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Salon Capelli, Hair Stylists, Rockville

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Seriously. It was on my to-do list for my next life: have good hair. Because obviously it was never going to happen in this life. Not for a day, a minute, even one second.

And then I found Salon Capelli. These people are really remarkable. I watch the other cuts going out the door and they are always terrific. My stylist, Becky, is a magician with the scissors. They have a guy named David who does phenomenal color. And Amy the miracle worker, with the Coppola keratin. And then, speaking of miracles, there is Milagra, whose shampoo job is better than a year's worth of Valium. I mean, that's what I asked for for my birthday present - to have my hair washed by Milagra.

The place is always clean and everyone is friendly.

I actually look forward to getting my hair done now. Which is remarkable because not that long ago, I ranked hair cuts maybe one notch above colonoscopies and mammograms.

Ellen Paul

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