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AA Auto Service, 120 W. Jefferson St. near East Falls Church Metro

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I took my car here a few times before Bobby (the proprietor of AA Auto Service) gave it a death sentence a year and a half ago. Its little hard to find because its behind the building listed as the address.

I found Bobby to be an honest mechanic. He always called with an estimate and diagnosis before he started (I asked) and gave me fair advice about what was absolutely necessary and what was not. The major work I got done here - two new rotors, new brake pads, repaired a detached and cracked bumper, and got rid of some weird sound (I forget what caused this) - ran me $550 total, which I've been told is a good deal for body work + all the other stuff. The last time I brought my car there my fears were confirmed - I needed a new catalytic converter (my car sounded horrible). There were also some rusting issues in the front of the car he was concerned about, but the couple hundred dollars if I wanted to fix that palled in comparison to the sum of the converter. Bobby told me the price to replace with salvaged and new parts and gave me a few days to weigh my options. I ultimately didn't get the work done and picked up my car. I was recommended to Bobby by a friend - and Bobby once installed a battery for him free of charge.

He is also located walking distance from East Falls Church metro, making it somewhat easier to drop off your car.

A. Reynolds

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