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Lead Chef for the Big Bear Cafe


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Big Bear Cafe


The Big Bear Café in Washington, D.C. is hiring a new evening chef to help with running a small, high quality, local produce kitchen.

The ideal candidate would be responsible, professional, creatively ambitious, dedicated to working as a part of a team, and committed to feeding people well.

He or she must be an effective and supportive leader, must work well with current cafe staff, be flexible in job responsibilities, and love to work with food, farmers, and local vendors.

The position will initially require working 4-6 daytime or evening shifts per week, learning how the kitchen currently operates. With time, the incoming chef will take on operational responsibilities, such as placing orders with local farms and vendors, monitoring inventory, preparing and directing evening dinner service, shopping at our weekly farmers’ market, running our weekly famers’ market brunch, and working with the owner on future menu development.

The current evening menu is posted on our website at bigbearcafe-dc.com.

Please send an email describing your skills, experience/background, and interests, and we will send you an application.

We look forward to hearing from you.

bigbearcafe.employment @ gmail.com

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