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  1. Dry hot pot is a separate menu. I am going to go out on a limb, but the issue was probably a language barrier one.
  2. I can likely make a Sunday evening as well and may have one or two tag along with me as well.
  3. Since my original posting, we have opened a second office in DC location at 1410 Q Street, NW. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello! Philip Raskin
  4. For me the first memory I have of something special was brunch with my grandparents at Normandie Farm in Potomac. I'm not really sure how old I was, but I certainly do have a foggy memory, which includes their famous popovers.
  5. I would stop here after my quarterly dermatologist visits and order takeout, but I went to that dermatologist for the last time a month ago (retired). I don't know when I will have the chance to dine there again, but there are much better options up north near home. It was good, but not great. One of the reasons it was good and reliable was the extensive vegetarian menu, which included vegetable stock in some soups. This allowed for a wider menu for my wife. Oh well, most pho places now have veggie stock as an option, so when she wants soup, there are lots more options now. I agree though that Joe's is not what it once was.
  6. I haven't been here in a while, but I always thought it had a pretty decent beer selection. I was even able to find some hidden gems, and old beers which they basically paid to age for me. I don't make it to the neighborhood very often, but I really enjoy shopping there when I do stop by.
  7. This longtime Bethesda spot for Chinese food is about to close as the owner Kwok Cheung wants to retire and enjoy life a bit. Not to worry though as longtime Chinese restaurateurs, formally of Michael's Noodles will open Wang Dynasty and plan to (at least from the article) maintain a similar menu to Shanghai Village. Credit to Bethesda Magazine for both articles. Hopefully there will be a section of the menu dedicated to more authentic dishes.
  8. Don't worry about me, but 2/18 will be a family day for me, and I am pretty sure my wife wouldn't be interested.
  9. I pictured that and now I can't get it out of my brain. Damn you Don Rockwell!
  10. Went here many times for special occasions, the memories I have will last forever. Sad to see this quaint space go away.
  11. What about "Poke you in the Bigeye"?
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