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  1. I've had them as comps during the meal. The new "mysterious" menu is designed for those waiting for a table.
  2. Marty L.

    The Michelin Guide

    And of course Bad Saint and Little Serow deserve stars--but I'm also sure neither cares.
  3. Marty L.

    The Michelin Guide

    Are the only real surprises here that Blue Duck Tavern and Plume continue to receive a star and that Komi and Metier only get one?
  4. I've done carry-out -- very good. But you have to eat the homemade noodles shortly after picking up -- they coagulate.
  5. Unless they've made a recent change, the posole is not available at the D.C. location of Bamba.
  6. I agree with the general assessment. Unfortunately, however, $4.50 for a single scoop of ice cream is now below what most good shops are charging.
  7. It's on the Washingtonian's Top 100 Cheap Eats list and, not surprisingly, the Yelp reviews are all over the lot. Anyone been? Worthwhile? Recs?
  8. This isn't a bad list, but . . . -- Although I really like Trickling Springs, and its gallon-size is excellent value, I don't think it's in the same league as Jubilee and Jeni's. -- Assuming they qualify, York Castle (Rockville) and Dairy Godmother (Del Ray) should be near the top of the list. -- Most importantly, Mt. Desert Island Ice Cream should be at the top (or 2 Amys, if restaurant ice cream is included), but perhaps it opened too late to be eligible.
  9. This is the best obit I've read on him. It points to these two reviews, in particular--about pho and the crusty rice at the bottom of the pot (cf. our recent tahdig discussion)--which are just about as great as food writing -- or most any nonfiction writing -- gets these days. It's painful to read them because it's palpable just how irreplaceable he will be.
  10. Marty L.

    Washington Post Food Section

    OK, look at it this way: It's already booked solid virtually every night. Sietsema will (probably) increase demand exponentially. And then *if* they retain the quality and value, the difficulty of getting a reservation will last for months or years. Of course if the quality slackens, or they raise prices considerably, it'll become easier.
  11. This is exactly right -- I've had two excellent meals here this week, and the prices are very reasonable. But they're already booked most nights, and a Sietsema review is on the way, so by Labor Day it might be virtually impossible to get in . . . .
  12. Marty L.

    New Orleans, LA

    I asked for you (Thursday evening), but you had been on the early shift! The (female) bartender, whose name I unfortunately can't recall, was terrific--in addition to mixing a great sazerac, she gave me (warranted) reassurance that the kitchen wasn't resting on its laurels w/r/t some of the old stand-byes (the gumbo, the duck, the banana tart), i.e., that they wouldn't disappoint. She was right, on all three scores.
  13. But Don, by all accounts Mario Almeida is a great chef, just as James W. is. Is there any reason to think the quality will diminish at SE -- and rise at Maketto -- with the change? And anyway, it's not as if James's presence, as such (i.e., as opposed to the quality of his cooking) was responsible for the good press. There's something else going on here, methinks.