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  1. Try Haikan. Website says they are continuing outdoor seating, but not sure if it's heated or not.
  2. After a series of pepperoni Detroit pizza, we branched out and ordered the Detroit Hottie, a special with Habaneros, Jalapenos, & Calabrian Chili Oil. We added pepperoni as well. Unfortunately, it was way too spicy for me, but we still managed to enjoy it enough to finish off the pie in multiple rounds. Additionally, Washingtonian reports that Della Barba will go from a takeout/delivery kitchen in Ivy City to a cafe on Capitol Hill around Lincoln Park. The address is 1382 E. Capitol St. NE, currently an Al's Pizza. There is promise of housemade bacon, baguettes, and pastries. Looking
  3. Christmas Eve dinner from Convivial, our second Convivial to go dinner during the time of COVID and this dinner was phenomenal. Chestnut & Foie Gras soup and the Duck & Armagnac Country Pate to start and both were very very good. The soup was the best soup I have had in a while and the pate came with a generously large and tasty baguette. It didn't seem like a generous portion but after our appetizers, @MichaelBDC and I were so full we ended up splitting the cassoulet. There was a lot of pork and sausage to go with the perfectly al dente beans. After all that food, I managed a bi
  4. So jealous! We had wanted to do Kinship for our Christmas Eve Dinner too, but decided too late and they were sold out, so we went with Convivial instead. Walked by Kinship on our way to and from Convivial and saw that they were doing brisk to-go service. I am going to pretend we passed each other on 7th St.
  5. This is so sad. I had some of the best times at Big Hunt and two of my favorite bar stories took place here. The first is when I got to talking to some friends of the owner and they covered my tab and then some. The second was when I finally got to use this line on some douche bro, "You know what they say about people who wear sunglasses inside? You're either blind or an asshole."
  6. @Bart, we had to cancel our annual Christmas trip to San Diego this year because of COVID. I will note that there is a stay at home order in San Diego right now and restaurants are only open for delivery and takeout. That being said, I would advise against a nice dinner in Little Italy. We stayed in Little Italy the last few times we've been in San Diego and I think the places are not as good as they once were with the exception of Crack Shack, but that is very casual. If you really had to do NYE dinner at (or from) a place in Little Italy, look to Juniper & Ivy, Herb& Wood, and K
  7. This radical liberal forgot all about the DCist story until I came here to write up a recent Rose's At Home dinner we ordered. It's amusing to me because I am usually one of the first in line to write off businesses with problematic owners and chefs. Not sure the lack of impact that DCist story had on me speaks more about me or Aaron Silverman. Back to the food, we had Rose's At Home delivered to our place last week. The current menu, which ends this week, consisted of a night called TOMATOES ONLY and another night PICNIC PACK. A third night option would have been ROSE'S CLASSICS (spicy j
  8. We did the chef's choice takeout at Nina May a few weeks ago and we LOVED it. Everything survived the 20 minute walk home and another hour or so of sitting on the counter because we weren't hungry yet. When I got there, around 6:15pm on a Friday, the patio was pretty full and there were three other to-go orders getting taken out. Hope they continue the good things and can stick it out through these COVID times.
  9. Mélange recently opened in the City Vista, taking over the spot left vacant when the excellent Ray's Hell Burger closed. We (and the neighborhood) have truly missed Ray's, but after an initial lunch on Friday, I think Mélange is a worthy replacement (though we will miss Ray's forever). @MichaelBDC ordered The Classic ($13). The description, burger with American cheese, iceberg lettuce tomato, pickled red onions, and brown butter aioli does not do the burger justice. In the words of @MichaelBDC "the chef makes one hell of a burger." I had one bite and agree it was truly delicious. An Eate
  10. Rasa took over the empty space left behind by Taylor Gourmet in the City Vista. While we miss Taylor, Rasa is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. @MichaelBDC have picked up lunch here twice since it has opened and enjoyed our meals both times. The Home Cooking with turmeric ginger shrimp over rice noodles has been my favorite so far even though I was a little hesitant to order shrimp at a fast casual place. I also liked the Tikka Chance on Me although I found the chicken to be a little dry. Michael ordered the Open Sesame his first go round and loved the lamb meatballs although he commente
  11. Had a terrific birthday meal here in early February. We were looking forward to going back and then the coronavirus hit and now it's gone. So bummed.
  12. D.C. location has closed for good, along with Poca Madre. I was just on their website over the weekend and saw that the D.C. location was no longer listed. I was hoping there was an explanation other than this sad news. Taco Bamba may have its detractors, but we loved having a quality taco shop close by. I am really really bummed about this.
  13. I never got around to writing about it, but in pre-coronavirus times Maketto offered unlimited xiao long bao for $40 a person. While the XLB are not the best in the area, the meal also included other dishes including the strange flavor eggplant, crystal shrimp dumplings, other bao, roast pork, and a stir fry vegetable and was a good deal and a fun time, especially with a group of friends. We went twice for unlimited XLB and loved it both times. For restaurant week, Maketto is offering 24 XLB, an order of shrimp rangoon, strange flavor eggplant, snow pea tips, and a slice of chocolate cake
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