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  1. Last evening, roast chicken w/ potatoes, carrots, fennel, onions, and a side of sauteed spinach. Pretty yummy mostly as a result of stuffing the cavity with tasty spices and lemon.
  2. I also like a number of its meals including the eggplant parm. Additionally I think the homemade pasta as the equal of Sfoglina at a percentage of the cost.
  3. Yes. The reason behind the "sweetheart deal" or so I was told, was specifically because of location. With Metro and focused development specifically in the areas where the Metro stops are located the Tyson's areas on the outskirts are "suffering". WestPark Drive is one of those suffering areas. "So close and yet so far".
  4. If there is a better version of spicy tonkotsu pork ramen in the region let me know. The version at Takeshi in Courthouse, Arlington is simply delectable.
  5. Here is a charming story for Nats fans. It was written by a fourth generation Washingtonian with a child...that makes for 5 generations in the city of immigrants from around the nation and globe. Frank Foer writes about the Nats, the championship, his dad, and his introduction to baseball in the National Capital. Foer is one of 3 very highly regarded literary brothers who grew up in the Maryland suburbs of DC. I know his dad, just a little, from working with him decades ago. Always respected his father, who had a terrific thoughtful demeanor in our interactions. Frank Foer is now a staff writer for the Atlantic and was formerly editor of the New Republic. He is highly regarded among journalists. Its an entertaining story for fans of the Nats. Here is a guy who grew up with the echoes of the Washington Senators conveyed to him via his dad, a fan from his youth. As a youth Frank followed the Orioles and grew to love Cal Ripken. His father took Frank and his brothers to Orioles games while wearing a Senators hat and jacket. Over the recent years Frank and his dad followed the Nats--a love of baseball running through their blood. His long term Washington citizenship connected his grandfather with Ted Lerner, Nats owner. This season he and his dad suffered during the early part of the season....as we all did. Anyway....read his story. As his friend/twitter friend states...it is beautiful and it actually hurts a little.
  6. Last night TJ's version of the same ravioli, a home made red sauce, sauteed spinach and chocolate ice cream with blueberries and chocolate sauce.
  7. Thanks, Don. You hold on to history. That was a national phenomena. We had a similar format, in my town in Jersey the original first three digits were Center 9, shortened to CE9, The adjacent town was Redwood9 shortened to RE9. And yes pricey long distance back then was not that far away. I'm a Facebook member of a group called Old Verona, most of whose members were natives of my home town and attended it's school system before during and after I was there;..thousands of members,. It's threads contain stories that recall a trolley to Newark NJ, the original town theater and movie prices that cost $0.25 for a double feature, and similar stories from our collective past, and before my time ( and many after it). Enjoyable reading. One thread includes the names of students who have passed away, well over 700 at this point. It's manager is thanked for memorializing their names. A thread recalls Yogi Berra getting his morning coffee every day at a local food store and its owner his family and it's regulars. And so on, These personal histories are enriching,
  8. I mean I doubt adding Kevin Durant hurt the Warriors. They got into the Playoffs and won the West. Durant played in only one game in the finals and all of 12 minutes in that game. Had Durant played during that Finals series I am quite sure the Warriors would have won the championship. Adding Durant to the Warriors, is, in my view, not the same as an "engineering system" as you defined it above. Its different. He has been one of a handful of players in the NBA that makes an incredibly strong positive impact. Its a handful of players. He has certainly been one of them. OTOH. His huge salary, on top of other huge salaries on the Warriors certainly limited their ability to have depth and capable subs. I believe over the history of the Warriors run to the championships their secondary and substitute players got worse. They couldn't keep subs, they were priced out of that market. I suppose one could say their aggregate salaries "first benefitted them" and later in that period it hurt them. A different perspective: Both the Warriors and Wizards were burdened with huge salaries oriented to just a few players. On the Warriors they had a championship team. On the Wizards they were mediocre at best. The Wizards had nobody even close to as good as Durant. He didn't hurt them--he helped them. The aggregate weight of salaries has hurt them, but not Durant.
  9. I sort of doubt that. Had Durant been healthy last season in the finals the Warriors probably would have won. He is that great. P.E.R.I.O.D. He was playing with other great players. A passel of them. They were in the NBA finals. That isn't hurting. That puts them at the top two among thirty. OTOH adding Durant did create other issues. The Warriors had only so much money and over their run their reserves and secondary starters got worse. And right now...with the start of a season wherein they didn't have Durant and didn't have Klay Thompson, and didn't have Iguadala, and didn't have Shawn Livingston, and meanwhile had this huge payroll that limited what they could pay for others....they were showing they weren't that good...to start. And right now, Curry just broke a bone in his hand and he is out for several months. Hoo boy. They will stink. They have limited scoring on a roster that is talent limited due to the big salaries that Curry, Thompson, Green, and Russell have. But going back...had Durant been playing with Curry and Green, even with Thompson getting hurt...I strongly suspect they would have won the NBA championship. If Durant were playing now, and without Curry, I bet they would still be good. When healthy Durant has been one of the handful of best players in the NBA. That isn't an engineering problem.
  10. Well first of all it is remarkably inexpensive so long as you purchased via one of their many and highly visible promotions. I am and have been for a long time a strong supporter of the Post. A relative was a very long term Post employee and when she retired she was provided with the Eugene Meyer award given to honored Post employees. Both Mrs Graham and Donald Graham spoke well of her and Mrs Graham really loved her (for very good reason). Needless to say I heard many stories about the Post. Over the long term in most cases it was a very beneficial employer to people in this area. On top of that, of course, it has tremendous reporters, often award winners. It has great reporting--an essential element of a democracy. Congrats on subscribing...but alas baseball season is over (excepting the big news about signings). Still a great local, national and international newspaper. And really its cheap.
  11. The Caps had their annual Halloween party last night at the G.O.A.T. in Arlington last evening and combined it with a watch the Nats event. Ah.... those Caps they know how to celebrate....Link
  12. Stopped off at the Gin Joint/New Heights again. IF I were more oriented to drinking, IF I lived closer this would be my new favorite hang out bar. With over 70 bottles of gin on the menu and behind the wood this is the place to experiment and learn about Gin. I'm a willing student. It is charming. The Thursday-Saturday bartender, Kate, is charming. She is a willing gin aficionado. The bar features the food from New Heights above along with its own bar menu. The ambiance is nice. There are neighborhood regulars who visit. Then there are fans from around the region, and then on top of it, that can make it very crowded it gets (potentially quite large) crowds from the two nearby Convention Hotels. Finally the owner, Umbi, is quite nice. The other night I had a Damrack (citrusy) G&T and BlueCoat on the rocks. Both were interesting and good. As a bar food I had chickpea fries. Very well cooked and crunchy. No particular spice. For a main I had the Amish Chicken (thanks to this thread/discussion). I didn't bother to ask about the chicken (the bar was busy). In their case its all dark meat (leg and thigh - a little less than 1/2 a chicken) Tasty succulent and meaty with a pleasant sauce. It sat over butternut squash risotto, and parmesan flavored pumpkin seeds and a substitution spinach rather than brussels sprouts. Quite tasty and an ample portion. Finished it off with the lemon poppy seed cake with honey and marmalade along with coffee with a shot of liqueur. (I think I was comped the coffee/liqueur). All in all a tasty dinner.
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