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  1. I always wanted to check them out, but looks like the company has fallen on hard times and Rockville has permanently closed (credit, The Store Reporter). According to the Store Reporter, this was the last Maryland location.
  2. This really sucks. Although like others I never met him, I felt I I had from all of his posts.
  3. Checked Wang Manor out last night. First time back after the remodel. It is certainly a nice large space. I have been thinking about their dry pot for a while so I finally had an opportunity and jumped on it. It was very good, the same as I remember. Was it as good as Jin River on Sunday? Not really sure. What I do know though is that it really can get expensive. Once I was done ordering, with tip, the pot came to just under $30. Granted, I had alot in there, but still expensive considering I am the only person in my family who will eat it. It was a ton of food though and embarrassingly I ate the whole thing. There was lots of Ma and lots of La, which probably encouraged me to eat way more than I should have. It was very good. It was spicy. My mouth was numb. All in all, very satisfied and will certainly be back.
  4. Dean--thank you for putting this together. Sorry I was a bit late, I guess I missread the call time as 5:30. Nevertheless the selections were great. I ate way too much but enjoyed everything and the company. I will put something together for Want soon.
  5. Tim Carman reviewed Big Wang a couple years ago. The link is higher up in the thread, but worthy of re-posting. Their dry pot is really good and you pay be the ingredient, not weight like the place further up north on 355.
  6. Looks like they have finally re-opened in the last week or so. Need to check it out to see if the menu has changed at all. Very excited for some dry hot pot!
  7. We actually met at a DR lunch at Panda Gourmet years ago! Sorry I am not so interesting. Ha ha, look forward to meeting you again.
  8. Have you been to Norm's in Vienna? I haven't been in some time, but in the past they have always had an amazing selection.
  9. Stopped by last night. Is it Kenji LopezAlt's Wursthall? No. Is it a fun place which is different than the typical burger joint? Yes. Is there a full bar with a ton of drafts, many of them local? Yes. Can you walk to it from my house in less than 5 minutes? Yes. Would I go out of my way to eat there? Probably no, but it is something which will be a great addition to the neighborhood. There is a great vibe going on. I hope they can keep up the momentum.
  10. Sunny sold Yuraku several years ago. Yuraku is still there and I don't think there is any signs of it closing. Many think its not the same as when Sunny was the owner (I think it is the same if not a little bit better). The new place would be totally unrelated to the original Yuraku.
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