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  1. If memory serves, the tater tots are a *$3* add-on at the Dupont Circle location.
  2. Anything worth purchasing this year other than La Casita? Anyone been to the Chiko or Hank's stands?
  3. Coquette would always be my first choice -- shorts & sandals probably ok, but call to be sure. Turkey & the Wolf is another excellent (and very different) option.
  4. Perfect? I dunno -- only 20 spectacular dishes out of 23 or so.
  5. Bad Saint hardly needs more kudos (the 28 or so seats are constantly filled), but a meal there this week confirmed that it's truly one of our gems. Genevieve Villamora is the perfect host/proprietor and Tom Cunanan's cooking is as soulful and delicious as just about anything in town. (An eggplant/squash/tofu dish was spectacular.) He's very worthy of representing D.C. as a James Beard finalist in Chicago next week.
  6. Not saying it's not good for the masterminds themselves (but cf. Mike Isabella)--but it rarely benefits the restaurants that were great in the first instance. That is to say, we the consumers tend to lose out.
  7. A very nice comeback story. I haven't been to K&K because I try to avoid the Wharf. I can attest, however, that the cheesesteak place in Union Market is really great. What worries me: He dreams of running “a bajillion restaurants.” Never a good idea.
  8. I was just at Cellar Door on Saturday morning--and I agree. (Don't miss the great bread, even if "only" as part of a tartine.) Mi Tocaya Antojeria was wonderful, too.
  9. Will you be on your own? If a party of one or two definitely sit at the bar. Anchovies. A well-done Norcia is a good idea -- as is the sausage/artichoke special pizza, if it's still on tomorrow night. The fava bean crostini, if it's still on menu tomorrow. The pio tosini legato prosciutto. There will be porchetta--get it if there are two or more of you. These three items tonight all sound good--but might not be on the list tomorrow: Sicilian style cara cara orange and anchovy salad/braised artichoke with minty green sauce and lightly aged pipe dreams goat cheese/gently pickled cucumbers with local honey comb and sheep ricotta. A combination of vanilla and blackberry chocolate chip ice cream.
  10. They were amazingly delicious last night. (Was that you at the bar at 8:00, Tweaked?) As were the "tortilla española with a few cute little chorizos," the artichoke braised with carrots, lemon, fennel, and pine nuts, and, as always, the pork cutlet panino.
  11. Did anyone here realize that i Ricci even continued to exist? (No reviews here in a dozen years.) Apparently it's one of the very best places in D.C., just as it was in the 20th Century.
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