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K Vintners: How to Market Cult Wine

Joe H

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http://kvintners.cmail4.com/t/ViewEmail/y/74AA9C01562056DE/B501085C74FAF34EF6A1C87C670A6B9F is the link to an e-mail I received today from K Vintners. Charles Smith who owns K Vintners could be THE international model for how to create cult wine. He also happens to make some of the best wine on the face of the earth. He also knows how to promote it. This is a prime example. I've had the '07 Old Bones (Parker, 99 point Syrah) and thought it was incredible. But at this price it is a matter of, well, exactly how incredible is it? Still, tomorrow morning anyone reading this will have an opportunity to spend $500 for three bottles of some of the most seriously allocated, seriously good wine that Washington state and America have ever produced.

Charles Smith is a salesman.

As long as he produces wine like this I salute him and his hyperbole! ...and the effort to sell great wine at an even greater price.

...I must also note that K Vintners has a mailing list which is still open to the public. They sell futures on their better wines. Old Bones, as a future, sold for a bit more than half of this. But if someone wants to taste it right now, this is the opportunity. For those of us who are willing to wait, consider the mailing list and a bit of time.

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