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Are YOU a donrockwell member who has NEVER met another donrockwell member OFFLINE?


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You know how dating 101 teaches that a drink is better than dinner for the first interaction? Sound advice.

I joined donrockwell 6 years ago. I don't think I met my first donrockwell member offline until around 2 years ago. That was because donrockwell is a website. And you never know who's lurking around or posting on a website. We all have our friends and lives offline already. donrockwell.com is an online thing, right?

Well, as I found out, the people who post on this site are pretty damn interesting, cool, generous and just great to meet. You get some sense for this through the site but, of course, totally different deal face to face. DR members are lawyers and chefs, engineers and professional waiters, amazingly talented home cooks and business magnates, leading restaurant owners and dog walkers. They're old and young and hail from all parts of the country and world. If you've been to a donrockwell event, you already know that. And, if you're anything like me, you might have been just a bit surprised (even embarrassed) when you first realized your folly.

So, I want to make a special appeal to any and all donrockwell members who have never met another donrockwell member offline.

Those members who joined for whatever reason and like the website but, for whatever reason, have kept it just a website thing for themselves.

A drink is better than dinner, right?

Click here and consider joining us. It's safe. It'll be very interesting if you have even a passing interest in the topic, which most of us do. It'll be delicious. It'll be brief. And, it will be free. And, if you're a lurker ("guest") here, we'd love to have you too. Just go to donrockwell.com first and become a member first. Also free. Also very valuable with no requirements to do anything.

Already attending this event are an amazingly talented cook and writer, a local technology wizard, a student, a race car driver, a business wonk (but not magnate), a health care pro and a couple of others I don't know. One thing I do know though. More than vocation and background, everyone is seriously nice, humble and welcoming.

Would love to meet more of you and there's room.

That concludes this public service announcement.

Click here. It'll be fun and educational to boot.

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