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  1. Golden Bull demolished to make way for 26,600 Sq Ft. Mega Mart as told by the MoCo Show.
  2. I actually have a print out at home of the menu. I will try and scan it tomorrow and upload.
  3. Friendship BBQ opened on 9/1/2019. It appears to be the Maryland outpost of a Flushing Queens restaurant. You can see the menu at their website. We strolled in on Sunday after our meal at La Tosca. at about 6:30 pm they were already closed for the day. It seemed like they were a bit overwhelmed, but the aromas were quite intoxicating. The menu is a bit confusing to someone who does not read Chinese and I am not sure that all of the translations are exactly correct (e.g., what are the portion sizes for some of the offerings, and is there really such a thing grilled chicken skeleton?). I think the Chinese BBQ may be the next big thing in Chinese cuisine as it makes it was south from Queens NY. I will give the place some time to work out the kinks and will definitely give it a try. If anyone has had a chance to try this place out I am really interested to know what you think.
  4. I have always wanted to give woodruff a try.
  5. I was up at Flying Dog in Frederick last night for my monthly beer club meeting last night. Recently, they have had several draft only tap house only selections (available for growler or crowler fills). This typically includes two sour fruited beers. The base beer is a kettle sour (think Berliner Weisse) with an addition of fruit puree. Last night they had a tart cherry and a pineapple. Both were really good and refreshing. A bit on the sweet side, but not too much, and pretty in balance for the style. I was more partial to the cherry, which was a natural flavor (the pineapple was too). Worth checking out if you are in the hood. For anyone who thinks this is strange, in Germany, Berliner Weisse is traditionally served with a syrup to add to the beer.
  6. I have been there before when the place has been rented out (I think it was around Chinese New Year) and it looked like there was a special menu being served to the banquette. Based upon the number of Chinese patrons (and what I have tried), I think it is pretty solid. Unfortunately, I work in Bethesda and lunch midweek is not something I can swing. Interestingly, down the street in the former Sports Authority building, there is an Asian Supermarket called 99 Ranch (110 Odendhal Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877). They have a really good food court with a roasted meat stall (duck, chicken, pork, etc.) a Szechuan stall (with dry hot pot), a dim sum stall as well. It is worth checking out if you are in that neighborhood.
  7. Based upon the translations from above, I think most (if not all) of these items are incorporated in the English menu. There is a specials menu on a separate card which they usually give us in addition to the main menu. It has several hot pots, and some other traditional Chinese dishes and I believe rotates with the season.
  8. 576 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877, which is the shopping center with Bed Bath and Beyond in Gaithersburg. It is on the back side of the mall adjacent to Perry Parkway and the big parking lot at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds.
  9. I am surprised I have never written about Yu Zhou as it is in my normal rotation (I could have sworn there was already a thread). I am not a big XLB fan, so I can't comment on that, but if you look through the menu there are authentic Szechuan dishes scattered throughout. There is also a separate menu with specials and I believe a menu in Chinese (I have asked the owner why they don't have a translation--his response was that most of the items were on the English menu, and the ones that were not, American's wouldn't like (offal type dishes). Anyway, I have had the three pepper fried chicken with Szechuan peppercorn--very good, the red broth fish filet hot pot, also very good, and an assortment of other dishes. My wife really likes their seafood chow fun, and the little one likes the beef. All things considered, there is a lot of choices for good Chinese (and Szechuan in particular) in a close proximity to my house, but once in a while, this place makes the rotation.
  10. In what is certainly a trend, there is another entrant into the hot pot game in Rockville--Hot Pot Legend is the first US outpost of a Chinese chain. Each 6 person table comes with 3 burners. The main center one accommodates a large pot holding two broths and two side burners for smaller individual broths. The $25 dinner price gives you all you can eat. You can pick up to 4 broths and you order your protein from the server. Once you order, the veggies, tofu, fish balls, and sauce are self serve buffet style. There is also a selection of "appetizers" on Saturday, the apps consisted of spring rolls, some sort of fried dough, scallion pancakes, soy chicken, "spicy popcorn chicken" (amazing!), boiled peanuts, edamame (studded with star anise), spicy tree ears, and a pressed marinated tofu. Once you are situated and order your protein, they bring it on a small narrow cart which is yours for the evening. There was about a dozen choices from fatty brisket, eye round, marinated beef, two types of tripe, chicken, pork, a variety of other nasty bits (liver, kidney, etc). Seafood included fish filet (probably tilapia), scallops, shrimp (choice of shelled and un-shelled), clams, mussels, and I think crawfish (I may have left some of them choices out). Everything was very high quality and fresh. The setup for veg and tofu was great. All proteins were provided in large quantity on individual plates. The staff was very helpful. There were about 6 broths, most were available vegetarian (and they even put a sign on a stick to denote if there is a vegetarian broth at the table!!!). We got Szechuan (medium)(they said they can make it spicier if you want after ordering), tomato, and I think mushroom for the vegetarian. The Szechuan broth was flavorful, but I would have liked it spicier (not their fault, my dining companions fault for being wimpy). There is a really good, fresh, and broad selection of veg including several types of greens, about a dozen types of balls, half a dozen noodles, sausages, even spam. Once you are done eating, they will offer you shaved ice in 4 flavors, either a large to share for the table, or individual cups. When you leave, there are cookies. All in all a great experience. The staff is well trained and attentive, which capped a great experience.
  11. Unfortunately, the owner's have sold and this will be shutting down soon and re-opening as "Book Cafe" with a bookstore in the basement. After talking to the owners, the space was just too small to really make it work for them. They are trying to find another location in the Kentlands and they would focus on authentic Korean food. Hopefully they will find something. What was truly great about Gazebo is that the owners cared. The wife was the consummate hostess. She knew her customers, made sure they were happy and had what they wanted and was always willing to give a suggestion. She wasn't pushy, but she really knew how to make Gazebo special and make sure everyone had a great meal.
  12. MOD Pizza has opened in the KIMCO side. It is the first restaurant to open as part of the renovation. I need to visit a few more times before I pass judgment though. It is certainly nice to have a new place to be able to walk to. Will also be nice once the other new spots start to open along with the movie theater.
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