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  1. Keithstg

    Restaurants near MoMA Thanksgiving Weekend with Two Children

    If it were me, I'd do the Grill. Carbone is also north of Chinatown, but Italian-American. Also has been a bit mixed lately. Maialino is excellent.
  2. Hello Andy, Thank you so much for participating here! I'm wondering about changes in the Michelin landscape post-social media. Have you noticed any changes in either the cuisine or the experience at Michelin-starred restaurants since the advent of social media? If you have, what changes have you noticed and do you see changes for the better, or worse?
  3. Do you consider the first code violation the coaching (although not technically hers) or the broken racquet? If the former, she was made aware immediately, and lost it. And continued going back on the issue in subsequent changeovers. I think that Serena may have only noticed the point penalty after it was awarded - but again because she was busy arguing a settled issue.
  4. Sad, but probably predictable. My guess is closed by year end. Had no idea that Gabrielle Hamilton won a National Beard Award?!?! What?
  5. Keithstg

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    To Richard Keane and Bill Meehan.
  6. Wow. I can't imagine he has a publicist, or if he does he should find a new one. Isabella isn't a sympathetic figure, and this article makes it clear he hasn't learned anywhere near enough from this experience. That said, Carman and Judkis still characterize the bankruptcy in a misleading manner. Ugh. "It’s the day before the chef and restaurateur will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy" - only Isabella's was a business, not a personal filing. Come on.
  7. I hear you re "managing decline", although I'm in my early 40s. I just don't want to deal with the travel and tournament scene more than once a year or so - that scene seems very "extra" to me. You know, 12 racquet bags, etc etc. We have good weekly 4.5+ matches at my clubs and absent one or two tournaments a year that's enough for me.
  8. Yes, although I bet I'm "dropped" this year to 4.5 due to lack of activity. Apologies - I meant that escalations are cut and dry once penalties are called, in the sense that warning>point>game. Had the umpire left his chair to explain that the warning was to Patrick M and not Serena he would have potentially opened himself up to criticism on two fronts. First, taking time/ focus away from a player to explain a rule that she should know, and potentially escalating the situation, and secondly being criticized for following up with a player too closely, a la Kyrgos earlier in the tournament - as you noted above. I haven't seen all of the other calls or non-calls and don't need to because they are irrelevant. The umpire has latitude to call the match as he or she sees fit. The player has to control their conduct or suffer the consequences. Oh, and the first words out of Patrick's mouth when interviewed were "I'm honest, I was coaching". End of story.
  9. Of course, this could simply be because most players, once given a warning or penalized a point, leave well enough alone. Serena clearly did not - same as in 2009 (point penalty giving Clijsters the match) and 2011 with Stosur. While not a point penalty, Fabio Fognini was kicked out of the US Open last year and fined $24k for derogatory comments made in Italian to a chair umpire. No penalties were levied at the time, this was after the fact. Probably the only other thing like this I can remember in recent memory - save Serena's other incidents.
  10. Serena is obviously fantastic, but in no way was she going to win that match. She was mentally on the ropes prior to the point penalty and was up to old tricks and gamesmanship throughout the second set (waiting late in changeovers, slowing the pace of play - without penalty I might add). Don’t know what it is about the open that brings this out more than other tournaments for Serena. Sad to see Osaka’s win tarnished by boorish behavior by two parties - Serena and the chair umpire. FWIW, I played tennis in HS, college, and still play competitively today (5.0). I can’t remember seeing a game penalty in any setting either as a player or a spectator. Point penalties sure, but those were few and far between. Failing to hold Serena to account for her behavior takes away from the conversation in my opinion. The rules are pretty cut and dry in terms of umpire discretion and they may not be good rules, but they exist and can be enforced. Tennis has an issue with one set of enforcement criteria for superstars and one for everyone else (Don’t get me started on Rafa), and if this episode drives some standardization that’d be great.
  11. I’ll go a step further - the title is downright misleading. You’d think two seasoned journalists would know/ do better.
  12. The anchor stores in that mall (Neiman, Saks, Bloomingdales) have all had several quarters of year over year sales growth. I get that it's popular to say that the Galleria is empty, that nobody shops there, nobody can afford it, etc. Problem is, most of those sayings are demonstrably false.