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  1. Headed to Le Bernardin for (re) opening night on Wednesday. Will be interesting to see what’s changed. Pleased to see that outdoor dining is set to become permanent - maybe DeBlasio isn’t out to completely destroy NYC and it’s restaurant culture.
  2. Yes, but you can't go to Les Pres d'Eugenie the first weekend in October. so not a fair comparison. No argument on the world, however.
  3. Small Private Club in rural Fauquier county (a stone's throw from Loudoun County) seeks a bar manager and bartender/ servers to assist with the ongoing improvement of our culinary program. Love craft cocktails? Passionate about service and hospitality? Love beer and wine? Hate working weekends? Our team is seeking experienced hospitality professionals to improve our beverage program. Successful candidates will demonstrate cocktail/ wine knowledge and a desire to create a craft cocktail menu for our membership. We offer extremely competitive wages and fully paid healthcare benefi
  4. Yes. And Richard’s son, who passed away in 2015.
  5. To Richard Keane and Bill Meehan. 19 years. And to Dan Keane. Wish we could have done more to help.
  6. From where and to where in Maine? That's wild unless you are headed to Aroostoock County. I've been driving from DC or VA to ME for the past 19ish years, save for when we fly or leave from NY. Never taken more than 13 to NE Harbor. Of course, now I've jinxed myself... There was a direct flight on United from Dulles to Portland, and Dulles to Bangor, but fear it's a casualty of the pandemic.
  7. Until DeBlasio changes his mind, or doesn't get a plan in place...again.
  8. I hear that. The common refrain among our group about the Cavalier was - "This place is great - too bad it's here, though". Fishers Island in Long Island Sound is very nice. Block Island could also be fun.
  9. Oof. Can’t imagine that job. Anyway, I think you would really enjoy the Cavalier.
  10. 100% stay at the Cavalier. Gorgeous renovation. I was there last summer with a group for USTA sectionals and then again for regionals (in Norfolk, but no chance we were staying there). Not cheap, but really a wonderful property. Agreed with Eric on Becca - the indoor pool is lovely and the more casual restaurant got the job done as well. Having the beach club was also very nice, and would make it easier to distance. That said, we went to VA Beach because we had to - I'd point you in this direction instead: https://www.donrockwell.com/topic/14342-bar-harbor-and-down-east-maine/
  11. True, could have happened to anyone. And yes, Djokovic did release a statement, but stormed out without facing live media. Tough year on the PR front for Nole. Think Kyrgios made a great point when asking fans to vote on how many years Nick would be suspended for if he made the mistake. Will be interesting to see how much (or little) Novak is punished.
  12. I wasn’t sure Djoker could make a bad pr year worse for himself but darn if he didn’t manage to do it! Ridiculous.
  13. FYI, the Mache Bistro team now operates CIAO, which was very good, but will now do an occasional pop-up throughout late summer/ fall. They are on a kind of hiatus. Tea House 278 is closed now, sadly, and the building is for sale.
  14. Stopped updating this thread, but here are some thoughts over the past month: Bar Harbor: Masks, masks, everywhere. Awesome display by local government and restaurants to mandate masks and compliance is around 99%. Mt. Desert Ice Cream: Open on Firefly lane, across from the green - location on Main Street is closed. Takeout only, same as it ever was. Blaze: Best restaurant in Bar Harbor, for what that's worth. Wood oven/ hearth and a wide menu encompassing sandwiches, etc through composed dishes. No beer brewed on site, but Blaze beers are brought in from their brewery in B
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