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  1. Any other recent experiences? Is one location better (foodwise) than the other now? Any dishes that are must-orders or musts-to-avoid?
  2. Much was similar, but there were a handful of amazing small bites to start (incl. a scrumptious octopus dish), a huge plateful of enormous, sweet prawns to dip in the lobster roe, and one or two dishes more than usual.
  3. Finally made it for "brunch" yesterday. The way to think about this is not as a very pricey brunch (albeit way cheaper than hotel brunches and the likes of Fiola Mare), but as an early, bargain Sunday supper. A couple of the items are vaguely reminiscent of brunch food (e.g., the ricotta "pancake" pictured above), but in truth it's simply three excellent, delicious Jon Sybert dishes for less than you'd pay at dinner! (I had the pork belly and tagliatelle, both fantastic, and a nice semolina custard.) It's also really nice to be at TuG during the day, in the light--quiet, peaceful, and, as always, as welcoming as any place in DC this side of 2 Amys. Disclosure: My son works there occasionally.
  4. "but no table service" To repeat: One should not use, unless you must, table service at Katz's.
  5. I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and speculate that this is the only restaurant in the DMV whose website touts the chef having served both Barack Obama and Kim Jong-Un (with photos).
  6. From the looks of those horrifying photos (esp. the "epic shrimp burrito"), I think you'd be much better off, in the Dupont area, stopping by the Surfside shack and/or MIKKO.
  7. They're now selling pizzas on Thursdays. Had a (very small) slice for $5 yesterday--fine, but nothing special. Somewhat underseasoned, I thought. Whole pies are selling for . . . wait for it . . . twenty-eight dollars. I think I'll just leave it at that. I don't assume they're trying to gouge anyone or that they're making far greater profits than other places, and I certainly wish them no ill (to the contrary--like Don, I admire them for "sticking to their guns" and doing it their way), but it'd have to be the Platonic ideal of pizza to justify paying those prices. It's not.
  8. Haven't read it yet, but thought I'd get it out there. "The Inside Story of Mike Isabella's Fallen Empire" by Jessica Sidman and Anna Spiegel on washingtonian.com
  9. Had a very fine meal there last week. Great to have them back. (Go early or risk being frozen out.)
  10. That 1989 performance -- 29 years ago (yeesh!) -- was one of his best, and one of the best rock performances ever on television (see also, e.g., Elvis 1968 "comeback" special; Leonard Cohen and Sonny Rollins on "Who by Fire?"; Patti Smith singing "Free Money" on the Mike Douglas Show (really!); Bruce on SNL doing "Lucky Town"; Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon" on Midnight Special; Beasties/Elvis C. on SNL). Charlie Drayton and Steve Jordan weren't weighed down by a history with him and pushed him farther than his usual intensity! NY later told how he worked out with a trainer immediately before going onstage to simulate the adrenaline of a concert encore.
  11. I hate posting negative reviews of family joints such as this. Indeed, not sure I shoulda done so here -- after all, no Rockwellian would spend more than $20 checking it out. So, perhaps: Don't feel like Satan but I am to them [?].