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2009 Bergevin Lane Moonspell Cabernet

Joe H

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I have a total of six cases including several for neighbors, yourselves and one for myself. Yes, I know I should have let it sit after travelling three thousand miles over six days (was picked up by Fed Ex Ground on Monday). I worried about freezing temperatures even though I'd made the decision to have it shipped now.

I asked Carol to sip first. She and I tend to have entirely different opinions of wine-generally she doesn't like any red; certainly nothing that I like. She hated Old Bones, The Hustler and Reynvaan's Stonessence. I had to force her to have a second sip of Dal Forno.

The first bad sign was when she took a second sip. I asked her what she thought and she said she liked it.

I really began to worry. Carol liked the Bergevin Lane 2009 Moonspell Cabernet! This was bad. I should note here that Amber Lane, partner in the winery, told me that it was the smoothest, the best cab she'd yet made. I had trusted her, talked you and neighbors into a case each and now with six cases I was really worried: Carol liked it.

I swirled the glass, looked at its legs on the small fishbowl I'd poured it into and thrust my nose deep into the glass. Hmm.... Rich, thick syrupy legs trailing down the side of the glass. Incredible nose. I took a deep breath (I was scared...) and sipped.

Oh my Gawd! It's delicious. It is reminiscent of the WS 94 point Mondavi Oakville-thick, lucious, smooth, mouth coating with a lasting finish. But it's better! I swear it's better!

Wow, and you each have a case coming! My credibility will be intact!

And, Amber Lane, I cannot tell you how much I trust her: she's selling a $75+ wine for $25. I am going to buy more before she changes her mind.

You should be drinking what I am drinking tonight.



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