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  1. Headed to i Ricchi for the first time since probably 2004 yesterday for Mothers' Day. My kids handled everything with regard to the reservation - picking the restaurant, selecting the time, etc. and reviewed a ton of menus in the process, so I was both proud of their effort and somewhat concerned about the outcome. Turns out there was no reason for concern. While the restaurant still sticks to Tuscan classis our group had a very nice time. There was a special mother's day menu, though we stuck to the a la carte offerings. We split the polpette, calamari, and capesante to start, and our wa
  2. $335 per, $175 at the bar, all sold out. I have no interest in it, which is a bummer as someone who loved EMP since the Kerry Heffernan days (though not as much as in the Humm era, pre-this nonsense).
  3. Will Guidara did. Their former partnership (Make it Nice, I think) dissolved sometime in 2019, maybe? This is certainly an interesting switcheroo, from one of the only chefs in NYC who could generate the heat necessary to make this change viable.
  4. Aspirational, swanky, expensive, over the top - at least in urban dictionary terms. As in, "The mere mention of the price for this bougie meal will trigger derision on Dr.com"... Hey, I kid, I kid.
  5. Unfortunate on so many levels. These aren't corporate run restaurants, rather small businesses trying to survive during an extinction level event for their industry. Consider capacity limits and their impact on a restaurant's bottom line. For wines by the glass, what if one orders a glass of wine on a Sunday evening and the restaurant isn't open again until Tues/ Wed - do you expect the restaurant to take a loss on spoilage? Do you think that fewer people in the door could result in fewer BTG wine sales, and greater spoilage? Have you considered the difficulty in hiring and retaining staff dur
  6. Congrats - hope that you have minimal after vaccination effects - and if you do get a fever or chills, stay on top of it with tylenol, etc - I definitely prolonged some agony by not doing so...and also had Moderna.
  7. True, and the different styles comment is both true and one of the main reasons professional tennis is so interesting!
  8. Naomi has a net game. Serena doesn't, and never has. Believe that Naomi Osaka varies her groundstrokes better as well and plays with more touch. I've hit with one of Serena's old racquets and it's not only a longbody, but the swingweight is massive (part of which is due to it being an inch longer) - suits her game, but probably explains why she nearly exclusively hits swinging volleys. Osaka can play from behind - Serena can't, and never could. I usually bristle at the historical comparisons (like whoever it was on here that suggested McEnroe was the best of all time), but the case of 2
  9. Another solid performance from Osaka. Watching her play Serena reminds me of seeing late-career Sampras and realizing "damn, these guys are just better than him now". Serena's obviously still playing at a high level and would have met Osaka in the finals had she been in the other half of the draw, but the result would be the same. No disrespect to Serena, but Osaka and her style of play represents the future of women's singles for now.
  10. How was it? I'll be up next week, back at Le Bernardin.
  11. I find Guy Fieri annoying and would never eat in one of his restaurants, but the work he has done to raise funds for restaurant workers during the pandemic deserves nothing but hearty praise.
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