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Sidebar Hiring Bartender


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Jackie's Sidebar, a new cocktail bar in Silver Spring receiving accolades, is seeking a bartender/mixologist with proven skills and a passion for creative drinkmaking. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your broad knowledge of the history of cocktails or to learn it. MUST be driven to make precise, artful cocktails, to follow and/or be a part of the craft cocktail movement or be interested in it. Food and drink snobs welcome, without the snobbery. We have super high standards and will wait til we find the right person. If you do not have very solid higher-end bartending skills with an interest in drink experimentation, a good palette for tasting drinks and creating them, and if following a measured recipe doesn't make sense to you, please do not apply. If you have a serious interest, have experience and skills, and want to be taught by a great bartender, that's just fine.

email gordon@jackiesrestaurant.com

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