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  1. https://www.northernvirginiamag.com/food/food-features/2017/04/11/best-asian-restaurants-no-14-taiwan-cafe/
  2. With Full Kee's closure, New Big Wong is probably the best remaining Cantonese restaurant on Chinablock. No one has written a substantive post on it here for over a decade, but my experience is that it's the same it's always been: inconsistent but with occasional flashes of brilliance.
  3. I've used the Bittman and Marcella Hazan's Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking more than all other cookbooks combined. They could easily get him through many years of good cooking.
  4. Ray of hope? (although, frankly, that's probably no different than simply the opening of a new Cantonese restaurant--could be better or worse than FK).
  5. This is truly, truly, sad, although I hardly begrudge them their retirement after many decades of hard work. Wish I had known so that I could have had one last meal. My very first food-blog post was about Full Kee--the beginning of soft-shell season on May 19, 2000. My family and I had many wonderful meals there--as did my students and I several times a semester; I made countless reservations "for 11 at 1" over the years. P.S. The Full Key in Wheaton hasn't been related to this one in many, many years.
  6. This just might be the most important post on this site in years. Can't wait to try it. (UPDATE: Just glanced at the Yelp reviews -- no, I don't trust them in general, but boy there are a bunch of awful ones in recent months. I'm sure Brian is right that his meal was fantastic, so there's no doubt it has great potential--I hope several of us can check it out to assess whether there's a consistency issue and/or better days than others to stop by.)
  7. If you travel through Cork, don't miss Miyazaki (very small).
  8. It's fun for a family to use the metro (and bus system!) at least once or twice in a new city to get the hang of it and get a sense of everyday life here--highly recommended--but an Uber/Lyft/cab will rarely be much more than the cost of Metro/bus tickets for four, and I suspect you'll be able to walk 80% of the places you're going, so I doubt it makes sense to buy Metro cards for multiple rides in advance. Definitely use an Uber/Lyft/cab from Dulles, *especially* if you're planning to eat dinner downtown and/or the kids will be tired.
  9. I adore and treasure 2 Amys--we're there several times a month--but the suggestion that we should feel sorry for those of you down in the Crescent City, well . . . . 😉
  10. absolutely -- and unless something's changed recently, the full dinner menu oughta be available at lunch, too
  11. Fair enough. I think they'd really like Bantam King--no reservations, but usually no (or short) wait. And close to the mall. Fried chicken for those who don't want ramen. Also, I think Jaleo is excellent for families with kids -- was for mine for many years.
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