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  1. Shouldn't this also be in the B'More Section of the site?
  2. gets off to a remarkable start, wholly apart from her Chez Panisse review: Five reviews covering seven restaurants, and three other ("meta")essays, as well! Unfortunately, the Chronicle won't let you access more than a handful, so I haven't been able to read most of them, but those I have read make me very eager to follow her and check out some of the restaurants she loves.
  3. I think it's an very well-written review, thoughtful & honest (and respectful, not snarky). From what little I've seen she's a refreshing new voice; kudos to the Chronicle for choosing her.
  4. Good luck with that wasteland! You might give this a try, though I've never been.
  5. This confirms what an absolutely terrible breakfast town D.C. is--truly, the nadir of the otherwise creative and burgeoning dining scene here.
  6. Just a head's up that, alas, Le Comptoir Charcuteries et Vins, about which I raved above, closed in 2017.
  7. This thread was for the Elliott City location, which I believe has closed. Is the Annandale one related?
  8. Any other recent experiences? Is one location better (foodwise) than the other now? Any dishes that are must-orders or musts-to-avoid?
  9. Much was similar, but there were a handful of amazing small bites to start (incl. a scrumptious octopus dish), a huge plateful of enormous, sweet prawns to dip in the lobster roe, and one or two dishes more than usual.
  10. Finally made it for "brunch" yesterday. The way to think about this is not as a very pricey brunch (albeit way cheaper than hotel brunches and the likes of Fiola Mare), but as an early, bargain Sunday supper. A couple of the items are vaguely reminiscent of brunch food (e.g., the ricotta "pancake" pictured above), but in truth it's simply three excellent, delicious Jon Sybert dishes for less than you'd pay at dinner! (I had the pork belly and tagliatelle, both fantastic, and a nice semolina custard.) It's also really nice to be at TuG during the day, in the light--quiet, peaceful, and, as always, as welcoming as any place in DC this side of 2 Amys. Disclosure: My son works there occasionally.
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