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DFW Area: Coppell Farmers Market


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From less than 24 hours into my residence here"¦consider this the first of many installments in Musings About Dallas/Forth Worth (MAD).

The local honey pairs miraculously with smoky flavors.  How do I know?

  • Evidence #1:  The Round Rock Honey vendor handed me a recipe for honey and cumin okra. 
  • Evidence #2:  For a mid-morning snack, I cubed a market cantaloupe, added a drizzle of the honey and a crumbling of Maldon smoked sea salt flakes.  Was most likely the best fruit dish I've had all year.
  • Evidence #3:  When I licked the bowl, some dripped on my shirt, and I've been wearing it all day like a badge of honor.  This is how folks from DC roll, ya'll.

Amen for the absurd level of sunshine that delivers such ambrosia fruit and accompanying apiaries.

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