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  1. Tim Carman seems to like the noodles here (Credit Washington Post). Also worth a read the the embedded link which gives some background on Lanzhou lamian. BTW, I have recently become a fan exclusively of the knife cut choices and really liked the dry-mixed choice.
  2. Very true. Somehow it is always about $20. Big Wang is better for this reason as the ingredients are priced based upon categories. Side note--talking about dry pot is making me hungry!
  3. In my opinion yes. Also, now that we are moving into colder weather, I like to make a big pot of vegetable/bean heavy soups, which are high in fiber and very filling. When I was doing WW, I could get a couple of servings into the 6-7 point range which was a huge win at lunch time.
  4. How many points in TJ's Amba (which is a savory fermented mango sauce and very tasty)?
  5. I have had an extra crispy duck which was very tasty. My 9 year old has some of the dim sum offerings and she was happy with them (she doesn't protest when I want to get lunch there on a Saturday!! which speaks volumes, although, I am not sure it means you would like it!).
  6. I think this is up there with Big Wang when it comes to dry pot and I agree its expensive (at Big Wang also--can't wait for Wang Manor to open!!). I was pretty impressed with the soups as well, but was jealous when I saw the table next to me eating a dry pot!
  7. The dim sum only part is critical here--went here a few weeks ago with a large group because I thought it would be easy to get a big table (it was) and it was HORRIBLE!!!! Haven't been in about a year for dim sum, but have never had issues with the carts! Went with a big group to East Pearl a few weeks later and it was the opposite experience--they were firing on all cylinders and the food was great. Side note--they were absolutely packed and it was really really hard to find a parking spot.
  8. This debate is similar to debates about Kashrut. A "K" on a package doesn't mean a thing, but a copyrighted symbol does have meaning ("OU" or "Star K", etc.) as you can determine what standards the OU has before they will let someone use their symbol. You see different organic certifications on foods, I guess you need to determine their standards and decide if that is something you can get behind or just accept the USDA standards.
  9. I assume the conversation stays the same when you refer to "Hutterite Chickens" or is that something different?
  10. Maryland's 10 best Pit Beef locations as told by the Washington Post.
  11. Golden Bull demolished to make way for 26,600 Sq Ft. Mega Mart as told by the MoCo Show.
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