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  1. We ordered a lox box from Pearl's Bagels a few weeks ago and the bagels were fine. A little too chewy for my taste, but not bad. The bagel basics are there, including the hole. The cream cheese/lox (from Ivy City) to bagel ratio needs improvement towards more cream cheese and lox, but that is an easy fix. Given the dearth of nearby bagel options, and given the coronavirus pandemic situation, I lean towards being supportive and hopeful for improvement. Bagels are a weekend treat for us and our preference is grabbing Call Your Mother bagels from the MVT farmers market, but Pearl's is a good backup when that is not an option.
  2. Funny Malarkey story...a few years ago on a trip back to San Diego, a group of us went to Herb & Wood, one of his restaurants in the Little Italy neighborhood. When Malarkey unexpectedly stopped by our table to see how things were going, my brother (who was a little drunk) told a very NSFW joke about how dill bread comes from dill dough. At the end of our meal, Malarkey brought out actual dill bread in the shape of male genitalia for us, and because he knew we wouldn't want dill bread at the end of our meal, he also brought out a chocolate cake in the shape of male genitalia with a side of ice cream. That has endeared him to me forever. Wish I had taken pictures but I was too caught up in the moment, and probably a little drunk myself at that point.
  3. When I see navel gazing articles like that, I think back to this Sally Quinn article from 2010, which I still cannot believe made it to print.
  4. Baan Siam is officially open, doing takeout and limited delivery only at the moment. Given how much @MichaelBDC and I loved Baan Thai, we are more than thrilled that Baan Siam is a mere two blocks away from our home. We put in an order on Thursday, Baan Siam's first day, and the food was as good and fiery as ever. We split the chicken tapioca dumplings (an old favorite) and the crispy lotus root and grilled shrimp salad to start. @MichaelBDC loved the dumplings but I couldn't get enough of the lotus root salad despite how spicy it was. I especially appreciate that the fried lotus root came in a separate container than the rest of the salad to ensure it remained crispy. I got the roasted duck red curry for my entree while @MichaelBDC had the spicy chicken in banana leaf. Both were great though my mouth was on fire from the curry. We already have plans to go back.
  5. Had a good takeout experience at Laos in Town last weekend. Crispy rice salad and sun dried beef were favorites. @MichaelBDC liked his Laab Moo enough but preferred the other versions we have had, especially at Beau Thai. Northern noodle was also great option and reminded me of the Khao Soi Gai I've had at Baan Thai. Carryout was done through their patio window and was very efficient.
  6. We ordered Maketto for @MichaelBDC's birthday last week and it was very very good. Steamed pork bao, leek and mushroom bao, vegetable gyoza, crispy gruyere dumplings, spicy cauliflower, and wok fried noodles with roasted pork. Our favorites were the crispy gruyere dumplings that held up well through the delivery process and the spicy cauliflower. We were stuffed after all the dumplings and bao and didn't get to the wok fried noodles & roast pork until the next day. The texture of the noodles didn't hold up well after a night in the fridge and reheating in the microwave, but the flavor was great. One of the better takeout/delivery experiences we have had in the time of coronavirus.
  7. The "Not Your Mama's Meatloaf" dinner was one of our favorite takeout or delivery meals during quarantine. Definitely not our mama's meatloaf (a little sweeter than we would have liked), but very good nonetheless. There was enough food for us to save and have another meal the following night. We did pickup as well, and it was definitely super easy as @Rhone1998. Because I am a crazy person, I bought a bottle of Big Fire Pinot Noir despite having a full wine cabinet, and it turned out to be very enjoyable. We will have to do the fried chicken next time.
  8. Walked down to the Partisan / Red Apron to pick up one of their Italian sandwiches. We split a sandwich and each had a bag of chips. Sandwich was very good, chips were okay. Also picked up some whiskey, wine, and beer while there "to support local business."
  9. After reading the above post by @Mark Dedrick, we ordered Grazie Grazie for lunch today via DoorDash. That 8+1 indeed hits our love for an Italian Hoagie that hasn't been replaced since losing Taylor Gourmet. We also got a Lil C's salad that hit the spot because we really wanted a nice crisp salad, but it wasn't anything better than what we could have made at home.
  10. Yes. I think you also have to activate your DashPass membership which gives you reduced service fees and free delivery, but I'm not positive about this. Like your travel credit, you Door Dash credit gets reimbursed. Also, it's $60 for 2020 and $60 for 2021.
  11. We've been trying to do takeout or delivery once a week each for lunch and dinner. I never thought the DoorDash credit from our Chase Sapphire Reserve card would come in handy, but here we are. Ordered from Zenebech last Friday for dinner and our usual order of awaze tibs and vegetarian platter was good for dinner that night and Sunday lunch. Sweetgreen is always a good excuse to go for a midday stroll as is Sundevich when I need the stroll to be a little longer. After picking up our sandwiches and a side of hummus this past Friday, I stopped by Buttercream Bakeshop for some delicious baked goods. Unfortunately Buttercream is closed now. I also walked by All Purpose which displayed their wines for sale for some very reasonable looking prices. If I had more hands, I would certainly have bought a bottle or two. But a return trip is definitely in the cards. This coronavirus situation was also a good excuse to order Chiko, which we were never able to visit prior to this pandemic. Della Barba and Beau Thai have been our delivery go-tos for a long time and we continue to keep them in the rotation. Next up, probably Grazie Grazie for lunch later this week because we miss Taylor Gourmet. --- Redeeming Credit Card Points (Ericandblueboy) Peter Chang China Cafe (Ericandblueboy)
  12. DC location as well as Poca Madre are no longer doing carryout.
  13. We finally ordered something other than a Detroit style pizza (though we also ordered a Detroit style pizza). The NY Style with onions and mushrooms was very tasty. I would say the crust is not as good as Wise Guys, but still very very good. Toppings are first rate (much better than Wise Guys) and I'm a toppings gal, so Della Barba gets the nod overall. But the Detroit style is a truly great pizza and that will probably be our standing order every time we get a pizza from Della Barba.
  14. Taco Bamba (at least the one in DC) is doing carryout. We ordered online and our order was ready when we arrived. Remember to ask for your salsa(s) of choice.
  15. Chiko is a pretty good delivery option for dining in the time of the coronavirus. My cousin stopped by to drop off a bunch of stuff after closing down her dorm room for the semester so we ordered Chiko via Caviar for lunch. Between the three of us, we had the pork and kimchi potstickers, cumin lamb stir fry, the crispy chicken rice bowl, and the Sichuan hot fried chicken sandwich. We all enjoyed our food, but I think I enjoyed my chicken sandwich the best. The potstickers were tasty but I would eat nearly any kind of dumpling at anytime so it's a pretty low bar for me. My cousin said she liked her crispy chicken rice bowl. @MichaelBDC thought his cumin lamb stir fry was all right, but in his view, the cumin lamb we make at home is better. Happy to support local businesses during these extraordinary times, so we'll keep them on our list of delivery options while we balance cooking at home and supporting local restaurants.
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