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    Philly-Style Sandwiches

    KN: Are you a stickler for an original and don't like variations? That is an honest question. I ask based on two things that come to mind. On a cheesesteak I've had a healthy number of philly cheesesteaks both in Philly and at the South Jersey shore. I've had what I considered better ones and ones that are true to the original. In my case I had a cheesesteak at Ray's a while back (or maybe it should have been called a steak and cheese) that had such a great combo of meat and gooey cheesy cheese, it blew me away...better than those I had had before. It was not an original. But in my case I would happily switch to it. How do you react to incidents like that? The other one I noted was with the Earl's Cuban Club...a significant variation on a Cuban. It is NOT a Cuban. But in my mind it is a killer sandwich which takes each component of a Cuban and does wonders with variations on each component and the whole. Have you had one? What is your reaction? Just curious.
  2. It appears to me as if a number of business things occurred very quickly with little notice coordination or planning. 1. From the Chicago story it mentions a new store was announced just before this sudden bankruptcy and closing announcement. That tells me senior management was chugging along thinking everything was okay. 2. The majority owner with the cash into the business pulled out--suddenly and recently. They must have pulled out the liquidity in the business--suddenly. If you put $5+ million in and you own 75%--and then you suddenly withdraw--you have to be pulling $$ out. They also might be a creditor with cash due in the event of a chapter 7 sell off of assets. 3. If the business was planning an expansion in Chicago, and the money partners were getting antsy or unhappy--it seems to me the money partners and the operating partners were not communicating well. 4. If you go back to #2 and the cash investor pulls out most/all/a big percentage of liquidity that was keeping the business afloat--then all of a sudden you are left with nothing to run the business on. Something sudden and unexpected like that it could lead to a sudden/rapid decision on chapter 7. Bam...that leads me to believe the operating partners and the money partners were not communicating well. Of course all the above is conjecture. I might have had a sandwich or two of theirs over the years--never got into them and they simply weren't the most convenient place for me. I do hope the employees get some kind of healthy severance pay. I have no idea how that is treated in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  3. Yes. Have to admit I watched her in a film possibly a decade before the Soprano's, was captivated by her, ....and she disappeared, at least as I recall. She did a terrific job during her year or more on the Soprano's. Then that damn story about Harvey Weinstein exploded with his multiple assaults on women. Unbelievable and heinous. I read she was one person seriously wounded by that experience. Horrific.
  4. That is an episode I should re watch. I recall it, but in only vague terms. Paulie and Christopher were pathetic in the woods. Completely out of their element and with a formidable foe. Also I know that Annabella Sciorra showed up in that episode as Gloria. I don't recall if she was introduced in that episode or not. Her character captivated me that season. OMG: She reminded me of some of the alluring young women I knew while growing up. Jeeez Louise. Her character had me strolling down memory lane. Jeeeez. Too much of that show was too close for comfort. One other thing: I watched that approximate 30 minute summary of season 3. It explodes with the "f" word. I grew up with it among my age peers. It runs through my language. Unlike others, I probably didn't discipline myself at an early age to not let it overrun my language. Over the many decades since I've had to apply tight discipline to NOT explode with its usage. A few years ago I used to meet once a week with a group of males, two of us from Jersey and two of us who used the F word liberally. When he and I were together we tended to wind one another up and it sprinkled through our conversation more and more. It ultimately bothered the other guys. F as nouns, adjectives, verbs, ...used multiple times in one sentence....probably used as dangling participles: The f word would be used to spice up other curse words. Most of the time I apply a certain discipline to cut back on that usage. Ahhhh....but watching the Soprano's releases those difficult disciplines. I get a kick out of it.
  5. They may still have this deal: WashPo offers a one year subscription for about $50/year at its steepest discount.
  6. No matter how you prepare it brisket is difficult to prepare "moist". It has little fat. It requires extra steps to include or maintain a tastier more moist texture. I am reminded of the excellent report of the several Washington DC natives that explored deli from NYC to DC and everywhere in between up and down the 95 corridor In their comprehensive conclusion and summary review of the 48 delis they summarized as follows after ordering, among other things, corned beef, pastrami, and brisket sandwiches at every one of the 48 deli's: I concur. I spent years visiting deli's and specifically ordered brisket over corned beef or pastrami to lighten the spice and indigestion load. Brisket too often comes out dry. On the cooking side I've worked on brisket over many years in a variety of ways. Brisket requires additional steps to add a level of moistness associated flavor. The "early bird gets the worm" strategy might work at this place. Whatever they do to enhance moistness might lose effect over the course of a day.
  7. I occasionally choose those meatballs and the spring rolls. Both good choices. I like the idea of making an HH meal around them. Thanks. I'll have to try the greek salad. Haven't had it yet.
  8. The Pine Barrens was a creative episode. Though I haven’t seen it in years it was one I watched more than once. Paulie and Christopher were engagingly humorous and pathetic. Additionally Gloria became a great character over time. She reminded me of alluring women of that time and place
  9. That is 30 minutes of effin great lines and scenes. "Pishadoo". hm. i used to hear people make up words like that all the time. A guy like Paulie in real life could have heard the yiddish word "pisher" in his neighborhood or from a nearby neighborhood and created his own phrase. It could have come from something like that. Who knows? Also, not unlike the reference above when Tony mishears, misspeaks and miss understands a reference to the retirement home, in the above video Tony hears about Aida and questions it: "I eat her"? Keep going into it...and it gets more and more hilarious...and effin repetitive....though Ho effin Ho during Christmas is one I never heard. That one cracked me up.
  10. I'm a fan of Fireworks Arlington. Its a fine neighborhood restaurant/bar/pizza place. OTOH I wouldn't travel long distances to dine there. For beer fans it has an enormous beer menu...I dunno..way above 20 beers on tap with an enormous inventory of bottles. I've been there at lunch and sat next to or nearby vendors bringing on new beers. Fireworks takes on many new beers and is willing to experiment all the time. The pizza is good. The thin crust is reasonably good and the toppings are excellent, creative and tasty. A very positive pizza. On Mondays they offer 1/2 price mussels at $6 for a nice sized portion. Between the mussels chorizo style, the chorizo and other interior ingredients and several slices of bread...that meal filled me up and left me ready for a noon type "happy feeling" nap. I consider a nap inducing meal to be successful. On the lunch they offer a square plate special at $6.95 wherein they allow the cooks/chef some creativity. I enjoy most of these for a variety of reasons, one being they spur my creative cooking juices. Last week I had a few pieces of shrimp and mussels over rice in a light brown lightly creamy sauce. What a great idea; satisfying, easy to do and frankly inexpensive. As with many of these creative ideas they do very little with creative seasonings which could elevate the dishes from mediocre to excellent...but I've tried a few at home and the seasoning and flavoring options are unlimited. Lastly it has a strong "local' /regular element and the staff encourages that. Its no wonder they have many repeat customers.
  11. Wow: According to this biograpical piece Paulie Walnuts is the real deal. Amazingly his brother is a priest and founder of a Religious/Economic Think Tank, who has been published in various highly respected journals.
  12. I don’t tend to watch rewatch and study either film or TV series and have only rewatched bits and pieces of The Sopranos even as I loved it. In that it was filmed over many locales in Jersey there might be only about a dozen sets (pure guess) with which I was significantly familiar and close to where I grew up. Enough of them that it was striking but probably a small minority relative to the entire body. The nature of the characters and their language was something with which I was quite familiar. It wouldn’t surprise me if kids from my town became members of the mob. I tend to say that my nose punched out a small number of Italian fists growing up as their noses punched out my fists on occasion. Those were more often than not my friends fists and noses. The language and attitudes on the Soprano's were very familiar to me while growing up. Possibly one day I’ll rewatch the bulk of it. Not now though. I will say though that after watching show #1 season 1 my stomach got a tight knot and I felt like kids with whom I grew up were part of Tony’s gang and were apt to greet me with a “high Dave” then blow me away with a bullet to the head. It was close to home in many ways.
  13. DaveO

    The Rolling Stones

    ...and how was it? (btw: I’m jealous)
  14. DaveO

    The Rolling Stones

    Mick would have more but he invested 95% in alcohol, drugs and women....and now is just left with pennies on the dollar. But so what. Mick has more swag than George.