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Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Joe H

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This has received virtually no publicity in the U. S. but one of the most beautiful places on earth is British Columbia's Okanagan Valley which is about three and one half hours east of Vancouver or 150 air miles north of Walla Walla (which now has 130+ wineries). I actually just retired from a Vancouver company after 22 years which had a factory in Kelowna, a city of over a hundred thousand which is ground zero for the Valley's wine region.

But in my several trips there it was only for business, just in and out, back to Vancouver or Seattle.

This fall we are returning to drink.

We're actually going to spend several days in Walla Walla (I believe that I am very familiar with wineries there) and then on to Kelowna and later to Vancouver. I've drank B. C. wines in the past (Quail's Gate, Mission Hills have some of the best ice wine on earth) but usually focused on Washington state wines when I was there. Now, with over 200 wineries and several writers describing this as "Napa Valley with a sixty mile long lake in the middle" we have to go.

And drink.

It is almost impossible to buy some of this in the U. S. B. C. wineries do not ship here and I don't know of a single store that sells their better wines. Now, I understand that as WA state has a number of outstanding reds so does B. C. In particular there is one wine, Blackwood Lane, that has an estate wine selling for US $150.00. (Makes RDV look like a bargain!)

Does anyone have any experience with better wine in the Okanagan Valley?

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