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  1. Keithstg

    To Whom Are You Drinking Right Now?

    Auguste Clape. Won’t have a Cornas tonight because I’m in NY drinking white wine at Nishi, but to his memory nonetheless.
  2. Keithstg

    Men's Tennis - Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Agreed. If he sorts out his cardio. Frances just had nothing left in the tank against Khachanov after the 3rd set tiebreak. I'm a huge fan, and believe he'll be an incredible player.
  3. Keithstg

    Men's Tennis - Who Is The Greatest Of All Time?

    Very true. Honestly, this Wimbledon has had one excellent sportsmanship moment after another. What a great two weeks - I was bummed that Big Foe quit in his round of 32 match, but he'll be back.
  4. Wow. Was about to eat at Mirabelle for a client lunch yesterday, but the client decided on PJ Clarke's instead... Mirabelle was up and down for me, but when firing on all cylinders was an excellent restaurant.
  5. I think it depends on what you consider light. I was there last Monday (btw, most restaurants out here aren’t open Monday but F&M is) and had a gnocchi with ramp pesto and soft shells with corn salsa. The gnocchi were light and airy enough to have been Frank Ruta’s and the soft shells and corn were an ideal summer dish. There was also an interesting scallop dish on the menu that seemed like a lighter choice along with a vegetarian option - which I know doesn’t automatically mean “light”, but my dining companion enjoyed it. Neal is also offering a “wine game” on Monday nights which is also a good time.
  6. Keithstg


    What a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing. Having been to SPQR but not Acquerello I certainly want to get to the latter when I am next in San Francisco. That said, SPQR is much more casual in it's design and execution, no?
  7. I give it 12 months, tops. Which is kind of unfortunate as my meals at Nakazawa in NY have been superlative- far, far exceeding any omakase I have had in DC.
  8. What a great interview. Even back in college Ashley was well-spoken and had an interesting, nuanced perspective. Here's hoping that they right the ship, for the good of the nearly 100 people employed at the Spotted Pig.
  9. Keithstg

    Anthony Bourdain (1956-2018) Dies at Age 61

    Horrible news. He was a real one. Sad for his friends and family, particularly for his daughter.
  10. I’m betting Britton gets traded at the deadline if he comes back and plays well. No sense in the O’s having a great closer at this point. Of course, this assumes that the O’s are competently run, so...
  11. Uhhh, he's throwing live BP now, and will throw a simulated game early this week. Forget about late July or not at all, he will pitch in June - potentially early-mid June. SMH. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/blog/bs-sp-orioles-notes-20180519-story.html
  12. Keithstg

    Boston and Cambridge, MA

    Hard to believe how much time has elapsed on this thread. I'm part of the problem, since I've been to Boston a half dozen times this year and haven't gotten around to posting until now. And only now to reiterate that the above remains true. Dinner at the bar at No.9 Park was different, yet familiar. Same great wine list, same excellent, personal service and fabulous conversation - different pasta preparations and Halibut preps (this one with a riot of morels) but still delicious and worth the time. No. 9 is employing a coravin now and is offering several premium wines by the glass as well. Highlights of those were an '11 Allemand Cornas and a '12 Daguenaeu Sliex by the glass.
  13. Keithstg

    Chicago, IL

    Second the Revival Food Hall rec. Really enjoyed my trip there. Cool space, lots of options. Settled on Buldong Hot Chicken and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also enjoyed the Cherry Circle Room in the CAA building/ hotel for dinner. Solid food and an interesting, well-chosen and fairly priced wine list. Chicago's one of those places I don't get to often, but always thoroughly enjoy.