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If you haven't heard of us yet, we (my wife and I) run Cold Country Salmon here in the NoVA and DC area. We are commercial fishermen from Alaska and fish there all summer then return to the DC area in the fall to sell our catch.

Anyway, we are really excited to be blogging from fish camp this year on our fishing season and we wanted to let everyone know to follow us if they are interested. These updates will come in the form of blog posts on our website as well as Twitter and Facebook posts. We will detail every aspect of the fishing season from preseason work (mending nets, work around the homestead, building projects (we are making a new sauna), etc) to the fast and furious mid-season fishing action (July 5-15) and the slowdown toward the end of July. I hope this will be a good opportunity for us to reflect on our days and season and to keep everyone up to date on the daily doings on of a commercial fishing camp in remote Western Alaska.

Our fish camp postings will start May 10 and will continue through July 25 or 30 this summer. We would love to see your comments and hear your thoughts and questions. We are also accepting preorders through this spring and summer for the fish we will bring back this fall. Our first pick ups will probably be Sep. 1, 2011.

Thank you all for a great forum and community of producers and eaters!

Cold Country Salmon Blog

Cold Country Salmon Twitter

Cold Country Salmon Facebook

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