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  1. She is an excellent/funny/profane writer and sure does know her way around food!!!!!
  2. I've been pondering this very issue certainly in light of the death of Hell-Burger, the death of Rays and the closing of the Clarendon Citizen Burger. In fact I'm planning a couple of trips to the well rated burger joints in the area. One minor checking point is that I was a fan of the BGR Wellington a while back. I've had a couple recently and I must admit it is not all I raved about. Sadly not close to HellBurger or Citizen Burger. The search continues.........
  3. This update on the thread has me "voting" for the Cuban Club at Earl's in Arlington. OKAY!! It is not a Cubano. OKAY!! much is switched. Regardless it has all the elements of the Cubano with different and in my experience far better ingredients that I get from any of the Cubans I've had over the last few years. It is a superb and robust large sandwich for $10 and is superior to anything I've tried of recent memory.
  4. Here is the interview from NPR. Article I am acutely aware that Yelp has a rightfully owned miserable reputation. Regardless their CEO and others would acknowledge they are 100% on target in calling google a monopoly. 4 years ago the WSJ wrote this article addressing how Fed researchers found google was attacking Yelp back in 2012. Regardless of the findings the Obama administration decided not to prosecute. Subsequent to that despite promises and as the majority of web traffic transitioned from desktop to mobile, Google crushed yelp on mobile....just crushed them. It clearly violated the results and promises of the 2012 findings. Yelp has taken a beating from Google. Somehow it survives. I have probably taken about 80 calls from yelp salepeople. (80= a rough guess for a number of businesses.) Haven't spent a dime with them. Some of their salespeople have been professional some somewhat ugly....though I never heard one "threaten" or coerce us as others have experienced. In many ways google does more or less of the worst that yelp does....they just don't get blamed. Google has a teflon coating. If I had to testify I could cite about 4,5,6,maybe 7 precise episodes wherein Google was using its monopoly power to misrepresent results and processes while making more money. Among other things, on the web, they are more powerful than the government and can make or break businesses. Here is a graph showing the growth of their advertising revenues graph Amazing growth. It has crushed the print/newspaper industry In any case there is no doubt google controls the world of search...it is a question of whether the feds choose to do anything about it.
  5. I’m on the road (not accessible) to NPR so I can’t listen to the discussion but I would agree 1000 per cent with that assessment . The assessment being that of Stoppleman that Google is a monopoly. The last recent analysis of percentage of search volume being well over 90%!!! Source
  6. This morning a staffer from the building was covering up the canopy at the entrance. The Rays the Steaks printing is no longer visible. Boy: I ate at Rays and at Arlington Hellburger during their heyday and during their decline; the decline represented by a thinning of the crowds. It was apparent to me as a diner over time; it must have been far more apparent to Michael. It was far more apparent at HellBurger than at Rays. The meals were virtually always excellent. At one point at Ray's they missed my order while I sat there for a relatively long time. When I made them aware of the mistake they corrected it so automatically and with such ferver--it was impressive. The steaks, the burgers, some of the other dishes were invariably superb. Got to admit that it pisses me off and disappoints me. The damn restaurant business is freaking tough. Hope he walked away with a hidden stash of cash because he sure created and caused a wave for probably most of a decade before the volume started to decrease.
  7. While I rarely see films for a second time this is one that is intriguing that I will watch it again. Always sort of curious as to the time and place and wondering if that will change my perspective. Thinking back to my comments above, we knicknamed the guy who was a ringer for the young Dustin Hoffman, Rizzo. It was a nickname that stuck through his entire life, at least among virtually all friends from college, my family of origin and others. A freaking effective knickname. I suppose he liked it. He never ever fought it.
  8. So Sunday Federer has to take on still ANOTHER all time great--Djokovic. OY But wait-Djoker also has to take on an all TIME GREAT. Looking forward to the match.
  9. It does seem to take energy, devotion, and money to get the results one wants. Money is a big issue. I looked at the last election in Va from this past June. I voted. It was a "small election". In Arlington, per this article, there are about 150,000 folks registered to vote In the 2018 election about 71% or a little over 100,000 voted. That also means about 50,000 didn't vote. A big total who if motivated could have made a significant difference. In the 2019 primary in June in Arlington these were the results: Commonwealth Attorney : 26,200 total votes: Primary for member Va Senate: A total of 20,000 votes Member House of Delegates: 6600 votes (must have been for a different part of the County as not on my ballot. Source for the Above I didn't know much about the candidates or issues but I researched somewhat and voted. Of the 2 county wide elections they received 17 and 13% of the total electorate respectively. Pretty pitiful. Of course going back to 2018 that 71% was a record for a non presidential election. (pretty good). Of note with regard to the Commonwealth Attorney election George Soros' organization invested rather heavily into the election. His group evidently invested heavily in elections of this sort around the nation. It was very heavy--effectively a lot of $ per vote for his preferred candidate. The winner's campaign outspent the loser's by a mega amount. Now I haven't been involved in party partisan politics for decades. (I take it there are or were members here who have been involved). Decades ago I raised money for a friend and was involved with an old friend who was elected to Congress. Some of what transpired afterwards disappointed me and I stopped being involved. In any case the Soros backed candidate won by a relatively small amount of votes in a campaign that didn't have critical issues (as far as I was concerned) but was in an election that garnered the most votes and she won. In any case there was a mammoth $900,000 raised for this campaign with Tafti raising in excess of $700,00 per this article. I still frankly don't understand the criticalness of the issue from the Soros stance, but what is obvious is that money is a big deal. Now back in the 1980's I guess I raised a "bit" of money, though I have no recollection of how much it was. Again, money is a big deal. I agree with @Steve R. that locals need to get enthused and earnest and raise a lot of money and have the bodies to register voters and vote for your candidates. You do that on a local basis across the country and on a local basis gun supporters will lose. And that would be a good thing IMHO.
  10. That is a term I enjoy and use. Describe other ways you can describe “this will completely and utterly destroy” us
  11. Unfortunately they don't have hero's. Just the pasta. Had the chicken parm PASTA today. Again--> excellent pasta and sauce. Pretty damn good chicken parm. Nice sized portion. So I was sitting across from a couple with sandwiches from one location and beers from another location. It was lunch. Mixing and matching is certainly a plus. The place was simply not crowded. I sort of doubt it's going to be a hot lunch destination. I suppose some of the stands will make it and some won't. It appears the operators are anywhere from a small step to many steps above a typical food court. Time will tell how well the overall location and its tenants will do. Right now I'm favorably disposed to al Volo, the Local Oyster and (of course) the ice cream.
  12. I watched at Fireworks DC. The bar and the table tops were crowded...not the restaurant. Got up for a few minutes and some creep took my seat and pushed my stuff to the edge of the bar. Didn't make a stink. Found another seat. The woman next to me was "reluctant' to let me sit there. ()&^%) Okay. Big deal. Nice game. Well played. The Lavelle goal was a thing of beauty with a nice run up, a swerve to the defenders other side and a strong left footed boot into the corner.----> GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!! 2-0. 3 days later, saw a few minutes of the NYC ticker tape parade. The celebrants are still celebrating, drinking, and being themselves. Nice work, nice team. So much talent. and and btw: Rose Lavelle plays locally.
  13. Competition with ever rising rental rates, plus ever rising other costs must be the bane of restaurants everywhere. I've been to Mad Fox several times over the 9 years since they have opened. Not enough to get a sense of diminishing traffic over the years, though of recent they seemed to be doing fine--(but I'm not the one doing the books). Clearly there has been an increasing number of breweries in Northern Va, plus additional restaurants in Falls Church. OTOH there have been a growing number of "high rises" in Falls Church. Geez, I have to think the glorious spacious Harris Teeter just 4 blocks down the road with a wine and beer bar, and an ample eat in section hits the competitive landscape as much as any restaurant in the area.
  14. No website. (Not surprising--they seem relatively naive to modern American habits). As to the type of Ramen I agree with Genevieve their pork ramen is quite tasty, which one--hmm I don't know. A sample of their menu pulled off of their yelp page And a little more info from Arlnow
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