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Wanted: Food Blogger


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As some of you may know, I've been writing about food & drink (among many other things) on DCist.com for the last year. It's been a fun gig, but life changes have precipitated the need for me to step down and let someone else write about food on DCist. This site is clearly the best place to start the search.

Writing for DCist is strictly a volunteer thing that we do in our spare time. The other writers are a fun mix of young people dedicated to covering DC and everything that goes on here. As a DCist food writer, the hope would be that you come up with 2-3 posts a week related to the DC food scene. This can be anything from news about new restaurants opening, controversies or interesting notes from the dining world, watching the markets for new ingredients and vendors, or reviews of dining options large and small, new and old. Check out our Food & Drink archive for a better sense of what we've been doing. Your writing would not be strictly confined to things gastronomic, but that would be the primary focus.

There are no pre-reqs for being a DCist writer, though some writing experience is preferred. The exact scope of the job -- full editor or contributor, whether you'd be editing other people's writing, etc. -- is something that can be discussed. Perks include being part of a dynamic group that loves the city and being a writer for the second most highly trafficked site on the Gothamist network (we estimate readership at around 20K uniques a week). Though there's no monetary compensation, it's a great experience and a good time (I'm very sad to have to give this up!)

If you're interested, please send me a private message so we can talk further!

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