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Quench Advisory Board: Taste New Food / Drink and Tells Us What You Think!


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Hey all -- it's Michael from Quench here.  One thing we've tried to do from day one is to involve the community in our restaurant decision making -- menu ideas, promotional ideas, event ideas, tastings, etc.  To make that work, we formed the "Quench Advisory Board."  It's probably the easiest board you'd ever serve on, as your main duty would be to swing by Quench once a month or so to help us taste new drinks, try new food and give some input into our menu.  (Also, if you're so inclined to help promote us, spread the word and say nice things about us on Yelp and Trip Advisory and the like.)

Interested?  It's a good time to join, since we'll be tasting fall food and drink ideas in early September!  If so, please send an email to Michael@quenchnation.com or drop by our facebook at www.facebook.com/quenchnation and send a message that way.

Thanks - and we hope to put your palette to good use!


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