Winds Tripel

Their Summer seasonal, Trade Winds Tripel is a Belgian-style Golden Ale with a Southeast Asian twist. Instead of using candi sugar (typical for such a beer), they use rice in the mash to lighten the body and increase the gravity, and spice with Thai Basil. The result is an aromatic, digestible and complex beer made for a lazy summer evening. Paired With Rochetta cheese.

Tripel karmeliet

Tripel Karmeliet is a very refined and complex golden-to-bronze brew with a fantastic creamy head. These characteristics derive not only from

the grains used but also from restrained hopping with Styrians hops and the

fruity nature (banana and vanilla) of the house yeast. Very refined and complex.

Hints of vanilla mixed with citrus aromas. Tripel Karmeliet has not only the lightness and freshness of wheat, but also the creaminess of oats together with a spicy lemony almost quinine dryness. Paired with petit Agour cheese.

Sierra Nevada Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Imperial Helles Bock

This very special collaboration between pioneering home brewers Charlie Papazian and Fred Eckhart and Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman is part of the Sierra 30th anniversary series. Dubbed an imperial helles bock, it’s a bold American take on a classic German-style lager that looks and drinks more like a traditional dopplebock. A hefty 8.3 percent alcohol by volume, it features a bittersweet balance of floral hops and toasty malts, with a lovely copper color and a creamy off-white head. Paired with the Hooligan cheese.

North Coast Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale

Le Merle is a rustic saison ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain contribute exotic aromas of tropical fruit. Paired with Vermont butter cheese Cremont cheese.

Trappistes Rochefort 6

The presentation was grand, with a three-finger head blanketing a rich ruby red body. It emitted wonderful aroma and accosted the taste buds with berry, a bit of caramel smoothness, raspberry, citrus, spices such as cinnamon and to me a good deal of grape. Absolutely perfect. The taste was so mellow and well crafted that there is really nothing that can be improved. Sweet fruity, spiciness, like a good fruit cobbler, malty sweetness, more spice, some hops, and then a little bit of alcohol. Up front the beer had a carbonated malt flavor. This slowly gave way to a strong, sweet finish most akin to the sweetest and tastiest of all honey. A simply outstanding beer can't say much more than that, amazing! Paired with Der Scharfer max cheese.



AWARD WINNER! Made in 1.3 lb wheels, Hooligan is a ripe washed-rind cheese with a soft creamy interior and a gorgeous orange rind. Hooligans are bathed twice a week in brine to encourage the growth of pungent, surface-ripening bacteria. The Hooligan melts beautifully for a fabulously stinky toasted cheese. Limited Availability

Vermont Butter Cheese Double Cream Cremont

Cremont is a mixed-milk cheese combining local fresh cows’ milk, goats’ milk and a hint of Vermont cream. Smooth and very creamy texture. Mild, fresh goats’ milk flavor with a crème fraîche finish. Appealing wrinkled geotricum rind. Notes of cooked bread, hazelnuts, yeast

Petit Agour

Bringing its delicious olive-fruity, and nutty flavor . This cheese is matured for three months and is semi hard in consistency. Great anytime for a snack with some salami or with a nice beer or glass of wine. Very Versatile.


Rocchetta has a soft bloomy rind that may be starting to droop a bit if the cheese is fully ripe. The aroma hints of mushroom, earth and creme fraiche. At room temperature, a ripe wheel will be silky and fluffy in the center and almost liquid at the rind, an exquisite texture suggestive of cheesecake. This lovely cheese coats your tongue with its creaminess, finishing with a mellow tang of cultured milk.

Der Scharfer Max

Scharfer Max is a mountain cheese made from raw cow's milk in Switzerland, during the summer months. It is in the Alpage family of cheeses, developing its unique character from being washed in a white wine brine. Our Scharfer Max is aged by master affineur Caroline Hostetler; it has a slightly granular yet creamy texture and wonderful, full-flavored nuttiness.

Creminelli Fine Meats

The pure goodness of natural raw materials from America and the unhurried care of Creminelli’s artisan work come together to make an unforgettable carnivorous experience.

Salami Barolo, Salami Felino, Salami Tartufo


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post-6824-003461400 1281588128_thumb.jpg

Stop by Arrowine in Arlington, VA Thursday night August 12th between 5 - 7 PM for a Free Beer and Cheese tasting. Always a lot of fun and something good to eat and drink. What else is going on Thursday night?

Todd Bennett of Virginia Imports will be pouring:

Southern Tier 2xIPA, Southern Tier Black IPA (Just Released in VA), Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest! Yes, it is that time again :( Hacker Pschorr Weisse Bier.

post-6824-058818700 1281587953_thumb.jpg

Perry Soulos will have a selection of cheese to pair along side the beers:

Taleggio, Hirtenkase, Vermont Butter Cheese Cremont, Colston Bassett Stilton. Also some cured meat.

post-6824-053127600 1281588007_thumb.jpg

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post-6824-004162100 1282191915_thumb.jpg post-6824-048956200 1282191891_thumb.jpg

Thursday night come by Arrowine to sample some really good Belgian beer and some amazing French cheeses and meat absolutely free!

August 19th, 5-7 PM @ Arrowine in Arlington, VA

Also during the tasting all the beers we are sampling are 10% OFF and so will all the cheese from the tasting

Beer: post-6824-098880500 1282191986_thumb.jpg

  • La Chouffe (Belgian Golden Blonde Ale) - LA CHOUFFE is an unfiltered blonde beer, which is re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg. It is pleasantly fruity, spiced with coriander, and with a light hop taste.
  • McChouffe (Belgian Strong Dark Ale) - The Mc CHOUFFE is an unfiltered dark beer, which is re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg. Behind its fruity flavour a slight hint of bitterness may be found
  • Gouden Carolus Hopsinjour (Belgian IPA Triple) - "Hopsinjoor" is a wordplay to for one thing the several hops which were used, and on the other hand the typical character of Mechelen of Gouden Carolus: the figure "opsinjoor" is intertwined with the history of Mechelen. 4 types of hops are used: Golding, Spalt, Hallertau and Saaz. These hops were fractioned at several times in the cooking process in order to keep a maximum of aroma. Regarding to taste we can say that the beer has a gentle, but nevertheless bitter aftertaste. Gold-yellow color. Hoppy aroma.
  • Buffalo Belgian Stout (Belgian Strong Dark Ale) - BUFFALO from Brouwerij Van Den Bossche is dark, almost black, top fermented Belgian style stout. In 1907 "Buffalo Bill's" Circus from the US played on the town square of Sint-Lievens-Esse. The brewery workers arranged for a young apprentice to watch over the brew kettels. He did, but he forgot to stir and Buffalo was born. The New Buffalo was created to commemorate 100th Anniversary of that event.
  • Bruery Coton(Old Ale Aged in Oak Barrels) - Coton is our second anniversary ale. It is the same recipe as Papier, but created using the Solera method. We blended a portion of Papier that had been aging in oak barrels with this new batch of the same beer, adding an additional layer of complexity that will grow over time as we continue to age and blend with each anniversary, creating an older average age to the ale.

Cheese: post-6824-023917400 1282191871_thumb.jpg

  • Abbaye de Belloc ( Sheep Milk)
  • Cantalet (Cow Milk)
  • Fourme D''Ambert (Cow Milk)
  • Pont L'Eveque (Cow Milk)
  • Saucisson Sec ( Dry Aged French Salami)

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