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  1. Head's up: RH reopening Friday for service -- prix fixe ($45 plus tax and 22% service fee + beverages for choice of three options for each course). If anyone is going to be able to pull this off safely, responsibly and deliciously, Jill, Jon and Bill surely will. Check out their plan on the website.
  2. Interesting, thanks. I've never been (too far) but am tempted. After tonight they're moving to a few indoor seatings and a $48 bento-ish takeout.
  3. Marty L.

    Christo (1935-2020)

    The Central Park Gates was an extraordinary experience.
  4. Debbie: Yours has been among the very best carry-out options we've enjoyed -- thanks so much for making such delicious food so affordable!
  5. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5624de11e4b0b8034f819d3a/t/5ebe06005c7d92109ff91d60/1589511680117/Padaek+Contactless+CarryOut+%26+Delivery+Menu+(3).pdf
  6. Seki is offering great bento boxes for a midday meal (twelve dollars or so, pick-up between 3-6). https://www.sekidc.com/merch/bento-box-regular
  7. Sichuan Jin River is closed for at least a couple of weeks (they said there hadn't been much carry-out business). Has anyone had good carry-out from other DC-area Chinese restaurants that are still doing business?
  8. 2Amys is closed. As are Etto, Thip Khao and Hanumanh. Two or three weeks from now there might be few decent spots still open.
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