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  1. As stated previously Scotty is a very good friend. This news is truly bittersweet. For 14 years, he worked nearly every day to make the place successful and it was. Whatever the next chapter is, he will be successful. Good news is that I can invite him over anytime and we can make nachos.
  2. You were hungry after you ate dinner? I applaud your dedication to eating!
  3. pras

    Biodynamic Wines

    This makes a lot of sense.
  4. pras

    Biodynamic Wines

    Is there a difference in taste when a wine is biodynamic verses non-biodynamic? I understand that this may be impossible to answer, but maybe I am wrong.
  5. pras

    Video Door Bells

    I have an ecobee thermostat and a few wemo light switches. All work very well.
  6. pras

    Snallygaster 2017

    Getting to this post a bit late, but I volunteered at Snally and somehow got put at the table for Alchemist. We had 4 different beers all in cans. In addition to Heady Topper and Focal Banger there was about 4 cases each of two different stouts (one an American and one an English). What is interesting, is that the sign printed by the Snally crew identified Heady and Focal as "Hazy IPA". Alchemist sent two reps to help at the table. The first thing they did was take the sign and cross out "hazy" and replace it with "American". Regardless, from the time the event opened there was a line, and we "sold" 90 cases. It was fun, but opening that many cans really sucks! The reps (and volunteers) were amazed at how fast it sold out, at times the line was probably 100 deep (no joke). It was there for most of the day, but always a line!
  7. They have a second location on Frederick Road (also Gaithersburg) called Ixtapalapa. The menu is very similar when it comes to tacos, although they are smaller (and less expensive). Aside from that there are some items at Ixtap that aren't on the menu at Taco Bar. Either way, both are really good and highly recommended.
  8. pras


    Even in NYC its hard to find a good bialy.
  9. pras


    Go to NY and get them from Kossar's, then drive back here. They will also ship them. If you go there, in eyesight is the Pickle Guys. Before you turn around and head back get smoked fish at Russ and Daughters.
  10. Kentland's location closed last week. Supposedly not related to the Cava purchase, however, there was no way that both a Cava and Zoe's would remain in eyesight of each other, so at least in my eyes, this was a foregone conclusion.