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  1. We did a ProFish order and picked it up on Saturday from the parking lot at Rodman's. Last night we had some little neck clams and bronzino filets - big hit with the family. Tonight, we are having their scallops. We also picked up some salmon and shrimp that we froze. Easy ordering and pick-up - we will definitely reorder.
  2. The original location in Rockville has closed. We used to frequent often when they first opened and even had them cater a party for us. As others have mentioned quality dropped as competition increased. https://www.mocoshow.com/blog/the-original-urban-bar-b-que-has-closed-chapman-ave-in-rockville/
  3. Apparently, the two are not related per this e-mail. We are very sorry to all those that received unwanted marketing emails yesterday from Elizabeth's Counter. We are aware that many Sugar Shack customers somehow received these emails. We have contacted Square, Elizabeth's Counter, and our attorney to make sure this never happens again. We also want to clear up the ongoing confusion. Sugar Shack Donuts in the Northern VA and DC area were owned and operated by a licensee. Think franchise. Those locations have all closed, and we are in no way affiliated with any new business opening in their stead despite the confusing and ongoing social media. We are working diligently to clear up this confusion and get the facts out there. We are very sorry for any misrepresentation or inconvenience caused. The original Sugar Shack Donuts locations in the Richmond area are open and well. We welcome you to visit us if you are in town.
  4. The Palisades location has been sold. Drove by last night and saw a new name on windows but couldn't make it out completely. "Seventh Hill Pizza in the Palisades Has New Owners" on popville.com
  5. Closing confirmed. https://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/food/article/21075955/dean-gold-to-retire-and-close-dinos-grotto-ending-a-14year-run-as-a-restaurateur
  6. Matchbox is taking over The Grilled Oyster location at Cathedral Commons, which recently closed. https://www.popville.com/2019/06/matchbox-pizza-coming-cathedral-heights/
  7. Opening this weekend for carryout only. I know crabs are pricey but $425 for a bushel - ouch. http://www.capitalcrab.com/ https://dc.eater.com/2019/6/13/18677602/capital-crab-seafood-opening-chevy-chase-dc?fbclid=IwAR2W_snnaXJ64VUD0QZrSAcEe5owFwhBxkZQ8CRJplBFWU--OyDJx3erW8c
  8. Silver Spring location has closed per their Facebook page. "We are sad to announce our Silver Spring location is closed as of today, however a new concept will be coming soon! Thank you to all our customers, and don't forget to check out our Alexandria or DC locations!"
  9. I feel sorry for the innocent diners who may not have a dog in this fight and maybe were just trying to celebrate a special occasion (anniversary, birthday, etc.).
  10. "Ted Cruz Heckled out of DC Restaurant: 'We Believe Survivors!'" on thedailybeast.com Why anyone would want to be in politics is beyond me.
  11. Bethesda location has closed. http://bethesdamagazine.com/bethesda-beat/dine/bold-bite-closes-in-bethesda/
  12. Not sure how long they will be there. Looks like their space is part of a redevelopment plan. http://www.bethesdamagazine.com/Bethesda-Beat/2018/Developer-of-Former-Steamers-Site-in-Bethesda-Returns-with-Bigger-Project-Plan/
  13. Flagship store closing to make way for Wawa. "Local Pizzeria Pete's Is Closing Its First Restaurant as Wawa Takes Over" by Tierney Plumb on dc.eater.com
  14. The Philadelphia food critic is not a fan. "Founding Farmers May Have a Good Story and a Good Mission. But the Food ..." by Craig LaBan on philly.com --- See the extensive Washington, DC thread here.
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