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  1. Had a very fine meal there last week. Great to have them back. (Go early or risk being frozen out.)
  2. That 1989 performance -- 29 years ago (yeesh!) -- was one of his best, and one of the best rock performances ever on television (see also, e.g., Elvis 1968 "comeback" special; Leonard Cohen and Sonny Rollins on "Who by Fire?"; Patti Smith singing "Free Money" on the Mike Douglas Show (really!); Bruce on SNL doing "Lucky Town"; Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon" on Midnight Special; Beasties/Elvis C. on SNL). Charlie Drayton and Steve Jordan weren't weighed down by a history with him and pushed him farther than his usual intensity! NY later told how he worked out with a trainer immediately before going onstage to simulate the adrenaline of a concert encore.
  3. I hate posting negative reviews of family joints such as this. Indeed, not sure I shoulda done so here -- after all, no Rockwellian would spend more than $20 checking it out. So, perhaps: Don't feel like Satan but I am to them [?].
  4. Prompted by Tim Carman's partial rave, I checked out this tiny Vietnamese joint on Sherman Avenue. Ordered the bún riêu with shrimp and squid. Unfortunately, I can't recommend. The broth was just bland--no crab and tomato flavor, no funk at all. The noodles weren't anything notable, and the squid and shrimp were frozen and flavorless. Doesn't hold a candle to the soups at, e.g., Mi La Cay in Wheaton, esp. the similar M9 (assuming that remains its menu designation). Also, the soda chanh was meh, at best. I hope it was simply an off-day--the family who runs it seems very nice, and dedicated.
  5. Just wanted to post a reminder that this small, oddly-placed spot, although nothing earth-shattering, remains incredibly consistent and probably has the best food to be found in all of Gaithersburg, with the possible exception of Tortacos. (Am I overlooking anything?)
  6. Just wanted to post a reminder that this small, family-run joint is a gem -- extraordinarily consistent, and very reasonably priced.
  7. Don't be silly. Kuya Ja and Little Havana are far better than Komi. (Just teasing, Tom. But you really ought to be clearer about what it is you're doing.)
  8. Concur. Just had the (excellent) mussels and wine last night (Sundays and Mondays the mussels are half-price), along with an excellent caesar salad, tomato/melon gazpacho and a bargain-priced Negroni, and it was a steal--probably the best bargain within miles. What's not to like?
  9. Does anyone have the faintest idea what he's doing with this list? Surely he doesn't mean Ten Best, or even his Ten Favorites. At first I thought it was something like his top 10 most exciting openings of 2018, but nope, not that either. I'm a bit confused, not that it much matters. As for their merits, the only one from ##3-10 at which I had a great meal this year was Spoken English, FWIW. (My most recent meal at Hitmitsu was good, not great, and not quite worth the $$. But I've been wowed there in the past.) I haven't been to Three Blacksmiths or Centrolina.
  10. Marty L.

    Portland, ME

    I didn't like the brown butter lobster roll at all--gimmicky and not worth the $$, kinda like Cronuts.This might be the best lobster roll in the area, and it has the added virtue of being located in Ft. Williams Park!
  11. Marty L.

    Portland, ME

    Central Provisions is great. As is Drifter's Wife (special joint dinner with Tail Up Goat tomorrow!). And Rose Foods is a surprisingly terrific bagel & smoked fish place (not quite Russ & Daughters quality, but not too far off). I know it's a minority viewpoint, but I've found Eventide rather disappointing--resting on laurels (and long lines) perhaps?
  12. I've had them as comps during the meal. The new "mysterious" menu is designed for those waiting for a table.