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  1. And they still can't handle the 8th (or 7th, or 9th, or whatever inning they are called on for relief). An 8.00+ ERA for the 'pen so far! That is atrocious. I guess we should be thankful that nobody has an infinite ERA any longer ... Edit: I should note (because I just looked it up and it surprised me) that the Nats relievers have thrown the fewest innings, and by a pretty good margin! Usually when the bullpen is struggling it's because they are overworked night after night (see the O's who sit just above the Nats with the 2nd worst reliever ERA, but have thrown the most innings). The Nats bullpen has just been flat out bad so far. Wonder if there is anybody out there looking for work?
  2. The second he got up from that hit I said "Dislocated shoulder", then the way he was hunched over supporting his arm on the way off the ice. If he "merely" separated it and they popped it back in there is a chance we see him again during a deep run, but probably no chance the rest of this series. If there was ligament damage he's done for the remainder. Someone else said he thought maybe a broken forearm, but I've seen my share of shoulder dislocations during play and that was my hunch based on the impact and how he reacted after.
  3. Bryce is not blameless in this. He left town without a single word of thanks to the fans that watch him launch his career. You've seen other players in similar situations reach out shortly after their move and at least feign some gratitude; a full page ad in the WaPo is relatively cheap. Instead, other than the slip up at his press conference, there was zilch about the organization he was leaving until the instagram post early this week that was dripping with "my PR team made me do this". Everybody in this situation has been selfish all around (and, yes, I include Nats fans in this). This after a couple years of him draping himself in the DC flag and waxing on and on about his "home". It was all window dressing as a sales tactic aimed at the ownership; it seems clear his loyalty wasn't with this city at all (unless it was accompanied with gobs of money). As the way in which the negotiations evolved has leaked out via some good reporting in the past week it was clear that the Lerners didn't really want him back and Harper realized that and didn't even bother to negotiate further. Yet he could have done a lot more to not come across as a selfish a@@hole who just wanted to ink the biggest contract ("Only $20M a year with the rest deferred, what does that do for my family?!?"). He got that biggest contract prize (only barely, and not via AAV) only to see it eclipsed in absolutely comical fashion by Trout barely 2 weeks later.
  4. I'll be staying outside of Boston this week, nearest to Lowell (Chelmsford, specifically). I aim to venture into the city proper for at least one meal, but does anybody here have experience with the area or advice on decent solo-diner-friendly places in the greater Lowell area? I'll have a car, but not looking to fight rush hour traffic for dinner every night. Thanks!
  5. The "Salt" episode of Samin Nosrat's Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat series on Netflix has an extensive segment on traditional soy sauce producers still operating with centuries-old technology. Totally fascinating. (I'm not sure if the BBC article treads the same path, it didn't load past my ad blocker)
  6. Let's get the 2019 Nats going! Bryce is still in the wilderness, the starting rotation could be really exciting (or a couple injuries away from meh), catcher doesn't seem to be a liability position any longer, and there are more puzzle pieces that don't seem to have places yet. They are still the consensus pick for the NL East, but for the first time in a few seasons that doesn't feel right in the gut (but we saw how they fared when they've been runaway favorites, so maybe that's a good thing!). Opening Day falls during our Spring Break this year, so for the first time our whole family will be able to attend together. First Spring Training game is tomorrow and will air on MASN.
  7. The first full games of spring training are imminent, and he still isn't in camp (NO COLLUSION! NO COLLUSION!!). The next labor battle is a-comin', and it won't be pretty.
  8. He shouldn't play another second of college basketball; this injury is a fine smoke screen to sit the rest of the season out. Imagine if that had happened with his knee at a more compromised angle. He'll be picked first in the draft anyway. Let the "purists" bitch about it; it's not their 100s of millions of $$$ on the line.
  9. The Sommeliers of Everything The article is a shallow dive into what would have been a really interesting subject for a longer essay. It's a survey of the recent rise of "sommeliers" for everything from water to honey to chocolate, and the attendant certificates and certifications that go along with this expertise. As expected, the actual expertise indicated by these certifications varies widely. The cultural drivers behind the rise of tastemakers and knowers-of-specific-things weaves a thread throughout, and it concludes thusly: I would have liked to see more from the scientific perspectives on this (e.g., how much of this "expertise" is complete bullshit when measurements are applied and cross-checked). This could easily be expanded to any other number of fields that have acquired "experts" in the information age, and parallels with the increasing tribalism in online communities in general. I couldn't help but think of Japan's otaku culture as well.
  10. My in laws live not far from King of Prussia. There is a whole new-ish mixed use development across from the Wegman's that is like a "Little D.C.". Within spitting distance from one another are District Taco, Founding Farmers and Compass Coffee.
  11. Snallygaster is back this weekend, now in a different location on Pennsylvania Ave by the Mall. Everybody else in my regular Snally crew is out of town this weekend, so I didn't get tickets to make an early day of it. Since it's now in walking distance I might stroll down when general admission opens to sample the 3 or 4 beers that really pique my interest and then bug out. This year was going to be the year I volunteered, but alas there are too many other obligations that day. Apropos of this, I did a column count on the number of times "hazy" appears in a beer description from the spreadsheet posted on the site. Roughly one out of every SIX beers being poured this year is a hazy IPA/DIPA. A full 2/3 (!!!) of the total number of IPAs being poured are "hazy" 🤨
  12. This is funny, because a storefront on 18th St in Adams Morgan recently recycled some of the wrought iron work from Blackie's! I wonder where Auger originally got it? The Google street view isn't up to date, but it's a vintage clothing shop just south of Amsterdam falafel called Mercedes Bien.
  13. In my experience their breakfast service was only ever active between 7-9 or so (but I haven't been that early in a few years). You probably caught them in break down/transition to lunch and got Kosta-ed.
  14. Inevitable. The season was all but done a couple of weeks ago and they weren’t going to re-sign Gio. He was a great addition during the early part of the 201x playoff run, but .... The Madson deal surprised me more. The bullpen continues to be a Rubik’s cube for this franchise, one that never seems to get solved. Hopefully they stick with Doolittle at least. 2019’s team is going to be new and interesting!
  15. We've had a Ring Pro at the front door plus another one of the stick-up cameras out back for a little over a year now. I researched basically all of the options available and settled on the Ring because a) we didn't have an existing doorbell and I was fine DIY-ing running the circuit to make that happen, and b) the motion zones seemed to be the most configurable of everything we looked at. I was very close to choosing the Arlo system, but read about too many bad experiences with battery life. An active camera that I have to get up on a ladder to charge every couple of months wasn't appealing. What finally settled it was the availability of a small solar panel to charge the Ring remote camera that wasn't hard-wired. I'm thinking about picking up one of the security light/camera combos for our driveway as well. Pros Doorbell notifications work well. Sometimes it is slow to connect when you are away from wifi, but we can get a notification on our phones, pull up the app and be talking to the person at the door in about 5 seconds Motion zones are very configurable on the wired Pro model. I was basically able to create a path that alerts to anybody setting walking up our front pathway and onto the porch, but also excludes the front path for the townhouse next door. The remote camera not so much (see below) Alert notifications also pretty configurable, even down to times of day if you want to set up the schedules (only alerts you to motion events from 8-6 on weekdays while at work, etc.) Solar panel set up keeps the remote camera fully charged even with limited sunlight exposure (it only needs a couple hours a day to top off it seems) Cons Yearly subscription is required if you want any meaningful recording history; I really wanted a HDD system to keep local recordings, but nothing fit the bill Resolution on the stick up camera is pretty bad; ours out back gets basically washed out by a nearby floodlight at night; motion zones on that one also not as configurable, so I had to dial back the range in order to not pick up every car driving down the alley Wifi signal needs to be very strong. We had to get a wireless repeater and place it basically in line of sight for the front door in order to not get constant disconnect errors. Remote camera was a little more forgiving, but probably because of the lower resolution. This was a big drawback Ultimately I wanted a fully wired camera set up and a local HDD with remote capabilities, but running the cables everywhere we wanted would have been a real pain (old masonry row house). Ring was the best of the wireless options I found, but not perfect. I wish I could have test driven the Arlo system as well as they are cheaper and more easily extendable.
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