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  1. Java Shack no longer carries Junction Bakery croissants and other items. I hadn't seen the everything croissant for a while and finally asked. What I heard was they changed bakeries because of pricing. Maybe. I don't know. Of course that could mean that Junction Bakery in Alexandria may no longer carry Commonwealth Coffee. Dang I miss those Everything Croissants. They are delicious.
  2. At Whole Foods Arlington they had a free meatballs spaghetti and salad dinner. I wasn’t aware of it, but obviously those affected are very knowledgeable. The upstairs dining was completely packed—everyone eating meatballs and spaghetti Upon further research this was a chain wide meal deal throughout the region. I hope a lot of workers took advantage of the opportunity
  3. More on the Harden phenomena including a discussion with Tracy McGrady, who had a scoring streak...like Harden's...though Harden has now surpassed it...and Scottie Pippen, Jordan's teammate. Its a different game, so say the stars of yesteryear....
  4. Speaking of saucier’s, I know Steve Dugan of Earl’s was a saucier for a fair amount of time. That doesn’t connect to his specialty of sandwiches, unless he is applying that skill and knowledge to in house condiments, which may well be, but it does apply to his consistent production of turkey stock, which is used in his soups, and I suspect in house condiments and spreads. I take it back; his saucier skills and experience probably do play out in his sandwiches.
  5. I watched either all or almost all of those 2 finals series, albeit on black and white tv’s that were not large nor were the transmissions flawless (that befit the technology of the day) The Lakers were more imposing in NAME than GAME. By that time Baylor’s game had slowed due to leg injuries and I’m sure age. Possibly one could equate him to Julius Erving toward the end of his career: sometimes great sometimes not. I’m sure Chamberlain’s game had also slowed as he played remarkably less offense One little remembered factoid from the Laker Celtic series—Havlicek played every minute of every game. As to many players averaging 20 minutes or more in the 69-70 Lakers regular season—it was a factor of injuries; Wilt missed most of the regular season, Baylor and Erickson missed a big chunk of games and so on. The current Wizards alsohave many players averaging 20 minutes. Assuming Porter doesn’t start the Wizards current starting lineup has only one starter from what they anticipated at season’s start One other point: It was incredible the Knicks won the 7th game in that Willis Reed was hobbled by injury. It was not incredible they won the series. The Knicks had the best record in the league, Frazier and Reed were first team all NBA, I think Reed won MVP and Frazier, Reed, and Debuschere where all first team all defense. It was the Knick’s peak in their mini dynasty. The Playoff Lakers were better than their regular season record as Wilt played the entire 3 series, but he had very limited movement due to his injury. He couldn’t defend a healthy Reed’s jump shots. Alternatively it was incredible the Celtics won in ‘69. It was the last year of their dynasty. Russell was showing his age and had deteriorated as had Sam Jones. The Celtics only finished 4th in their conference while the Lakers won the West. It had to be “Celtic Pride” that carried them through the playoffs, plus Havlicek stepped up to show he was truly one of the best players in the NBA, starting that year. Oh yeah: in a losing cause Jerry West won the finals MVP. His entire series was magnificent
  6. DaveO

    Ristorante Piccolo Destroyed by Fire

    While comments above, or lack thereof indicate that this long time restaurant is not a favorite of members of this board over the last 10+ years, but did generate fond memories ....it is currently in a financial mess having filed for bankruptcy. Its a tough business.
  7. Here is an example of the ying and yang of the game: Harden is the dribblingest player in the NBA. The last chart in this article gives one sense of his dribbling versus the rest of the league. I'm not sure if I got this correct but I caught notice that the cameras caught over 800 dribbles by Harden in a recent game. OTOH: Klay Thompson just had a very big scoring game. His ying to Harden's yang; Thompson had 4 dribbles all game!!
  8. DaveO

    Dining in Rosslyn

    Sfoglina, which signed and announced a deal to open last summer just started construction at 1100 Wilson Blvd. Assuming 90-120 days for construction they should be open this Spring. They would easily be the best restaurant in lower Rosslyn in the relatively flatter and more densely populated (with office workers) area near the Metro. With no competition, I think they can turn it into a killer location.
  9. I had read that article and thought it was interesting, explanatory, and analytical. As of last night Harden has 14 straight games of 30 or more points, a passel of 40 point games in that stretch. Nobody has done that since Tracy McGrady back in 2003. Harden is currently a scoring explosion. I frankly don't watch him much, mostly highlights here and there. I'm one of the people described in the article as not favorably inclined by his game. If I watched an entire game I might become bored by its combination of repetitiveness and isolation play. Regardless, he is both the killer scorer in today's game AND remarkably effective as the article describes. After a losing start to the season The Rockets are strong competitors for the playoffs and a high ranking position. Harden makes the Rockets great. Can't deny it.
  10. To my mother who passed away a little more than a month ago at an age of slightly more than 101 and 1/2. A while ago I learned if you speak and write about these hurts it helps you recover faster. Even as she had been in hospice care for a while following an illness we (and she) thought was going to be the end—she bounced back from that rather well and was out for dinner at Thanksgiving. As prepared as I thought I was afterwards I’ve felt a big gap. Deep down I believed she was going to live forever. She outlived every peer, friend and relative save one hearty gent seemingly still going strong at 104, whose and he were good friends of my parents Three aspects of her life come to mind. As we cleaned out her apartment and reviewed a lifetime of photos, it struck more deeply than ever before how well she did friendship. She had photos dating back to her’s and my dad’s earliest years and all periods thereafter. Among the photos from her teens into her early 20’s before she married were shots with friends. Some of those friends stayed as lifelong friends - till the friends passed away, the last one about 4 years ago that was roughly a very close friendship for about 75 years. There were photos of friends where I know the friendships exceeded 60+ years and they were dedicated friendships. My mom was a phenomenal friend, and we knew it, but the photos put a more definitive element to it than I knew or appreciated. This being a food forum- my mom became an excellent cook, starting from terrible when she married my dad, and progressing to often acclaimed, with sometimes awe from my SIL, the gourmet cook, former cooking teacher, and former tour leader of organized trips visiting 3 star restaurants in France. Who am I to judge, but I knew her cooking was far better than that of my aunts and of the few mom’s of friends whose homes I ate at. My mom took classes and worked at it. In the earliest days of this endeavor my dad tactfully used the description “interesting” for the meals that were “weak” and the term passed through the decades and was used by mom’s grandkids, but the “interesting” meals became incredibly infrequent over time; certainly far less than once a year!! BRAVO And boy she cooked in quantity—all the time. Funny story from my early college days: I had a friend who asserted he could outeat and embarrass any Mom, always eating more food than the cloud place on the table. I took him up on that bet as I had complete faith in my mom. She didn’t know of the bet when I invited him to our house for a stay over and dinner. She crushed him after his many seconds and thirds of multiple dishes when he finally pushed away a plate and admitted it was too much. I was quite proud of her that evening—let alone a wee bit wealthier. Lastly she was a mom to the amazing Very end. Over the last period she was heavily drugged due to her illnesses but also horrific pain from bone injuries. On the last day of good consciousness she spoke a bit but grew weaker. My SIL and I were sitting with her describing the family dinner the night before at my sisters. It was fun, animated, had a funny aspect, and very loving. As we finished the story she had a great smile and clapped. My lord that made her happy. She went into the last stage of unconsciousness after that and passed in her sleep somewhat after. Anyway my experience is that writing and speaking of the mental anguish helps to move it along. My mom never drank much maybe little wine, and I’m sipping a Cabernet to her memory
  11. Brunch Guide (any volunteers to upgrade it?) --- Boy I like these questions. Does the A Team take off on Sundays for lots of brunches at lots of places??? I don't know...but I have had my fill of mediocre plain brunches. Great question for Hank's and I believe many places.
  12. DaveO


    Picked up a cheesecake for the bartending school staff from C Cake..Factory. Boy, they have a lot of variety, though the variety is primarily focused on the larger (feeds up to 15 or so) sizes. If you opt for the two smaller sizes there is less variety. With one staffer not liking chocolate mixed into the entire package we settled for a standard (7" round) at $27 plus tax. Cheesecake is a wonderful dessert...so rich and so many varieties or options. I probably could never criticize any but an entirely inedible version...I so like the dessert. Having said that...I've had better. It's still darned good. Always worth eating...but frankly I've had better.
  13. I have not read through the detail of any of this. I do believe though the Virginia restriction on outside signage about happy hours is an incredibly stupid and antiquated rule. Today, it appears that every and any bar, restaurant, hotel restaurant can and does fully advertise its happy hour specials on the web. Its available on all menu's everywhere. Its highly visible. At one time there were highly visible searchable websites about happy hours and happy hour specials for any food and beverage place in Virginia. In fact if I search on the phrase "happy hour tysons corner" in Google (from anywhere in the US) the top response is Chef Geoff's. Bully for him. Great Search Engine Work. And by the way when I go to the Chef Geoff's menu for HH...OMG it is enormous. Looks like a great one at the very least for variety. If I search for the same phrase in Yelp, I get a different restaurant as first. Now all things being equal, in most locations if I had that kind of Google visibility it would probably outweigh and drastically outweigh the value of a sign. But Chef Geoff could probably put a sign or signs in his office development which would work for people in the immediate vicinity and those that shop in the nearby accessible stores; but if he could get a largish visible sign on the Pylon facing Rte 7, that would be highly effective. I think there are somewhere in the range of 80,000 cars passing that spot every weekday. I'd like a sign about my HH wherein 80,000 cars see it every day!!!!