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  1. Small private club in rural Loudoun County seeks Executive Chef. Responsibilities include: - Menu design and execution for Lunch Service, Tues-Friday, Dinner Service Tues- Friday, Brunch Saturday - Sunday - Inventory purchasing and control - Design and execution of special events - Management of food service & bar staff - Accountability for food/ beverage budget goals, overall culinary P&L - Development of special events/ coordination with tennis events Requirements: The Board of Directors seeks an experienced chef to partner with in order to enhance dining experiences for our members. The ideal candidate will have diverse experience, including at private clubs, a hands-on approach, and attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Benefits: Our club offers a comprehensive benefits package including fully paid healthcare, retirement account contributions, continuing education reimbursement and the opportunity for revenue sharing/ bonuses based on quarterly goals (revenue and member-satisfaction based). Contact: Please send me a PM and we will take it from there!
  2. I'm amazed that this concept didn't take - either in Tysons or DC. I'm sure COVID didn't help any, but seemed like a good concept and restaurant group for both locations.
  3. I dined indoors last night. Waiters were wearing masks and gloves, and we were wearing masks when not eating. My experience was that regulations were being adhered to by staff and customers. While I personally do not feel that dining indoors is a high risk activity for me/ my family, I completely understand those who feel differently and respect their decisions. We felt as safe as one can feel in this environment and the food (Auberge Provencal) was as good as it's ever been.
  4. Headed to Maine in a month, as restrictions on those of us from away have lifted a bit (our selectmen did wait until after property tax payments were due to send a note to the summer population telling us we were unwelcome - I got a good laugh out of that), though we will have to quarantine at our house for 14 days, which seems totally reasonable to me. Planning on heading to Zermatt between Christmas and New Year's this year (using travel credits from cancelled spring break trips)...doubt we will have the whole family on a plane before then. I truly miss travel.
  5. 🙄 The Ashby will be at peak porch for the next month or so, easy. Please note that seating is limited and if the inn is filled with overnight guests there is little/ no reservation room - and no walk-ins.
  6. Jonathan Leonard remains at the Ashby, where we had an actual restaurant meal last night. The patio seats are very well-spaced apart, and significant precautions were taken to ensure safety, IMO. Our visit was more about supporting a restaurant than the food itself, but our food was excellent. Asparagus Bisque X2: Well prepared - sour cream and a bit of truffle salt here. Garden Salad: Our Daughter enjoyed the salad, which featured blackberries, radish, and an onion vinaigrette Filet X2: Well prepared filet from Martin's in the plains. Served with demi-glace (not specified beef or veal but assume beef), caramelized onions and potato puree Mushroom Risotto: Great dish. Fried shiitake mushrooms in a risotto with grana padano, spinach, and egg. Wasn't mine, but tried to steal what I could. Ny Strip: Also from Martin's, with an excellent gratin dauphinois and brussels sprouts. All meats were cooked to a perfect medium rare. I skipped dessert, but enjoyed a tranquil night on the patio with some excellent and fairly priced wines. Worth noting that the current patio capacity closely matches the Inn's room capacity, so on weekends may be tough to secure seating if the Inn is full and only the patio is accessible.
  7. Dave is a good guy who genuinely cares for his people. I know it's cool to hate out of town chefs (unless they sell ice cream), but the derision that Dave inspires is truly misplaced - especially since he's from VA.
  8. FWIW, picked up some wonderful wines and snapper bisque at Corduroy yesterday. Very easy to purchase, and excellent pricing! Truly looking forward to being back in person soon. And picking up some more wine in the coming weeks...
  9. Just curious, how would Mayor Bowser possibly enforce this? And I say this as a former “Green Team” fan. No allegiance now that I don’t live in DC...
  10. Yes, but as with most things I don't think that there is any "correct" answer other than one that works for each individual. In fact, will see about a reservation this AM.
  11. FWIW, we have been very happy with fish from Wild for Salmon, and there is a buying club local to us. Maybe worth consideration: https://www.wildforsalmon.com/
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