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  1. To my buddy John, who managed to be both an excellent tennis player, family man, and the best golf agent in the world at the same time. Gone far too soon. And to Big Foe, on his big win. John would have loved it.
  2. No stay, but ate there last week. Really enjoyed the soft shells and the Halibut bouillabaise (we ate off of the bistro menu), but the sleeper dish here is the fried chicken. Really, really good. Given that you are headed out for a big anniversary, I'd recommend the tasting menu. They do a much better job than most about keeping the website menu up to date as well, so that may help inform some of your choices.
  3. Agreed 100%. Bryan Flannery did a couple extended age primals for a wine board I post on a while bag and I think it was a 50/50 love hate ratio. Also had a 200 day plus aged delmonico at Bern’s that I wouldn’t repeat.
  4. Many, many times. They're inter-related and on the way to Millwood where I occasionally play golf (poorly). Great spots, and nice wines. If you find yourself in Berryville, try Nik's broiler room. Fantastic, and reminiscent of Ray's the Steaks crossed with a NJ Italian American restaurant. Though I should note that both are "over the mountain", and not considered part of the Middleburg area (Clarke County is kind of it's own tiny, odd universe). Farmer's Daughter is at the intersection of 50/ 340 in Boyce and is a less polished version of Locke Store as well, if it's on your way from Linden, or if you are heading to (shudder) Winchester.
  5. Ha ha ha - I'll have a drink with you anytime. Heck, I'll even buy 🤣. Not of much help re: Linden dining scene, but Roma in Stephens City punches above it's weight, as does Regions 117.
  6. Upperville is going on this week - happy to meet for a drink if anyone from Dr will be out for the show (well, almost anyone). Some updates just in case: - Common Grounds: Still closing at 2pm, still open at 6am - best coffee shop and gathering place in town. - Upper Crust: Don, back to its former glory. Closing at 4pm, frustrating for Hill parents. - King Street Oyster Bar: BANANAS since Upperville started. Be prepared to wait. - Red Bar: Best restaurant in Middleburg right now (though it's a low bar) Specials are excellent. - Red Fox: Pivoted to a four course tasting menu and "small bites". I get the sense that people may be dissuaded from going for fear of committing to a four course menu - worth noting that the "smal' bites" includes a 1/2 duck, crispy trout, or fried chicken, all of which are entree size. Sneaky good wine list as well,(anyone geeky enough to pour Biggio Hamina by the glass is cool with me) with some aged bottles. - Hunter's Head: Unspeakably bad. New menu change, which the kitchen can't execute. They'll still be packed all week though.
  7. Absolutely not, in my opinion. I've had a couple of longer-aged steaks (200+ days), and found the flavor a bit off putting. Kind of gamey and blue-cheesy, so not my jam. My kids definitely wouldn't be interested - but your palate, and your kids palates may vary.
  8. Behold the Jont of backyard wine tastings to welcome summer - our usual group took it up a notch for this one. The Screagle was an '07, the Monfortino Reserva a 2010. Goodnight all.
  9. The dinner was/ is sold out. So there's clearly a market, and honestly, depending on pour size and quantity of Krug, could qualify as a value for the wines poured.
  10. I don't know. Pretty tame compared to some of the other shockwaves that have come out over the past few years.
  11. Kind of a funny comparison - Lynn and Ichiro are pretty darn similar from a statistical perspective. Batting average aside (because it's 2021 and not 1990), Lynn is offensively superior to Ichiro over the course of their careers. And thanks for the tip about Jont having availability - just booked for late June!
  12. Had a lovely spur of the moment dinner at Field and Main this past Sunday. We hadn't been in a couple of months, so the menu had turned over considerably. Our amuse was a strawberry/ rhubarb soup "shooter", which showcased both the rhubarb and some vinegar - I liked the focus on the rhubarb as opposed to the strawberry as the main note, and I always consider the use of vinegars (most by Lindera, I believe) as a hallmark of cooking at Field & Main since it opened. Highlights were the Italian Wedding soup, almost more of a minestrone with meatballs to my thinking, with the addition of turnips. The soup was excellent, despite Sunday being a VERY hot day - fortunately we ate inside. Fried Broccoli was also an excellent starter - my wife especially liked the pickled broccoli stems and kimchi puree. Mains were tempura fried softshell crab, the tempura shatteringly crisp, and balanced out by bok choy and beet greens - I got a bite or two of this, though didn't detect the fresno chili sauce - which could have been due to the fact that I had a paltry couple bites! I had the seared scallops, which were fantastic and included a dashi, though the dish isn't on the online menu, so the specific details are lost to time. Our kids enjoyed the smashburger x 2, which they always love, and the Feast Chocolate Chip cookie (subbing caramel ice ream for vanilla) and a dish of vanilla ice cream. Wine was a Domaine Chappelle Santenay from 2015 - nice burgundy and fairly priced. Appeared as though all the cabanas were occupied and F&M was headed for a busy Sunday night - which is wonderful news. Our meal and service was superlative and we look forward to dropping in again soon!
  13. Headed to i Ricchi for the first time since probably 2004 yesterday for Mothers' Day. My kids handled everything with regard to the reservation - picking the restaurant, selecting the time, etc. and reviewed a ton of menus in the process, so I was both proud of their effort and somewhat concerned about the outcome. Turns out there was no reason for concern. While the restaurant still sticks to Tuscan classis our group had a very nice time. There was a special mother's day menu, though we stuck to the a la carte offerings. We split the polpette, calamari, and capesante to start, and our waiter did a very nice job dividing the dishes between the four of us. While the polpette were very good and the calamari fried perfectly, the capesante was the star here. Not a groundbreaking dish, but the scallops, mushrooms, and gnocchi all worked well together. Also a generous portion for an appetizer. Entrees were the above pictured Rigatoni, which my daughter loved, the veal milanese, chicken parmigiana, and filet. The meats were cooked expertly, and while not groundbreaking, were satisfying. The kids had gelato for dessert. I can understand why a Tuscan restaurant was groundbreaking in late 80s Washington, though the vast majority of those restaurants are long gone. That i Ricchi soldiers on is testament to a longstanding relationship with its clientele and solid execution. We shared a bottle of 2015 Argiano Brunello, which was fine. Two minor quibbles, neither of which should be taken so seriously during a pandemic - 1) the wine list is far from "extensive" as claimed on the website, but I can understand not tying up cash in inventory during these times, and 2) the room is a bit tired and could use a refresh, but also not a priority when so many restaurants are trying to survive. Could we have chosen a different place? Sure. Are there restaurants which are a better "deal", whatever that means to an individual consumer? Sure. Was Mom happy? Yes! Were the kids excited that their pick turned out well? Yes! Mom = happy, and kids = proud? All that mattered.
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