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  1. I still haven't been -- perhaps I've been too frustrated by inconsistencies at some of the locales with memories of the amazing days of yore still vivid -- but this certainly has me tempted: https://medium.com/conversations-with-tyler/fuchsia-dunlop-tyler-cowen-bonus-food-of-sichuan-24c915bbf1c0
  2. I, too, had a very good meal based upon Dean's suggestions, albeit not as wonderful as our recent Jin River meal. The place is unrecognizable compared to its previous iteration. Worthy of further investigation: The table next to ours ordered a preposterously large platter of (reportedly quite spicy) steamed crawfish, which they loved (and had ordered before). The Bayou comes to Harbin, apparently. (I believe it's on the order of $40-50, but it easily fed three.)
  3. Had another just wonderful meal at Seki this evening--including a yosenabe hot-pot I hadn't seen before and an especially delectable order of ara yaki. As I wrote upthread, Seki is conducive to easy conversation, extremely consistent and innovative, and very fairly priced. Truly one of DC's gems. The reason I'm posting again, however, is to flag that Seki is now taking reservations, at the counter and in the dining room! (but also holding a certain number of tables/bar seats for walk-ins, which was no problem at all tonight). So if you've been reluctant to take your chances on a wait, just head over to this site and click in: https://www.giftrocker.com/secure/reservationtables/?c=6ca50bec
  4. You should edit the heading, Don--James is no longer there (he's now running his own joint(s) on 11th Street), although he was an important part of setting the high standards at Maketto, with EB-Y.
  5. Thanks, Dean -- that's an extremely useful post about a place I Iiked but didn't love before its expansion. Will definitely check it out again soon. (Jin River still excellent, btw.)
  6. https://thewoksoflife.com/dry-pot-cauliflower/ https://www.chinasichuanfood.com/dry-fried-cauliflower/
  7. The family that long owned Sichuan Jin River retired this past year and sold it to a group consisting of some of the longstanding employees (or so I was told). Menu and quality (and some of those cooking in the kitchen) are pretty much the same, with a smattering of welcome additions, including a cauliflower dry hot pot and cumin lamb. FWIW, well over 80% of the patrons this evening were Chinese.
  8. Fair to assume, then, that it's not where you'll be spending Jewish Xmas tonight? In the lamentable absence of our usual 12/24 haunt Grace Garden (may it rest in peace), we might give SJR a shot, having had dozens of great meals there over the years.
  9. Have heard rumors of an ownership change (but not necessarily a downhill turn). Anyone been lately?
  10. Open to the public beginning New Year's Eve. And it's just as good as you'd imagine. [Disclosure: my son works for the TuG/RH folks--but I wouldn't rave if I didn't mean it.] https://www.revelershour.com/
  11. Cornucopia in Bethesda has very good, if somewhat pricey, Italian cookies.
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