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  1. Haha. Oh come on. Haven’t you been treated....and silently thought to yourself....”this place sucks!!!” 😎 OTOH long ago a client told me he wanted to treat me. He took me to Gerard’s Place. Oooh I liked that client....and worked extra hard on his behalf!!!!
  2. DaveO

    Cafe 44

    I used to attend meetings at a conference room on an upper floor at Canal Square. The Potomac River views were mesmerizing. Assuming the food was half way decent I'd go there just for the views. They are that good and rare in this area.
  3. DaveO

    The Washington Post Comments Section

    Commenting on the web is an amazing phenomena of the 21st century. Stake holders ie newspapers, forums, social websites, politics, etc are all still trying to deal with it. On the one hand it enables people to make incredibly incendiary comments that they would never make in person. I fell into that trap. I regret the excesses. I have a friend from years ago whom I met on the web, worked on items together, and ultimately met. He is similarly seasoned in age. We probably disagree in politics on about 90% of issues. We both have been “web outspoken”. We still follow one another on twitter where we both have expressed our divergent views. Independently we have never attacked one another on twitter. I was surprised he still followed me. When I asked him why he hadn’t attacked or unfollowed me he referenced the old friendship. We both acknowledged that the vileness of web interaction would never occur to the extent it does in real life. He posited it would dramatically increase homocides; I suggested a huge increase in punches to the face. Occasionally I read comments on newspaper stories; but only on a few select articles. More occasionally I throw in a comment. These days they are nowhere’s as vile as the comments I once made. Frankly I consider it an interesting way to gauge the public’s reactions: even a tiny subset of the public. As to Arlnow—that is a whole different thing. It’s a vehicle for witticisms. It’s entertaining.
  4. In an amazing coincidence the Trump administration/IRS JUST announced that non profits of the type that the NRA is ARE NOT REQUIRED to list financial donors in their tax returns: Link On so many levels this makes me sick.
  5. DaveO

    The Gin & Tonic Project

    BTW: I'm remiss on commenting on this: The flavor combo of Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree was nice. I hadn't payed attention to Fever Tree. In that it is so abundant in the small 6.8 oz bottles and I'm so focused on beaucoup (or overabundance) of tonic in the drink I hadn't tried it before. I'll get some and try it a bit, let alone order it on occasion.
  6. Two years later and I checked the Kastles schedule this year while noting that they play at GWU’s Smith Center, a venue I’ve come to appreciate and frequent. I’ll probably take you up on your advise this season although I’ve missed Paes and Hinges, no longer on the team. Agggghhhh. Paes is 45 and evidently still playing though not for DC this season Oh well better late than never. I’ve never seen a team tennis competition.
  7. DaveO

    Dining in Rosslyn

    If you were on Wilson Blvd there was always Pho 75, thank goodness
  8. Hah!!!! That is so great!!! Nice training— and “out of the mouths of kids”!!!! Not all people have such refined taste buds!!! I evidently don’t but more relevantly I have friends who enjoy Uncle Julio’s. I simply find it amazing that the three aforementioned places have lasted and done so well for so long.
  9. In the roughly 30 some years where Uncle Julio's has done well in Ballston there have been 4,5, or 6 different restaurants in what must be the exact same space across the patio, the last one being the well regarded Willow. Uncle Julio's survives--the others have come and gone. In DC both Cactus Cantina and Lauriol Plaza continue to thrive. Similarly they get minimal attention here as does Uncle Julio's. The overwhelming most popular ethnic cuisine's in the US are Mexican, Chinese, Italian, (not necessarily in that order but each is significantly more popular than any other ethnic cuisine) and I suspect the volume of cutting edge restaurant volume for those three types are relatively small compared to the volume of sales for more mainline "moderately priced" restaurants. They all "meet the market". I still go to Uncle Julio's plus Lauriol Plaza and Cactus Cantina on occasion. They all do a satisfactory job. There is something to be said for "meeting the market".
  10. DaveO


    I agree that fresh hummus is excellent hummus. Regardless I’ve recently been quite lazy and have not made any. No problem- Perfect Pita hummus is excellent!!! Even if not in a squeeze top bottle
  11. DaveO

    The Gin & Tonic Project

    Old Raj is a tasty inspired gin--and mucho strong. If only I were younger and could handle drinking more than once or twice(now pushing it) per week. I hope others join in with tasty alternatives. Dammit...I haven't been to Estadio often and in thinking back I believe I was always there during cooler weather. Missed all those G&T's.
  12. DaveO

    Men's Tennis - Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Even though I’ved lived outside NY for decades I still like to pick up a copy of the Daily News on occasion. Between headline writers, front page pictures, acerbic columnists and Lupica and the sports coverage it’s still a fun read. Are they any good on dining? I’ve never even looked for that topic. I’d think they would be great for pizza