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  1. Really sad to see this. Bill Madden is a local brewing hero. Some kudos from around the industry on DCBeer I'm guessing the short-lived Glover Park ale house put them in a pretty big hole. He is absolutely correct about the state of brewpubs vs. tasting rooms. You can make more money on less overhead pouring pints and filling growlers out of a warehouse and letting Insta-influencers give you free marketing. It's great to see growth and diversity on the local scene, it just sucks that it came at the expense of one of the pioneers that helped make it possible. I'll miss Mad Fox at Nats park, they always had something great on tap at the District Drafts stands that was perfect for a hot summer day.
  2. Also curious: what kind of new member bump does a mention that like produce?
  3. We finally made it here last night right at opening. We don't live terribly far, but it's never at the top of our list when we get time to go out. We were on the way back into town and thinking of places between the BW Parkway and our house and it popped into mind. Wow. We never should gave waited so long! First thing: my wife is celiac and appreciated that they state up front that they use tamari exclusively. She remarked how often she craves Japanese pub/izakaya food, but is always nervous that there is shoyu in everything and ends up ordering "safe" items. It's the first time she's been able to pick from the whole menu without care. I don't have any frame of reference with the NYC yakitori spots, but Momo compares very favorably to what we remember from Japan. The set combinations could have been described a little better; we ordered the 6 piece tare/shio combo and then the tsukune set thinking the meatballs would be their own thing, but the 6 pc. set included 2 meatballs as well. Also had duck hearts (well, I did) which were fantastic. All of the yakitori were very good to excellent (duck hearts and the "oyster" nugget with crispy skin), but the highlight of the meal might have been one of the veggie plates: Bok Choy seared and served with natto butter sauce I had gone to take our 4 year old to the rest room when this arrived at the table, and was lucky there was any left when we returned. I was worried this would be too natto-y, but it wasn't overpowering at all. A simple dish that hit every note perfectly. Of the 4 veggie dishes we ordered I think only the silken tofu is something I wouldn't order again (it was fine, but the subtlety was lost amongst the other dishes). We were going to get a Rita's for the kid afterwards, but tried the toasted marshmallow and purin anyway (at $3 a pop, why not?). The purin was a perfectly good take on the familiar flan, and the marshmallow was, well, a toasted marshmallow. BUT! The black sesame buttercream on the side. Holy shit. I would have been happy spooning a bowl of that directly into my mouth. We joked if they sold it in pints, and the bartender said they've done just that a couple of times for regulars 😂 We will definitely be back (our little one ate almost everything he tried, and I know our older ones will like it, too). I found it pricey just due to the amount needed to order to make a complete meal. Our total was around $120 before tip including 3 cocktails, which were expensive and by far the weakest part of the meal. I will stick with the interesting all-Japanese beer selection next time.
  4. The ghost of food carts past haunts an alley in Bloomingdale. It's been awkwardly parked there for at least a couple of weeks now.
  5. My summer revelation, hit upon while making a batch of iced tea: green tea infused gin. I've since found some other recipes online, but here is what I used based on my preferences: Base gin: Beefeater. I wanted something on the neutral end of the gin spectrum (and cheap, in case this didn't turn out so well ) Tea: genmaicha, the particular brand I used was also mixed with matcha powder. This is my go-to tea around the house, and during the warmer months I keep a half-gallon of cold-steeped tea in the fridge just to drink or use as a smoothie base. I fell in love with the smokiness several years ago, and I thought it would be an interesting take on a G&T. So far I've tried it simply with Fever Tree Light and a big squeeze of lime. It's very refreshing, on the dry side and not too sweet, but the toasted rice adds a really nice depth. It would also stand up to a much sweeter tonic, and I plan to experiment with a few down the line. Here is the bottle (ignore the actual bottle, it was transferred during the straining process). I eyeballed the amount of tea for the infusion based on what I normally do for iced tea (also completely eyeballed), and let it sit for an hour. With the matcha you get a pretty quick infusion, and I didn't want it to come out too bitter as it "aged". First run was through a french press to remove a bulk of the solids, then I ran small batches through my AeroPress. That was laborious; the filters got clogged with fine matcha residue very quickly. Even with all that a good amount of solids made it through, and you have to shake the bottle to get them back in suspension before pouring. If I knew I'd go through a bottle in a day for a party or something I would have skipped the AeroPress and ended up with a more robust infusion and a much more vivd green color. Genmaicha in general tends to produce a yellowish-brown tea, but it's more green than the photo makes it out to be.
  6. I initially had a viscerally negative reaction to this news, mostly because I've known and loved Dogfish since they were a little brewpub on the Delaware shore, and I don't have a rosy view of Sam Adams (I've never thought any of their flagship beers were anything special, even when the world of craft brewers was small, and frankly stopped caring about them sometime in the previous century). But after reading the details I agree with the above; it's a partnership that will hopefully allow each brand to continue to do what they do best on the operational side while mitigating whatever financial pressures they face in the market.
  7. I got an order of the Chiko tater tots last night. They were pretty good for stadium food, but there's no getting past that it was a $12 box of tots. I could have sworn the menu said something about a spicy mayo as the topping, but mine came with some sort of hoisin-based sauce with no observable mayo component . Tossed with furikake as well. I'll stick to nachos the next time I forget to bring a sandwich with me (although the bulgogi hoagie was tempting).
  8. Wow! Kwame with Rising Star and Tom Cunanan (Bad Saint) with Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic. That's a nice, if probably unexpected, haul for DC.
  9. And they still can't handle the 8th (or 7th, or 9th, or whatever inning they are called on for relief). An 8.00+ ERA for the 'pen so far! That is atrocious. I guess we should be thankful that nobody has an infinite ERA any longer ... Edit: I should note (because I just looked it up and it surprised me) that the Nats relievers have thrown the fewest innings, and by a pretty good margin! Usually when the bullpen is struggling it's because they are overworked night after night (see the O's who sit just above the Nats with the 2nd worst reliever ERA, but have thrown the most innings). The Nats bullpen has just been flat out bad so far. Wonder if there is anybody out there looking for work?
  10. The second he got up from that hit I said "Dislocated shoulder", then the way he was hunched over supporting his arm on the way off the ice. If he "merely" separated it and they popped it back in there is a chance we see him again during a deep run, but probably no chance the rest of this series. If there was ligament damage he's done for the remainder. Someone else said he thought maybe a broken forearm, but I've seen my share of shoulder dislocations during play and that was my hunch based on the impact and how he reacted after.
  11. Bryce is not blameless in this. He left town without a single word of thanks to the fans that watch him launch his career. You've seen other players in similar situations reach out shortly after their move and at least feign some gratitude; a full page ad in the WaPo is relatively cheap. Instead, other than the slip up at his press conference, there was zilch about the organization he was leaving until the instagram post early this week that was dripping with "my PR team made me do this". Everybody in this situation has been selfish all around (and, yes, I include Nats fans in this). This after a couple years of him draping himself in the DC flag and waxing on and on about his "home". It was all window dressing as a sales tactic aimed at the ownership; it seems clear his loyalty wasn't with this city at all (unless it was accompanied with gobs of money). As the way in which the negotiations evolved has leaked out via some good reporting in the past week it was clear that the Lerners didn't really want him back and Harper realized that and didn't even bother to negotiate further. Yet he could have done a lot more to not come across as a selfish a@@hole who just wanted to ink the biggest contract ("Only $20M a year with the rest deferred, what does that do for my family?!?"). He got that biggest contract prize (only barely, and not via AAV) only to see it eclipsed in absolutely comical fashion by Trout barely 2 weeks later.
  12. I'll be staying outside of Boston this week, nearest to Lowell (Chelmsford, specifically). I aim to venture into the city proper for at least one meal, but does anybody here have experience with the area or advice on decent solo-diner-friendly places in the greater Lowell area? I'll have a car, but not looking to fight rush hour traffic for dinner every night. Thanks!
  13. The "Salt" episode of Samin Nosrat's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat series on Netflix has an extensive segment on traditional soy sauce producers still operating with centuries-old technology. Totally fascinating. (I'm not sure if the BBC article treads the same path, it didn't load past my ad blocker)
  14. Let's get the 2019 Nats going! Bryce is still in the wilderness, the starting rotation could be really exciting (or a couple injuries away from meh), catcher doesn't seem to be a liability position any longer, and there are more puzzle pieces that don't seem to have places yet. They are still the consensus pick for the NL East, but for the first time in a few seasons that doesn't feel right in the gut (but we saw how they fared when they've been runaway favorites, so maybe that's a good thing!). Opening Day falls during our Spring Break this year, so for the first time our whole family will be able to attend together. First Spring Training game is tomorrow and will air on MASN.
  15. The first full games of spring training are imminent, and he still isn't in camp (NO COLLUSION! NO COLLUSION!!). The next labor battle is a-comin', and it won't be pretty.
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