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Looking for Delivery of Desserts to Coffeehouse/Winebar


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Hey all,

I'm in the process of opening a coffeehouse & wine bar next month (just after Labor Day is the target date), and I'm in search of a pastry chef that would be willing and able to make desserts for the shop. It's about a 2,200 sq.ft. place with a combination of seating options for between 90-100 people at any given time. I'm open seven days a week, so would need to discuss the major issues I'm having right now which is delivery of the desserts to the shop, and the frequency of which they would have to be delivered. I know of a pastry chef with whom I'd like to get her pastries, in fact I've met and spoken to her, and love her desserts, but the restaurant where she works is in upper NW and my shop is on the northern edge of Capitol Hill.

Ideally, I'm looking for smaller portion size desserts such as mini Creme Brulee's, tarts, and just about anything else you can make for individual consumption. I'd be displaying them in a sushi bar type refrigeration system, so it can't be like whole cakes and pies, which is one reason why I'm stressing the smaller sizes. The other reason just has to do with a potential customers and my appeal for smaller portions with sweets.

Anybody have some ideas or suggestions ?

Thanks very much,


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hello. i don;t know if you found a source but in case you didn't, i have a lead for you. a couple of pastry chefs just started their own business and they are catering to needs like your. the company name is paisley fig, call lizzie evelyn at 202.425.0525 mobile.


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