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Springfield, IL


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I spent three days in lovely, flat Springfield, Illinois and tried a local favorite, the Pony. Imagine, a large piece of Texas toast topped with about 1/2 inch of roast beef (or another meat you choose) then add a pile of crinkle cut thin french fries and a melted white cheese sauce. This is a Pony, two of them make a horseshoe.

It was really decadent but quite tasty. If you are passing through on a road trip (I-55) on your way to St. Louis, I recommend a pit stop.

Also try Augies for a nice dinner. I had a salmon on a plank with chipotle mustard which was quite fresh and tasty much better than the "typical" fast food restaurants which were the other choice.

Finally they have these yeast donuts called mellocreams which are very good. The glazes they use have a perfect amount of sugar and this really makes the donut's consistency and flavor standout.

I waddled back onto the plane. Who knew you could eat so well in the land of Abraham Lincoln?

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