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Ferret Celler del Mingo Brut Cava

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From Dave McIntyre in the Post:

Ferret Celler del Mingo Brut Cava
Spain, $14
The fruitiest cava I’ve ever tasted, this gushes with mango and other tropical flavors and made from organic grapes. 
Don’t look for a champagne knock-off here; it’s just pure fun, an ideal patio wine for summer.

Dionysus: Available in the District at De Vinos, D’Vines, Rodman’s, Wagshal’s Deli; on the list at Komi. 
Available in Maryland at Balducci’s and Bradley Food & Beverage in Bethesda, Iron Bridge Wine Co. in Columbia, 
MOM’s Organic Market (Rockville), Roots in Olney. Available in Virginia at Balducci’s (Alexandria, McLean), 
MOM’s Organic Market (Alexandria, Herndon, Merrifield), Unwined (Alexandria, Belleview).

From the winery:

Once the classic base wines from the Penedès Cava region are obtained - Parellada, Xarel.lo and Macabeo, the coupage (blend) is created. The particular combination of the three wines used in Ferret Cava has evolved over time, and proved to be the most optimal for the climate and conditions of Alt-Penedès. This blend involves a predominance of Parellada, the grape variety which thrives on the higher altitude and greater extremes in temperature of the zone.

The next stage proceeds to the addition of selected yeasts to produce a second fermentation in the bottle. The bottles are then driven down to our deep cellars, which maintain a constant temperature of 14ºC throughout the year. Due to this stability, the fermentation process, ageing, and transformation into cava is slow and measured. As a result, bubbles produced are very fine, and the aromas and tastes particular to the second fermentation remain perfectly integrated in the final cava obtained.

After ageing, classic riddling of the bottles is performed in the cellars. This turning and tilting process slowly rotates the yeasts in a spiral around the circumference of the bottle, until they arrive at the cap. The bottles are then brought out of the cellars and disgorged, the metal cap being replaced at this point with the traditional cava cork.

From Wines and Beyond Import, possibly translated into English. OK, maybe not, but retro-nasal makes me think of Don Draper's nose.

Straw yellow, bright, bubble abundant small size, with a good crown formation on the rim.

Very interesting nose. Subtle fragrance of ripe fruit with aromas of discrete breeding fruit and floral tones.

The palate is light, but with great balance of acidity and sugar, good presence of carbon and good persistence. 
Fruit and floral aromas, tinged with shades of rearing, in clean retro-nasal.

Please note! "Ferret" does not appear on the label, just Celler del Mingo. Thus far found at Balducci's and Unwined, and MIA at Mom's on Mt. Vernon.

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Just got a bottle at Balducci's for $14. I don't see the word "Ferret" on the bottle. It's labeled Celler del Mingo. At the McLean store, it's located on the shelf where they stock most of their bubblies.

At first it was quite fruity but fruitiness dissipates over time. I really liked it.

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We opened a bottle with dinner tonight, and the initial whallop of apple has now softened into stone fruit.  It has a lovely balance of sweetness and acidity, and a delicate, fruity nose.  I need to do a side by side with the Dibon.  From memory, this has more fruit overall and a longer finish, and the finish is soft fruit and less bread/yeast.  Very enjoyable drinking.   

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