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Congratulations to Joe H

Joe H

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OK, I always thought Chiropractics was a bit of a hoax. One session with Solano taught me I was so so wrong and now I am living pain free and feel much better. He is a top notch doc, with clients like M Weiss the skater. Give him a try!!


313 Park Avenue

Suite 100-A

Falls Church, VA 22046


Scott Johnston

Interesting topic. I started with a chiropractor a year ago, almost to the day and worked my way up to and including spinal fusion surgery since an MRI diagnosed me with severe stenosis. In the interim I had six shots (three in my spine), extensive physical therapy, anti inflammatories and God knows what else.

Not a depressing topic because the surgery was in early December and a week after-to the day-I walked a mile; three weeks after I walked three miles and today, ten weeks after to the day, I walked five.

It was successful. Totally.

I write this because if a chiropractor can help you that is wonderful. But even if he/she is not able there is still hope. I gave my surgeon a bottle of Dal Forno when I walked the mile.


[i can't really leave this post in Dr. Solano's thread because that forum is for specific recommendations only, but I didn't want to delete it either, so "Fit for Summer" seems like a good home for it. Congratulations on your recovery, Joe!



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