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Bibich Merlot from Croatia - A Wine About Which Anthony Bourdain says, "I want to bathe in this"

Joe H

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Took delivery and opened it. I would compare this to Slovenian and Moldovan wine that I have had in that these wines are a knockout value for the price. Within their borders. I am also guessing that if I was in Croatia this would have been similar.

But I'm not. And, at $39.95 it seemed obscenely expensive. I should note a bias, I prefer a more alcoholic wine-both the Merlot and the Shiraz were 13% alcohol.

Today I also bought a bottle of '09 Termes for $23 at Costco which we also opened. Blew away the Croatian. Yet it was 15% alcohol and was much thicker, more depth, more mouth coating with a longer, jammier flavor lingering in my mouth. If I had spent $15 or 18 for the Croatian (as it must cost in Dubrovnik or Split) I would feel differently.

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