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  1. MOD Pizza has opened in the KIMCO side. It is the first restaurant to open as part of the renovation. I need to visit a few more times before I pass judgment though. It is certainly nice to have a new place to be able to walk to. Will also be nice once the other new spots start to open along with the movie theater.
  2. Drove by last night to get some Dry Hot Pot. They are closed until August while they complete the transition to "Wang Manor". I wish they would call it "Big Wang Manor", but that is the 10 year old in me shining through!
  3. I have been there several times. Everything I have tried has been enjoyable, both soup and stir fry noodles. This past weekend we had a bowl each of shrimp stir fry noodles, normal thickness and shrimp stir fry knife cut. I think I prefer the knife cut. Both were very tasty and had a tinge of smokiness from the wok. Very enjoyable.
  4. Not sure what's up. This building has had a history of things like this happening. I wonder if there is an issue with the building instead of with the operator. I am pretty sure this is the third time this has happened with three different operators.
  5. For some of the best sour beers around, head to the Bruery Store at Union Market. If you have any questions, the knowledgeable staff is there to answer and offer suggestions.
  6. BTW, we ended up getting granite from Artelye in Belsville. They were very professional and run a pretty large modern shop. They have an image of every slab in stock and can superimpose your layout onto the slab for a "rough" design. Once they take actual measurements, we went back and used masking tape to do the actual layout. You can skip this step and let them do this if you aren't as hands on as I am (also, if you go the quartz route, there is little need for this step). We were very happy with the entire process. Our renovation was a bit adhoc, with me acting as the GC. Once our floor was done and it was time to push the appliances into place, we learned that there was a 1/8 of an inch issue and the stove and refrigerator wouldn't fit. I called Artelye and they sent out a crew who on-site shaved the counters and fixed the issue. I can't figure out if this was their mistake or mine, but it doesn't matter as there was no charge for them to come out and make the fix. One note--they are a contractor for Home Depot, and if you read on-line reviews there are clearly two sets-those who bought directly from them and those who bought from Home Depot. I asked them about the discrepancy and they said that they have no control over the Home Depot cases all the way down to scheduling. All calls, customer service, etc. is handled by Home Depot directly. They do not even provide slabs--just measure, cut, and install. Needless to say we were very happy with the experience, including, cost, value, and service.
  7. The food court here is also very good. I have been here many times. The roasted meats are good as well as the dry hot pot.
  8. Although it is probably sacrilegious, I got the spicy mushroom. Aside from the ridiculous wait for my order once placed, I thought it was really good. The spice of the fresnos, really pulled all of the components together and helped cut through the grease. Eating at Union Market is really not fun though, especially when it's winter and you don't want to sit outside.
  9. If you haven't listened to the episode of How I Built This about Five Guys, it is fascinating and worth 30 minutes of your life.
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