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  1. This is the specialty of Friendship BBQ in Rockville Town Square. Haven't been yet, but I really want to. [Non-Sequitur alert!!] On Friendship's menus, there is something called "Grilled Chicken Skeleton" they have it a couple of different ways and I am very intrigued as to what it is.
  2. I went to Hot Pot Legend on Tuesday night. There is a sign that says they are opening a location at One Loudoun.
  3. While I have never made it to New Haven, I have certainly seen it on TV and have wanted to make a trip to try the clam pie. According to the MoCo Show, in late 2020, a location will open at Montgomery Mall!!!!
  4. I didn't realize that I stepped into a possible landmine when I posted about Grimaldi's. I guess I should have known better than to comment on NYC pizza without really knowing anything. Grimaldi's vs. Juliana's debate (credit--Gothamist)
  5. I have never claimed to be the most knowledgeable about food or restaurants, especially in NYC, which I get to maybe once a year, but often times every other year. What I do know is that we wanted pizza for dinner, this came up in google searches and was highly rated, it was a short walk from the hotel, and 9 year old was exhausted from waking up at 4:30 am for an early train from DC. Needed to make a quick decision and we were not let down. The pizza was good. Was it the "best" I don't know, perhaps, at that instant it was. Should others take my advice? Maybe or maybe not. There are tons of choices to eat pizza in NYC, and tons of opinions.
  6. This past weekend, when visiting, NYC, we wanted pizza for dinner and Grimaldi's was close to the hotel. It was well reviewed and looked pretty authentic so we decided to give it a try. We walked about 10 minutes and arrived and were promptly seated. The space is typical NYC, small with close tables and a coal fired pizza oven in the back. Pizzas here are hand tossed, mozzarella is fresh and sliced, goes on first, then toppings, then sauce, some olive oil, and torn basil. We ordered a large pie, half olive, half plain. Olives were oil cured. The 9yo and I wandered to the back to watch them make pizzas. She was amazed how they started with a disc of dough, and tossed it into a thin crust. She was amazed at how fast it went. We watched them make our pie and then timed how long it took to cook. It clocked in at just under 4 minutes. The pizza tasted really good with a good char on the crust. We all ate more than we should have. We also ordered the buratta app, which was a large globe, with sliced cherry tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic and topped with some basil. It was really good. Everyone left full and satisfied.
  7. Yonah Shimmel Knish Bakery located on Houston Street has been in the same location since 1910. While not fancy by any means, it is a step back in time. The small cramped location does a huge carryout business but also has tables in the back with "sit down service". Everything is made in house in a subterranean kitchen with a dumbwaiter lifting trays of knishes to street level. The menu veers to traditional with some modern touches (my grandma wouldn't really appreciate jalapenos in her knish). You can also order other traditional Eastern European Jewish staples such as kasha and varnishkas. The potato knish served warm is very good and even better with a bit of the spicy brown mustard served from a squeeze jar on the table. The walls are covered with pictures of famous visitors. Woody Allen filmed a scene here with Larry David. There are very few vestiges of authentic Jewish LES history left. This is certainly one of them.
  8. Tim Carman seems to like the noodles here (Credit Washington Post). Also worth a read the the embedded link which gives some background on Lanzhou lamian. BTW, I have recently become a fan exclusively of the knife cut choices and really liked the dry-mixed choice.
  9. Very true. Somehow it is always about $20. Big Wang is better for this reason as the ingredients are priced based upon categories. Side note--talking about dry pot is making me hungry!
  10. In my opinion yes. Also, now that we are moving into colder weather, I like to make a big pot of vegetable/bean heavy soups, which are high in fiber and very filling. When I was doing WW, I could get a couple of servings into the 6-7 point range which was a huge win at lunch time.
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