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Edible Adventure


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A note from a relative involved in the production of this new show...


Our first "green" TV show Edible Adventure airs on Travel Channel, June 26th at 7pm PST/10 pm EST and again at 10 pm PST/1 am EST. (Check local listings because the time might change with different cable


The trailer:



Host Stephen Brooks treks off the beaten path and raises awareness of where our food comes from by tracing the course of food from its roots in the field to the plate. In the pilot, Stephen takes on stunning Costa Rica-in the lush jungles of the sultry Caribbean and the pristine beaches on the Pacific coast-seeking out and sampling the country's natural delicacies.

Along the way, Stephen unearths the culture of sustainable farming and organic cuisine, visiting rural farmers, remote indigenous villages, and distinguished restaurants -- all set against the backdrop of a land where the trees drip with fruit and its people with soul.

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