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  1. absolutely -- and unless something's changed recently, the full dinner menu oughta be available at lunch, too
  2. Fair enough. I think they'd really like Bantam King--no reservations, but usually no (or short) wait. And close to the mall. Fried chicken for those who don't want ramen.
  3. I'd skip Daikaya Izakaya. Much better to go to Daikaya (or Bantam King--great for kids) for ramen. (Be prepared for a wait at the former.) Or if you're looking for a great izakaya, go to Seki.
  4. Their tables can't hold more than five, except during the prix-fixe family-style meal at the start of the evening, which I recommend to you: http://www.tailupgoat.com/family-style
  5. The kids'll love the grilled meats and fried rice and potato puffs at Thip Khao. Near the mall, I think Teaism and Jaleo remain the best lunch bets. And Daikaya and Bantam King for *ramen* (and fried chicken at the latter).
  6. Both the "regular" and (especially) the knife-cut are the real deal. Now there are two places to eat in G'Burg, virtually on top of each other (Taco Bar being the other).
  7. The criterion is a bit vague--he refers to "mom and pop," but not all are family run; and of course none is high-end, although some, such as Bistro Aracosia, Amoo's and All-Purpose, aren't inexpensive, either--but it's a pretty good, diverse list. I believe I've been to one location or another of 17 of the 25. I'm unfamiliar with Archipelago, Balaji Cafe, Chez Dior, Game Sports Club, and Royal Nepal. Should I rush to try any of them? I do wish, in these post-Chowhound days, that we had more reports on places such as these--and many like them--much more frequently on this site.
  8. It's far, far more reflective of a player's offensive value than any of the traditional statistics, but no serious observers think of it as "the ultimate offensive statistic." It's been superseded (or complemented, more accurately) by far more comprehensive and context-sensitive metrics, including various iterations of Wins Above Replacement (WAR) and other stats.
  9. What explains why he didn't indulge in any of the things that make 2 Amys great? That he didn't heed *any* of the advice offered on this site?
  10. If memory serves, the tater tots are a *$3* add-on at the Dupont Circle location.
  11. Anything worth purchasing this year other than La Casita? Anyone been to the Chiko or Hank's stands?
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