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  1. In a sign that the apocalypse is coming, Continental Pizza now has a website with online ordering.
  2. Picked up a pie from here on Monday for the first time. First, kudos, to the most contactless pickup I have seen yet. You walk up, show them your order on your phone through the window, then they place it on a table by the side door--very good system. As far as the pie is concerned, it was great and definitely the closest to NY style pizza I have had in the area. Cheese, sauce, crust, it had it all going on.
  3. Breadfurst to host Ventnor Sports Cafe popup and pizza for Superbowl (Credit--Prince of Petworth).
  4. Bethesda Magazine is reporting that the raw bar at Black's will be replaced with a fish market a la Black Salt. The article also mentions a Black Salt pop up, for a few days while Black Salt is closed for renovations.
  5. When I first read the headlines for this it made it sounds like "Bethesda" was purchased, not the game company. Don--Was that what you were going for with your post?
  6. Gentleman Jim's has been around as Gentleman Jim's since 1970 as Gentleman Jim's and from the 1940's in DC as the Cavalier (according to their website). They are known for their square "Maryland Style Pizza" (like Ledo's). Unlike Ledo's, their pies are actually square and not rectangles. The crust is a bit flaky and the sauce is sweet. Their "secret" is Swiss cheese (supposedly you can get mozzarella or provolone by request). Last night we tried it for the first time and we were skeptical, but it was really good (if not different). All three of us really enjoyed it and only were able to
  7. Weekly drops from Other Half (which is coming to DC soon in a big way). Priced the same as at the brewery.
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