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George Valet Cleaners, Tailor, North Arlington


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George tailored a suit for me - or more accurately correctly told me my jacket fit perfectly (thereby earning my trust he wouldn't talk me into unneeded alterations) and completely rebuilt a pair of pants for me. He took up the rise, took in the hip/seat area, changed the width of the pants from wide leg to straight/cigarette leg per my request and hemmed the pants all for around $40. The only thing he didn't change was the waist..because that was the only thing that fit on the pants in the first place. The finished product fit like a dream and looked great, I was very impressed he could take in the width of the leg and create such a great line. If you are looking to have your suit tailored to a more 'european' cut he understands. While I was waiting I saw a man picking up his suit jacket. Apparently some other tailor had taken it in way too much. George did his best with what was left of the fabric and created a wearable garment from something the man previously could not even put on.

His English is not the greatest and he does not take credit cards - cash or check only. George also does dry cleaning and other tailoring services but I have no experience with those services. I believe he used to build suits back in Armenia.

A. Reynolds

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