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  1. Walked by the new Chinatown location today and signs on the window says that it is opening on Wednesday. I am very very excited about this.
  2. Had dinner at Sushi Capitol last night with some friends. Scrolling through this thread, I noticed that before our last visit mid-February, my last review of Sushi Capitol was April 2017. It's not that we hadn't gone there since, it was just that there was not much to write home about. The fish, while good, had stopped being as exciting and we felt like we were getting the same nigiri each time. After two visits, I can say that Can's ownership of Sushi Capitol has breathed new life into the place. Under the new chef, Chef B, we enjoyed some creative nigiri such as red snapper with grated egg yolk on top, Maine uni with some grapefruit, and tuna marinated in citrus/soy sauce. We also had some traditional nigiri (o-toro and mackerel), and experienced some new and/or interesting fish like needlefish and gizzard shad. The fish was amazing and we had a great time. Can't wait to go back.
  3. Had dinner there last weekend and Can was back as the GM. He told us they were planning to close for a few days to give the space a bit of a touch up, including a new counter.
  4. Forgot to write up a pretty good dinner we had at Saint Anselm about a month ago. We went with some friends of ours on a busy Sunday evening. I guess delays had piled up by the time our 7:15pm reservation rolled around because they opened their private dining area and seated us there. Turned out to be a nice place to sit as it was much quieter and conversation friendly than the main dining area. Food standouts were the buttermilk biscuits with pimento cheese and the salmon collar. The pickled currants overpowered the lamb tartare, making us wish we had ordered the beef tartare or kampachi crudo instead. Unfortunately, the flat iron was a bust. Despite being cooked to a perfect medium rare, the steak was a bit tough. There were a few annoying service moments. We asked their wine person for recommendations at about $60 a bottle and every recommendation was above that price point. I think in the end, we went with two bottles of California wines, one a natural wine. When we got our bill, we saw that we were charged twice for the natural wine and had to wait a while for the server to come back around so we could have that fixed. Wish we liked it better but like @DIShGo said above, we are not in a hurry to go back.
  5. The rest of our meal there consisted of the Crispy Jerusalem Artichokes, Moulard Duck Foie Gras Confit, Pan Seared Venison Loin, Vietnamese Banana Fritters, Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit, and a special off menu ice cream sandwich for my birthday. Everything was perfectly cooked, but the standouts were the Pommes Anna and the Foie Gras Confit. The richness of the foie gras was a perfect accompaniment to the butter pickle savoy cabbage. @MichaelBDC who generally doesn't even take a bite of dessert much less order his own, polished off the Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit on his own. We shared a bottle of Crozes-Hermitage, which we thoroughly enjoyed. One of the best meals we have had in a long long time and one of the few outings where we felt our dinner was worth every penny.
  6. Stopped by Friday evening to get a sushi fix. Probably our fourth time at Nama. The place was bustling and every seat was filled with a couple waiting to take our bar seats when we left. @MichaelBDC and I sat at the bar and had some pretty good fish, but a step down from our first visit as we can't say that the fish was on par with Ogawa. Looking back, neither us feel like any bite we had that night was amazing, though we still continue to enjoy the vegetarian nigiri. Service was slow and a bit chaotic as there was only one server for the whole place. Also want to note that Chef Handry Tjan was not behind the counter and our brief conversation with one of the chefs lead us to believe he is no longer at Nama. At this point, we will probably go to Sushi Capitol ahead of Nama, but still happy to have a quality sushi option in the neighborhood.
  7. I think A. Litteri has three or four bottles of lambrusco in stock. @MichaelBDC and I stopped by on Saturday and asked for a dry lambrusco. Max, the wine guy, gave us two choices: a "deathly dry" lambrusco and a slightly less dry lambrusco. We went with the latter. It is still in the fridge so no tasting notes yet.
  8. Hungover from New Years Eve festivities, I had the craving for Chinese food and convinced @MichaelBDC to roll the dice and order from Panda Gourmet via Postmates. We over ordered and ate throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Thankfully we did not have any major delivery issues that noticeably affected food quality. Altogether we ordered large hot and sour and wonton soups, steamed dumplings in red sauce, won tons in hot and spicy sauce, dan dan noodles, and liang pi noodles. The dumplings and wontons in sauce were a hit as well as the liang pi noodles, which were spicy, smoky, and overall very good. Hot and sour soup could have been better but really hit the spot for this hung over gal. Wonton soup was the only disappointment. The broth was very soy heavy. We didn't get to the dan dan noodles and are still in our fridge waiting to be reheated. We would order Panda Gourmet from Postmates again.
  9. My not-so-little cousin started school at Georgetown and between the subpar cafeteria at Georgetown and instructions to call me whenever she is within a half mile radius of our place, @MichaelBDC and I were able to take her out to dinner at Daikaya last night before she went to see Michelle Obama at the Capital One Center. Between our frequent visits to Bantam King and Daikaya Ramen, we had left Daikaya Izakaya out of the rotation, but it seemed like a great place to take a hip teen. We ordered all our favorites and then some: grilled avocado (x2), pork and brussels sprouts okonomiyaki (x2), fried chicken skin, beef tenderloin (x2), the rock balboa, chicken karaage, fried garlic (now a special), takoyaki dashi, and abura miso onigiri (x2). For the most part, food was very good. Chicken karaage could have been executed better, especially because one piece was essentially fried chicken skin. I love chicken skin as much as the next gal, but the piece I had was basically deep fried flour and nearly burnt. The beef tenderloin, while cooked well, needed more seasoning. Otherwise, everything was very very good. The three of us left full and the bill was "only" $87, which we felt was a pretty good deal. We had really missed the avocado and the onigiri and there were a few other things on the menu we had wanted to order, so we won't wait too long before our next visit.
  10. Another family trip means another dinner at Convivial. At this point, my family thinks I am playing favorites if I don't take them to Convivial when they come to visit. Our group of four started with the leeks dijonnaise, pickled rockfish, and beef tartare. All were excellent, and my family really liked the leeks dijonnaise. Just realized while typing this out that we ended up with all cold appetizers. No wonder everything tasted so refreshing! We then split three entrees: roasted Parisian gnocchi, moulard duck breast, and steak with kale au jus, blue cheese, walnuts, and crispy onion. The duck breast was my favorite dish of the evening. The duck was cooked perfectly with turnips and mustard greens. @MichaelBDC loved the gnocchi, which was a bit crispy and served with mushrooms mousseline and fricasse. My aunt remarked that the crispiness of the gnocchi reminded her of tater tots. The steak was a favorite of my aunt, a beef lover. I really enjoyed the blue cheese that came with it. To finish off the meal, the four of us split the celebration profiteroles with the sparkler. Five profiteroles total, definitely enough for us to split. As a side note, @MichaelBDC and I ran into Cedric at the host stand when we checked into dinner and @MichaelBDC used this opportunity to express his disappointment that the fried chicken coq au vin is no longer on the menu. Cedric said that about 40% of the people who ordered it were upset with the dish because they were expecting coq au vin, another 40% expressed disappointment that it wasn't truly fried chicken, and only about 20% of people liked the dish.
  11. Given that the last post on this thread was over three years ago, I guess the best way to sum up the food options in Myrtle Beach is "nothing to write home about," which was certainly true of our most recent visit to the area. We stayed Garden City, ten miles south of Myrtle Beach proper. First dinner was at Gulfstream Cafe. Great view of the marsh if you have a table by the window but the food was average and pricey and food was left in the fryer for several seconds too long. We would've been happy to have had the fried seafood platter at a dive for half the price, though @MichaelBDC really enjoyed his blackened mahi mahi. Second dinner was at Peppers Philly Steaks & Pizza in Socastee. We split the cheese steak sandwich and though probably not authentic philly style, was a pretty darn good sandwich. We ordered an Italian sandwich to go, which was average and not worth ordering again, but would definitely get the cheese steak sandwich again if we are ever back in Myrtle Beach. Final dinner was at Catfish Johnny's along the marsh walk in Murrell's Inlet. The peel and eat shrimp and seared tuna sandwich were surprisingly good. Tuna was cooked to a perfect medium rare and was seasoned nicely. Wouldn't go out of my way to go here again, but a nice option along a bunch of tourist trap like places along the marsh walk.
  12. After a brief stint as the Spanish tapas restaurant Calle Cinco, Conosci is now the neighborhood sushi restaurant Nama. The head chef, Handry Tjan, comes from Sushiko and Kobo. @MichaelBDC and I went and sat at the sushi counter on Thursday, their second day of service. Both Michael Schlow and Ed Scarpone (head of the Schlow Restaurant Group) were there to run quality control. We ordered the chef's selection of sushi & sashimi ($42 for 13 pieces), the tuna and jalapeno roll, octopus nigiri, and uni nigiri. There was a bit of a mixup as we assumed that the chef's selection was omakase (it was not) and that we had ordered one for each of us. We mentioned this to our sever and our comment was overheard by the chef and the two sous chefs in front of us so the chef sent out chu toro nigiri and a special nigiri of sweet shrimp topped with uni. After talking a bit with Michael Schlow, he sent out two orders of the beet nigiri for us as well. The fish we had was outstanding, and in my opinion, on par with O-Ku and Sushi Ogawa. We don't usually order shrimp due to @MichaelBDC's mild shellfish allergy, but the shrimp was sweet and some of the best I have had. Even the beet nigiri was great and is highly recommended. The only area where Nama falls short for now is the selection of fish, which is fairly limited and standard. There is not as much variety as Ogawa or even Sushi Capitol, but the fish they did have was very very good. Both Michael Schlow and Chef Tjan mentioned that Nama is intended to be a neighborhood sushi restaurant and that they were keeping things simple to start. Depending on the neighborhood and clientele, could add more variety fish and omakase to the menu. We'll certainly be back and crossing our fingers that this place is here to stay.
  13. My family's vegetarian pho broth is a bit of a cheat, using vegetable broth, and includes leeks, star anise, five spice powder and soy sauce. Andrea Nguyen (author of acclaimed pho cookbook) has a similar recipe from the Pho cookbook as well as a more modern recipe that includes nutritional yeast.
  14. After a very expensive omakase dinner at O-Ku, I woke up wishing we had gone to Ogawa instead. There were a few GREAT dishes but far too many okay dishes, and even some duds for the $100 price tag. Service was a rollercoaster, going from great and funny, to non-existent, to a bit off putting. We appreciated that the server, Marge, put together a special omakase tasting for our pescatarian friends (one with a gluten allergy). We did not appreciate her suggesting the two most expensive sakes on the list when we asked for recommendations. Also, the runners who brought the nigiri course did not describe the fish to us, leaving us a little confused. The good and the great: Sea bass with puffed rice, ribeye steak, sashimi, nigiri. The sea bass (in a sesame sauce) and the steak (on a skewer) were cooked perfectly. Both just melted in our mouths. My friend says she was ready to tilt the plate to her mouth to drink the sesame sauce that accompanied the sea bass. As mentioned above, the raw fish here is amazing. Easily the standout and @MichaelBDC and I definitely craved more (despite being very full by the end of the evening). The not so good and the bad: For the cooked dishes @MichaelBDC and I received the steak mentioned above and braised pork belly, which was fine but not great also something similar to what we make at home. Given the option between more sushi or pork belly, we would do more sushi hands down. Our friends received Japanese curry with sides of daikon and broccoli rabe. The curry was at room temperature and not particularly interesting and the broccoli rabe was simply steamed and cut into bite sized pieces. The best of the bunch was the daikon which was nicely marinated and crunchy. The biggest miss was the makimono, or rolls. We were stuffed at this point and received cucumber roll, yellowtail, and King California. The rice was very dry and the rolls were poorly wrapped. The seaweed barely held together the rolls and they fell apart as soon as we picked them up. Would have been a bigger disappointment if weren't so full at that point. At a high price point, we really expected to be in sushi heaven. In my view, the makimono (which, a la carte range from $10-$17) was inexcusable and I don't see a reason to go there ahead of Ogawa, Gakyu, and even Sushi Capitol (while the fish might not be as stellar, is still half the price).
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