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  1. Keithstg

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    To Frank Robinson. What an incredible person. We were very fortunate to have him in D.C.
  2. Keithstg

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    This is a common claim, but I’m not convinced it’s true. 😂🤣
  3. Keithstg

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    Uh, ok. So much for typing away on a ski lift. Would you dispute that "technological innovation" has been the greatest generator of wealth over the course of our lifetimes, and that "technological innovation" has been, to be charitable, disproportionately housed in one nation, and furthered through the same nation's capital markets? I suppose the musical example you link to above is an example of innovation, and that's great - I honestly have no knowledge of classical music. Of course, not the kind of innovation we are talking about, and Russia's economy is down to basically being a Citgo with a gun store attached to it. Also, strikes me that the discussion has moved from wealth tax vs. income tax and if that's not useful, my bad. In sum for me, income tax - sure. I'd even pay more than I currently do. Wealth tax - no thanks. Prudent estate planning will allow much, if not all, of the estate tax to be avoided, and other "wealth tax" methods seem to serve as campaign rhetoric (for and against) as opposed to actionable policy principles.
  4. This is fascinating - I had no idea!
  5. Keithstg

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    It’s easy to not be convinced, but consider the fact that nearly every innovation or groundbreaking technology in our lifetime came principally from one place, and was furthered by that same place's capital structure and financial markets. Not an accident. Taxes, wealth, etc are nuanced topics and in general I sum my thoughts up thusly - I support programs that provide for equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. We clearly have a long way to go re: equality of opportunity and should do more via legislation and taxes where appropriate. I’m also intrigued with the idea of universal basic income and it’s applicability in the U.S. So much of this issue is dominated by specious and false claims on both sides that it’s hard to separate wheat from chaff.
  6. Keithstg

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    Haque’s work is indeed overly simplistic, which is why critics (academic and non) have had a field day with it in general, and with the New Capitalist Manifesto in specific. I heard him attempt to interview an actual business person in person at SX - unimpressive. Half the crowd or more was exasperated and walked out. Re: Alger, I think hard work, courage, determination and honesty are useful narratives, regardless of politics.
  7. Keithstg

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    Because that one citizen developed something that fundamentally changed commerce (or infrastructure, or finance, or or or). This is a slippery slope that inevitably ends in these statements- no one person should be worth (insert arbitrary number here), or make (insert another arbitrary number) - and less innovation across the board.
  8. Keithstg

    "Wealth Tax" vs. "Income Tax"

    You weren't asking me, but totally opposed. Probably the most blatant government cash grab that exists.
  9. Keithstg

    Wine Lists

    Ditto Corduroy in terms of wine mark-ups. Lots of excellent values. Not sure how the food is currently, but if the fancy bottle is from the US, Charlie Palmer steak will not charge corkage.
  10. Wow - that's unfortunate. Glad that you found an option you are happy with, though.
  11. Of course, that assumes that his win-loss and era remained the same through the worst of the Angelos years (they wouldn’t have) and that the bbwa care about career Orioles, writ-large (they don’t). If Moose stays an Oriole, he’s Jack Morris, and eventually gets elected by the veterans committee.
  12. One one-hitter, and near perfect-game, was for NY against Boston on national tv. This aside, IMO if Moose stays in Baltimore he doesn’t make the hall of fame. He needed the big stage and platform that NY afforded.
  13. It's fascinating to me that (a) this has happened before and (b) Halladay is also going in with no logo. Had no clue, and what are the odds of two in the same class!
  14. If current worst owners: MLB: Peter Angelos NHL: Peter Karamanos (Carolina Hurricanes - for moving the team from Hartford) NBA: James Dolan NFL: Daniel Snyder (honorable mention: Jimmy Haslam)