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  1. For what it is worth, at Kansas City Barbeque Society , judging specifically does not consider presence or absence of smoke ring. their reasoning is that smoke ring can be artificially produced. In any event it is not considered in competition judging
  2. Not impressed. Agree confusing and underwhelming. My companion agreed. Hey but that's just us.
  3. Had the soup last night.. Concur. .. Had all the freshness green peas can have. Yet was complex in flavor.
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful response. It is for a dish I make usually around thanksgiving. I hoped there was some market or purveyor who carried it. I used to be able to get it at wegmans but no longer. Can always grow a small pot by then. Probably in a year or two it will become trendy and all the rage and be available all over. 😀
  5. Would settle for dried as last resort Can't seem to find any..
  6. Well I certainly was not beating myself up about not getting it, I was simply expressing the fact that as you pointed out, what is with all the hype.
  7. Had high hopes for the local branches given all the hype over the NYC location. Frankly as far as I am concerned it is nothing special. The world is full of better burgers than what is being served here. Just to be sure I was not missing something, I tried DuPont, union station , and downtown. I just don't get it.
  8. Went there about a year ago and was very disappointed . Ordered a pizza with buffalo mozerella. I know that the cheese can be a bit watery. The pie came out with the cheese virtually sloshing around on top in water and turning the crust into a soggy mess. When we complained they tried to tell us that was how all those pies came out. I don't think so.. Have not been back.
  9. Excellent meal last weekend, simple French not overly sauced, vegatables treated as they should be. The clientele was definitely older. Did not see anyone who seemed younger than 65. Younger folks don't know what they are missing
  10. Wish I could agree. Have been there several times. Latest meal included entree that was raw, another main course lacking in flavor. Indifferent staff and stale bread. Really felt taken advantage of. No excuse at these prices.
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