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  1. We have a lot of members in my ticket group, and I try to be a fair and benevolent administrator when it comes to making sure everybody gets their share of post-season baseball. I hedged my bets and chose Game 5 for the NLCS; I sent my wife to Game 4 since she hadn't been to a playoff game at all yet. I don't regret it one bit. They are still playing and that is all that matters. But you'd better believe my ass is going to be in our seats for Games 3, 4 and 5 next week.
  2. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!😱😱😱 That's about as coherent my contribution can be right now.
  3. Hold on to your butts! Yet another NLDS Game 5 to suffer through. I have ticket partners who have refused any and all tickets to NLDS games this year semi-joking that they are the jinxes holding the Nats back (although one of them tempted fate on Monday and was rewarded with his first in person victory in 5 NLDS tries, so maybe this is their year!). If Strasburg can continue his post-season dominance and get through 7 innings the Nats have a good chance, but if their bats can't produce more than 2 runs before we get to the 'pen .... Go Nats!!
  4. According to Grisham it was a little bit of both. Poor guy has been asked the same question in a number of different settings and he owns up to it: he was setting his body up to scoop and throw the ball to maybe get the second runner (it would had to have been maybe the most perfect outfield assist in history, though), and the ball had some topspin and took a weird hop to his right as his momentum was going the other way. No time to change direction. Looking at the replays during the broadcast I said to myself he *may* have been able to just fall down and hope to block it with some part of his body, but he was 100% committed to trying to get that ball to home plate.
  5. Finally, with certainty, a Wild Card team as of Tuesday (was that 5-game sweep satisfying or what?!). There is still a decent chance to take home field for the WC, they are 1 up on Milwaukee but need to keep that margin because MIL owns the head-to-head record. However, MIL is also only one down on the Cards for the division, so they have something more important to fight for. AND Cleveland comes into town still with a razor thin chance to make the AL WC (they would need to sweep the Nats and hope Tampa Bay loses at least 2 out of 3). So, nobody involved in the Nats' fate is coasting to the end of the season. Best case scenario would be for them to hold onto the top WC spot and have MIL and StL end up in a tie for the NL Central. If Sunday's game is meaningful for those teams they will both probably burn a top starter, and then if they end up tied will burn ANOTHER one in the tie breaker game on Monday. That leaves someone middle of the rotation for the Wild Card game. Max is lined up to start on Tuesday no matter what the outcomes are. See you in the post-season!
  6. This sucks, we got their milk regularly (but usually at WF), and ice cream at UM is treat our kids enjoyed at least a couple times a month. However, there definitely is more going on here, and it doesn't exactly look to be above board.
  7. What would be really awesome? A google maps overlay with filtering based on category tags in the existing restaurant threads. This would probably require some serious work to get the address data synced to the threads, and the tagging probably isn't nearly consistent enough, but it would be great to pull up a map, zoom in on a general area and check "ramen" or "DR Highly Recommended" or "great cocktails". Once the framework is set up it should be easy to update the feed with new data.
  8. And don't forget that after one of the best years of his career, Stras has an out clause in his otherwise very team-friendly contract. I don't think for a minute that this is a piece on the game board that Boras won't try to leverage for Rendon ("That's a nice All Star pitcher you got there. Be a shame if he decided to opt out ...")
  9. *Gulp* Buckle up. 20 games left, of which only 3 are against an opponent who is out of the playoff picture. 8 of those games are against NL teams currently battling for the 2nd WC spot (Phillies and Brewers, both are currently 5 games back of the Nats).
  10. That was incredible! For my money the Dan-Uggla-sending-the-Braves-packing game is still the most entertaining come back in Nats history, but this is close. I had been keeping up with the score on my phone while doing stuff around the house and hadn't even checked in after the Mets scored their third or fourth run in the 9th, when I turned on MASN fully expecting to just watch the post-game coverage. Instead I happened to tune in during the wind up of the final pitch. It took me a few seconds to realize what I was watching was live, and why FP Santangelo was screaming himself hoarse. That was fun. What a turn around since this thread was last active in May. Best record in the game. Almost surely a wild card team. The bullpen is still pins and needles, but the Nats have my ticket money for another round of nail biting playoff baseball.
  11. Really sad to see this. Bill Madden is a local brewing hero. Some kudos from around the industry on DCBeer I'm guessing the short-lived Glover Park ale house put them in a pretty big hole. He is absolutely correct about the state of brewpubs vs. tasting rooms. You can make more money on less overhead pouring pints and filling growlers out of a warehouse and letting Insta-influencers give you free marketing. It's great to see growth and diversity on the local scene, it just sucks that it came at the expense of one of the pioneers that helped make it possible. I'll miss Mad Fox at Nats park, they always had something great on tap at the District Drafts stands that was perfect for a hot summer day.
  12. Also curious: what kind of new member bump does a mention that like produce?
  13. We finally made it here last night right at opening. We don't live terribly far, but it's never at the top of our list when we get time to go out. We were on the way back into town and thinking of places between the BW Parkway and our house and it popped into mind. Wow. We never should gave waited so long! First thing: my wife is celiac and appreciated that they state up front that they use tamari exclusively. She remarked how often she craves Japanese pub/izakaya food, but is always nervous that there is shoyu in everything and ends up ordering "safe" items. It's the first time she's been able to pick from the whole menu without care. I don't have any frame of reference with the NYC yakitori spots, but Momo compares very favorably to what we remember from Japan. The set combinations could have been described a little better; we ordered the 6 piece tare/shio combo and then the tsukune set thinking the meatballs would be their own thing, but the 6 pc. set included 2 meatballs as well. Also had duck hearts (well, I did) which were fantastic. All of the yakitori were very good to excellent (duck hearts and the "oyster" nugget with crispy skin), but the highlight of the meal might have been one of the veggie plates: Bok Choy seared and served with natto butter sauce I had gone to take our 4 year old to the rest room when this arrived at the table, and was lucky there was any left when we returned. I was worried this would be too natto-y, but it wasn't overpowering at all. A simple dish that hit every note perfectly. Of the 4 veggie dishes we ordered I think only the silken tofu is something I wouldn't order again (it was fine, but the subtlety was lost amongst the other dishes). We were going to get a Rita's for the kid afterwards, but tried the toasted marshmallow and purin anyway (at $3 a pop, why not?). The purin was a perfectly good take on the familiar flan, and the marshmallow was, well, a toasted marshmallow. BUT! The black sesame buttercream on the side. Holy shit. I would have been happy spooning a bowl of that directly into my mouth. We joked if they sold it in pints, and the bartender said they've done just that a couple of times for regulars 😂 We will definitely be back (our little one ate almost everything he tried, and I know our older ones will like it, too). I found it pricey just due to the amount needed to order to make a complete meal. Our total was around $120 before tip including 3 cocktails, which were expensive and by far the weakest part of the meal. I will stick with the interesting all-Japanese beer selection next time.
  14. The ghost of food carts past haunts an alley in Bloomingdale. It's been awkwardly parked there for at least a couple of weeks now.
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