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Blast From the Past: Barry Richards on Winx

Joe H

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http://www.barryrichardsshows.com/pages/gallery_audio.html The second link from Winx is the best. It'll also take a few seconds to start. But this is the original: for those wondering what Washington teenagers listened to in the 1960's Barry Richards was it (with all due respect to Harve Moore, Jack Alex and Johnny Dark). Anyway, this will bring back some memories.

No, he wasn't Hy Lit, Jerry Blavat, Joe Niagara, Jocko or Cousin Brucie but he ripped off enough of them that he still managed to be his own. He had a real following, just kept moving from one station to another and everyone...followed him.

Eleven o'clock at night he would play Sixteen Candles by the Crests to get "kissypoo and huggybear too." (A lot of jocks played music for this and submarine races; Richards was ours'.)

Anyway, I thought a few on here old enough to have grown up in the D. C. area might appreciate a D. C. legend, Barry Richards-the Boss with the Hot Sauce!

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