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Hannover, Germany


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We went to this traditional German restaurant in central Hannover, Germany, at the recommendation of a friend. Knowing my friend's tastes I expected world class cuisine, and I got it. I only regret that I'll be limited to one meal there on this trip.

My dinner started with a bread service that consisted of German health bread and brown bread, served with a pate of duck and duck fat. I'm not going to go into the joys of duck fat since you all already know about that. The bread was freshly baked, and had just the right crust and chewiness. We polished it off so quickly they brought us more.

I ordered a special of wiener schnitzel with potatoes fried in bacon fat. The wiener schnitzel was pounded very thin, and lightly breaded before being sauteed in butter. In other words it was perfect. It was without question the best wiener schnitzel I've ever had, anywhere. It was light, flavorful, and the taste of the veal came through nicely. The potatoes were perfect. They were browned with a lovely bacon flavor, and there were pieces of the bacon used for cooking mixed in with the potatoes. There was also a salad with a peppery dressing, and of course, the local beer,

This is not a big restaurant, so having reservations does help. But the service was timely, thoughtful, and performed exactly as needed. The total price for dinner including dessert was 46 Euros, which I considered to be a very good deal. If you happen to be in this part of Germany, it's worth a visit.

Reimanns Eck

Lister Meile 26

Hannover Germany

+49 (511) 31 35 30

Wayne Rash

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