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  1. Now. Don's comment about deathbed regrets seems spot-on to me.
  2. This x 100. Credit Card benefits have been diminishing forever - this isn't news. Airlines have changed their programs radically and hotels are not too far behind (Bonvoy now has a spend requirement for it's top tier). I'd concentrate on defining an event no more than 12 months out and saving points for that event, then starting over.
  3. https://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/food/article/21111660/shoppers-say-two-dc-whole-foods-are-poorly-stocked-some-blame-jeff-bezos Was hoping for something approximating competent management post-Amazon, but here we are. The Fair Lakes WF has degraded significantly as well. The new Tysons Location is superb, however.
  4. Glad to hear it's been renovated! The Ritz has also been renovated (still cheesy though), and I am amazed they continue to command a premium rate in Tysons. Bonvoy has been so frustrating I've all but stopped using them. Am LT Plat, Ambassador since the program was unpublished (legacy starwood obv). Sad to see such dilution.
  5. This, though tough for some to understand. I included Moustakas because after supposedly being backed into a $6.5 million one year deal, he ended up making $16.5M including buyouts, and now has a multi-year deal with a team on the rise, including a $4M buyout OR a $20M team option for a fifth year. It's almost as though the Boras Corp knows the market better than non-professionals.
  6. Boras Corporation clients have signed approx. $900M worth of contracts (NPV) between last week and yesterday. One of those contracts was Mike Moustakas, who signed for 4 years and $64M.
  7. I hope and expect that Rendon will get a standing ovation. Great player and class guy. Too bad he'll be out in the AL West fighting for .500, though I guess a turnaround is always possible.
  8. Deferrals do not change the salary cap (Average Annual Value, or AAV) hit of the contract assuming that the amount is deferred without interest. In that case the only thing that changes is the Net Present Value of the contract - and of course the flexibility it provides ownership in actual dollars. Of course the Lerners have the money for Rendon if they want to spend it and incur the taxes. I can't think of an opt-out that didn't pay off for the player in the long run. I'm sure that there's been an example or two, but none come to mind off the top of my head.
  9. I'm dubious in the short term. The entire space is a ghost town save 12-1. The new steak frites place was good on a last visit, and the pizza is serviceable. I think the concept is very interesting, but mall traffic just doesn't migrate to the third floor, and it seems like the nearby office workers aren't doing so in large numbers either.
  10. Both of those things are absolutely true. That said, I come by about 4x/ year and the experience is always excellent, and I am looking for the old favorites (have been going since the 4 points on K Street). Would like to say I'd go more if the menu changed more, but the reality is that I'm seldom in DC, so the new usually prevails.
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