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Big Bear Cafe - Bar Manager


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Bar Manager Position

The Big Bear Cafe in Washington DC is looking to hire a professional, diligent, and responsible bar manager to oversee bar development and operations.

We are a small neighborhood café that focuses on high quality, locally sourced food, and a small but carefully crafted bar menu. We have recently expanded our busy breakfast and lunch service to continue into the evening, and are developing a bar program which is aligned with our vision for an intimate bistro style evening experience.

The ideal candidate would have excellent communication skills, be proactive in developing and promoting the bar program, and be a graceful and diligent problem solver. The bar manager would work directly with the owner and other managers to develop and maintain the beer, wine, and cocktail menu.

The Bar Manager Position requires working a minimum of 3 evening shifts per week, in addition to logging the necessary management hours. The current bar menu includes a careful selection of beers, wines, and house-developed cocktails. Candidates must be licensed or be willing to become licensed alcohol managers.

Please send an email describing your interest, skills, and background, and we will send you an application:

bigbearcafe.employment at gmail dot com

We look forward to hearing from you!

- Big Bear Cafe

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