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Miriam Cusicanqui Monrroy, MD, Virginia Square


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It took me a long time to get around to finding a Primary Care doctor in D.C. - for many years I would just schedule an appointment with my childhood doctor when I knew I'd be visiting my hometown. When I finally took the plunge to find a doctor in D.C. I found it was nearly impossible to find a well reviewed (on the internet anyway) metro accessible doctor whose appointments were not booked up months in advance.

Enter Miriam Cusicanqui Monrroy, MD. Her office is conveniently located near Va. Square metro, appointments are plentiful and can be made online (Why every doctor doesn't do this I will never know - its win-win I get the most convenient time and your receptionist isn't on the phone all day.) and her online reviews were excellent - with one caveat. After being a nurse for several years for a well respected cardiologist in D.C. she went back to El Salvador to obtain her medical degree. Some might question her credentials but I've found that she gives you her undivided attention and talks with you for quite a long time, sadly a novel approach these days. What impressed me the most was during my first appointment she heard and commented on a very slight heart murmur that I have. Only one other doctor has ever noticed it and it is a testament to the level of attention you receive during an exam.

A. Reynolds

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