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  1. Another solid performance from Osaka. Watching her play Serena reminds me of seeing late-career Sampras and realizing "damn, these guys are just better than him now". Serena's obviously still playing at a high level and would have met Osaka in the finals had she been in the other half of the draw, but the result would be the same. No disrespect to Serena, but Osaka and her style of play represents the future of women's singles for now.
  2. How was it? I'll be up next week, back at Le Bernardin.
  3. I find Guy Fieri annoying and would never eat in one of his restaurants, but the work he has done to raise funds for restaurant workers during the pandemic deserves nothing but hearty praise.
  4. Good point. I had chalked up most of the difference to COVID, but should have considered the sale. I don't expect fireworks from the Palm, or Morton's, though I haven't been to a Morton's in a decade. The Palm usually fit the bill as it's close to my office.
  5. Returned to Auberge Provencal for dinner last Saturday evening. We were here back in June for a meal - for whatever reason Auberge never stays on our radar, which is our loss. Had the Bistro menu as opposed to the prix fixe tasting menu. The Inn continues to do an excellent job with well-spaced tables and servers clad in masks & gloves. For those looking for a long weekend, I believe that the majority of the Inn's suites have exterior entrances, so one could come and go, and have a room service dinner featuring the entire menu and the Inn's fantastic wine list without seeing another guest.
  6. Had lunch at the Tysons location of The Palm last week. The Palm would have been packed for Thursday lunch pre-pandemic, with Smitty holding court in the bar area for a huge group of regulars, creating a very private club like atmosphere (a nicer atmosphere and more exclusive than the nearby Tower Club, lol). The restaurant area would also be full. This past Thursday was much different - no bar crowd obviously and a dining room perhaps 1/3 full, very well-spaced throughout the multiple rooms. The 3 course business lunch is still available, and paper menus/ masked and gloved servers are pr
  7. It's a start, for sure, but a late one that flies against the state's own data regarding transmissions. Safe to say that the bloom is (or should be) off of whatever rose existed for Cuomo's handling of the pandemic, especially if you happened to have had a loved one in a New York assisted living facility. Totally agree that a raise to 50% would be appropriate, and share your opinion of the current mayor. He will leave whoever succeeds him a total mess and a ravaged tax base. Best of luck.
  8. Well, Cuomo did relent a bit on this yesterday, so we shall see. Quite a 180 inside of 48 hours - perhaps at least pretend to have a plan? Interesting how completely sidelined the incompetent DeBlasio has been throughout this process. https://ny.eater.com/2021/1/27/22252519/new-york-city-restaurant-reopening-plan-cuomo
  9. Unreal...still no plans to help the industry - 11,000 restaurant jobs lost in NYC - in December 2020 alone. https://ny.eater.com/2021/1/26/22250295/cuomo-not-contemplating-indoor-dining-return
  10. Funny to read my comments in the thread from before I was a local resident. Jonathan Leonard is now Chef at the Ashby Inn, and Jean Van Haute is the Executive Chef at Goodstone, coming by way of Bruges, Belgium. A number of staff from the Ashby have migrated over to the Goodstone, further reinforcing the rural hospitality switcheroo. We hadn't been in for quite a while, so headed over for dinner on Saturday night. The new conservatory is a beautiful addition to the property and is quite "atmospheric" as JoeH might say. Tables were very well spaced across two levels, and staff were well ve
  11. Awesome - good luck! If you end up working with Tim Burch, he is a great guy.
  12. Curfew is only for Arlington and Alexandria, btw.
  13. For January, nothing. Bummer. Among the general wines for the holidays, we had the usual suspects, though one wine was a huge surprise. A neighbor left a bottle of 2002 Rappahannock Cellars Cab Franc on our doorstep (literally), so we figured "why not" and opened it, saving a '76 Insignia for a later day. Whoa. Not only was the wine still alive, it was in a really nice place. I have no illusion that the wine was meant to age for 18 years, or that there's anything but provenance and careful storage to account for the showing - or even that there are many other bottles of this wine sti
  14. Late to posting this, but attached/ below is a menu from our dinner on 12/5. Really enjoyed the space and atmosphere. Food was excellent as well, though the wine pairings/ list could use some work though the Sipp Mack Riesling was a winner (we did the "premium pairing", noted with diamonds). Headed back on Thursday - reservation times seem to have opened up a bit. Stayed at Hopkins Ordinary which is about 300 yards from the restaurant. I'm decidedly not a B&B person, but enjoyed our stay. There's a brewery located at the Inn, and a minimum of doilies/ chintz. One could make a really n
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