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Murky Coffee Hiring for Baristas (REAL Baristas)


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murky coffee

Let's start with the basics:

murky coffee is two coffeebars, one on Capitol Hill (near historic Eastern Market) and the other in the Arlington, Virginia neighborhood of Clarendon. We say "coffeebar" instead of "coffeeshop" because we're focused on making the coffee experience the best that it can possibly be. That means the best coffee, prepared with the highest skill, involving the most intense training, and weird people, some with tattoos.

We're about being real. So let's start with this job-posting. Here's a lists of things that, if it describes you pretty well, means that you'd probably be a good fit at murky coffee:

  • You're thinking about a new job, either part-time or full-time.
  • You're intelligent.
  • You're a free-thinker.
  • You're pretty good with your hands.
  • You're great with people.
  • You want a job where you're valued much more as a person than as just an employee.
  • You really care about doing the best job you can.
  • You'd like to be doing something that's more than 'just a job.'
  • You'd like to be a part of something new, exciting, and dynamic.
  • You have an artistic side.
  • Your schedule is fairly flexible.
  • You're up for a challenge.
  • You are passionate.
  • You're responsible.
  • You are sexy (at least in your own mind).
  • You have a thirst for knowledge and new experiences.
  • You don't mind getting a little dirty (coffee is messy).

Here's another list... this is a bit about who we are:

  • We're a coffeebar (actually, two coffeebars).
  • We're (supposedly) the premier authority on coffee for Washington DC.
  • We're passionate about coffee.
  • We're passionate about people.
  • We're serious about our commitment to treating people (staff and customers) with respect, dignity, and love.
  • We're all about the pursuit of excellence.
  • We're about no bullshit.
  • We take pride in our work.
  • We want all coffee, throughout the DC area (and around the country) to be better.
  • We participate in a lot of coffee-industry stuff.
  • We take our responsibility to be good stewards of God's Green Earth very seriously.
  • We have a website at murkycoffee.com.
  • Stuff like that.

There is, of course, much more to you, and much more to us. If you're interested in finding out what all that is, then so are we.

Our slogan, motto, whatever-you-call-it, is: "Totally committed to serving the people of Washington the best damn coffee there is. Yes, we said 'damn.'" What this pursuit has become is taking the common commodity of coffee, and elevating it to a culinary art, appreciated in the way that people appreciate fine wines. What we do is much more than just pushing buttons on a machine like at some coffeeshops, much more than just pouring a house blend and a "coffee of the day," much more than just putting on an apron and pretending you work at Central Perk from "Friends.

But, as we like to say, no amount of bullshit blah-blah-blah matters... it's what's in the cup that counts; what's in the cup, and what's in you and what's in us. A little melodramatic, for sure... but the fact is, if you're not ready to do the whole "down the rabbit hole" and "swallow the red pill" thing, then we're not a good match.

Here are the simple hoops that we graciously ask that you traverse... and you have two options:

Option 1: send us an email to jobs08-06@murkycoffee.com, and ask for the email-able application, and we'll send it to you and you can shoot it back in an intense, inbox-war.

Option 2: go to our employment page on our website, download the PDF formatted application (2 pages), and either fax it back to the fax number on that page, or bring it in in person. "In in" that sure sounds awkward.

So read-up on our website. Google the heck out of "murky coffee." Whatever you want. Sit across the street with binoculars and spy on us. Then, if you think that, indeed, there might be a Love Connection here, then hit us up for an application and traverse-away.

Thanks for playing, and best of luck to you no matter where you're meant to be.

I can't believe you read the whole thing. You must be a little nuts. That's cool.

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