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Kurni Oasi degli Angeli

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The 2004 Kurni Oasi Degli Angeli is one of the best wines I have tasted in a long time. This is what Parker (Galloni reviewer) had to say about it: "The 2004 Kurni is a more representative example of the heights Rossi and Casolanetti are capable of reaching. It is gorgeous and sumptuously layered in the way it flows onto the palate with never ending sensations of cocoa, chocolate, sweet toasted oak, blueberry jam, earthiness and currants. Its balance is stunning, especially for such a full-bodied, intense wine. A bottle I left open for several days continued to improve and showed no signs whatsoever of fading. The 2004 Kurni is a remarkable wine in every way. If Romano dal Forno made wine in the Marche, this is what it might taste like. Anticipated maturity: 2010-2024." Veronelli (the "Italian Parker") gives it 98 points and calls it the greatest wine ever from the Marche region, Galloni (mysteriously after writing that ((but who knows what he gives Dal Forno!)) ) 93. I believe this is in league with Dal Forno, Quintarelli and Bussola's DB amarone.

It is expensive: listing for over $105 per bottle. The Wine Library has it right now for $85.98 http://winelibrary.com/search.asp?search=k...p;x=18&y=11 For myself this is the best under $100, perhaps best under $150 bottle of wine that is available right now. I don't believe you can find this in D. C. but for anyone who is into this style and wants to invest in several bottles to put away for a decade or more it is a serious consideration.

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