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  1. I don't think it's necessary to bash Jeni's ("crap"? really?) in order to exclaim the virtues of Happy Gyro's extraordinary desserts. I think some Jeni's flavors are very good, albeit overpriced. For $10 (rather than $15), I'd almost always opt for Reveler's Hour or 2 Amys ice creams, but Jeni's is easier to find at many retail shops.
  2. Last night: White pizza with cotechino-spiced kabocha squash, arugula & egg; Lamb souvlaki; Fig salad; Sweet potato, orzo & corn Salad; grilled kabocha squash with lime yogurt, hazelnut-garum vinaigrette, scallions, anchovy, nuts and dairy; Sesame ice cream with shortbread & sungold honey; Beeswax ice cream & cashew brittle. All great. The grilled squash was the biggest surprise.
  3. Reveler's is now offering for carry-out ice cream/sorbet/gelato made by pastry chef Annie Coleman. They're truly scrumptious. Now you have (at least) three options for great restaurant ice cream: Reveler's, 2 Amys and Happy Gyro! It's the only upside of what COVID has wrought.
  4. You mean if smokey actually makes the 1400-mile round trip to grab some potstickers and spicy cukes--only then should she write to Debbie w/her appreciation? 😉
  5. Taro is reopened for carry-out only and ... well, it's far better sushi than any other I've had during COVID. Not cheap, of course, but not absurd (or NYC-level) prices, either. We had both the Bara Chirashi ($24) and Jo Chirashi ($38). The latter has better and more important cuts (a rich tuna/uni), but the Bara has considerably more food, and it's as great as it's always been (somewhere upthread above I've raved that it's one of my favorite DC lunches). There's a lot to experiment with on the menu, too.
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