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Safeway Wine Sale

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I just discovered an incredible wine deal at Safeway that I thought I'd share... They are running a wine special through tomorrow (8/7/07) where you buy 1 bottle and get a second one for 10 cents. The deal is only good on selected wines (Beringer, Chateau St. Jean, Simi, and others), however.

Here's the best part -- in the store, they have a big poster & balloons to promote the sale. It clearly reads that the sale is only good on the six wines pictured on the poster. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the Chateau St. Jean "Cinq Cepages" was one of the wines pictured!! This was the Wine Spectator Wine of the Year a few years ago, and its current retail price (at Safeway) is $91.99 per bottle (2002 vintage). So, I grabbed 2 bottles and headed to the express lane... Not surprisingly, the cashier made a few comments about expensive wine, and, predictably, they did not ring up at the advertised price. They each rang up at $69.99 on sale - not a bad price, but not what I was looking for. SO, the store manager came over and when I showed her the sign, she refunded me the difference without any pushback at all!!

2 bottles of 2002 Cinq Cepages for $73.46 (including tax) is what I call a good deal! This was at the Kingstowne Safeway, so your mileage may vary at other locations.

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