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International Champagne Day -- Oct. 28


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Last night, while toiling away in my office at 9:15 pm, I took a break and saw a posting on-line (at another local foodie website) noting that in honor of International Champagne Day, Proof was offering half-price glasses of Dom Perignon, Cristal, and Krug for lunch and dinner on Oct. 28. Not having eaten dinner yet and feeling deprived and beleaguered, I quickly finished what i was doing and raced over to 8th & G. Unfortunately, they were not offering Krug, but did indeed have Dom Perignon and Cristal by the glass for $25 and $30, respectively. The plate of house made terrines and pates that I ordered went very well with the Dom Perignon, and was an ample and satisfying meal. My only criticism was that they did not pour the champagne at the table (I was at one of the small bar tables, so I could see it being poured at the bar). Note to self -- mark October 28 on calendar for next year. Kudos to Proof for honoring International Champagne Day -- I hope others follow suit.

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