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One bartender with the absolutely MOST engaging personality

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We received a call from an old grad. I would unequivocally say he had one of the most outstanding engaging personalities of any graduate we have had over the last several decades. Truly engaging, fun, and sort of charismatic. He had a full time job in the IT industry for years and predominantly bartended for special events and catering over the last decade. He also bartended at a sports bar for a fair period.

He has an extremely honest work ethic and could easily be one of the more engaging personality strong bartenders I have run into over many years. He is now in his forties and would be best suited for a more upscale environment with an older crowd.

I'm putting this out there on his behalf. If there are GM's, managers, who would value a person who could develop a tremendous loyal following, this individual could fill your bill.

If you are interested in interviewing him, you could contact me, Dave, at the Professional Bartending School 703 841 9700 or DM me through this forum.

We don't normally do this, but after several decades this person truly stood out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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