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A Book on Wine Collecting - Publishers/Agents Wanted

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I've been collecting fine wine for about 10 years now and I have learned alot about finding rare and hard-to-find wines, buying Bordeaux both in bottle and en primeur (making some nice returns!), and wine storage issues. I'm not an expert, but I think with my wine background and pretty good interview skills, I could make a book of this! So looking for help/advice on writing a wine collecting book: who should I contact, do I need an agent, what publishing houses does this make the most sense for? The current "plan" for the title is "Wine Collecting 101" - I also teach a class with the same name here in DC. What would also be of interest are comments on existing books about wine/wine collecting, what you think is missing, maybe some ideas for approaching this....also, I would like to interview various wine collectors from novice to old kindred, I would like the book to have anecdotes and stories as well!!

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