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  1. At Le Bernardin, the tasting menu includes cheese or dessert at $225 (chef's tasting) or $187 (regular tasting). Wine parings round up to $370 (chef's) and $282 (regular). I think the food and service are better than the inn. Of course, like Charleston, Le Bernardin is nowhere near the Inn, and is a fundamentally different restaurant, so...
  2. I'm 5-10 years older than you and would say that maybe the inn isn't to your taste, and that's fine. You aren't missing anything if you can find experiences that you are interested in and value more - which is a good thing! FWIW, I enjoy the inn - though the decor in the dining room is a bit much for me - I wouldn't necessarily call it dated - just a very defined point of view that isn't my own. The Claiborne House, as Don mentioned, is more my speed of interior design, and quite a bit lighter. I'm interested in traditional fine dining, and have done Noma, among others in that vein. My issue with Noma in particular, and the Copenhagen model in general, is that oftentimes the ability to create a dish, or do something "interesting", is more important than the actual taste of the food - and don't get me started on the nonsense "natural" wines pushed at many/ most of these establishments.
  3. She makes it difficult. Her talent is undeniable, but she's a supreme front-runner, with a rapidly deteriorating attitude. The NCAA's were on last week. Watching the men and women play for their schools was a study in sportsmanship, for the most part. Serena could learn a lot by watching them and their attitudes (and by watching the men - anyone in the round of 16 would beat her pretty handily and most won't crack the ATP top 250).
  4. I hear you - I still remember being offered still or sparkling water at Il Laboratorio and being annoyed at a rather arbitrary water charge at the end of the evening (all bottles were shared among tables - I guess the charge was split?). Last month we could pick however many cheeses. Would be a bummer if that's changed, or not consistently applied. Cameron was much less engaging on our last trip, though. Maybe having an off night.
  5. Should have gone to La Casita last night. Had a serviceable half smoke from Ben's instead. I do love the fact that apple pay has become so prevalent at the stadium - I think concession lines are noticeably faster.
  6. But.... you can have as many cheeses as you would like. Not quibbling with you about prices, but the lack of restriction does provide some more value.
  7. Keithstg


    Agreed - Resy recently acquired Reserve, which probably doubled their restaurant base. Resy is a great app.
  8. Small private club in rural Loudoun County seeks Chef to revitalize our culinary program. Responsibilities include: - Menu design and execution for Lunch Service, Tues-Friday, Dinner Service Tues- Friday, Brunch Saturday - Sunday - Inventory purchasing and control - Design and execution of special events - Management of food service & bar staff - Accountability for food/ beverage budget goals, overall culinary P&L Requirements: The Board of Directors seeks an experienced chef to partner with in order to enhance dining experiences for our members. The successful candidate will view the opportunity as running his or her restaurant, located in a private club. The ideal candidate will have diverse experience, a hands-on approach, and attention to detail and customer satisfaction Benefits: Our club offers a comprehensive benefits package including fully paid healthcare, retirement account contributions, continuing education reimbursement and the opportunity for revenue sharing/ bonuses based on quarterly goals (revenue and member-satisfaction based). Contact: Please send me a PM and we will take it from there!
  9. .....And Brad Spates is OUT at the Ashby. A Chef named Jonathan Leonard has taken over the kitchen. Reserving judgement for now. Relatively few people on here may have had his food, but man do I miss Tom Whitaker. He did an incredible job and was criminally underrated.
  10. As the topic states, what DC restaurant would you most like to see return? Jessica Sidman tweeted this question recently and I find the answers fascinating. For me there are two at the top of the list: 1. Citronelle 2. Palena Honorable Mention: Nectar --- [Edit - Here's a built-in, 13-year-long, running answer with 500 replies and 50,000 views. DR]
  11. Guess you haven't been to either Daniel or Gramercy Tavern lately. It can be done, just hard. I'm of two minds here - I understand your broader point, as well as the mantra that expansion = bad. But each outpost from the chefs above provides a platform for up and coming chefs (Andrew Carmellini, Dave Chang, Lee Hanson, Jonathan Benno, Francois Payard, and Johnny Iuzzini from the Daniel universe alone, and Gail Simmons from the FOH) as well as lots of jobs. Often the restaurants in other locations aren't the same as the originals, and that's ok as well. I think Dave Chang in particular has done a good job of empowering each chef and having them put their own spins on the menu. No reason Kwame can't do the same, assuming he puts in the work.
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