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  1. u-bet!

    Dining in Rosslyn

    Don't forget about Santa Fe Cafe.
  2. u-bet!

    Stand Up Comedy

    That's a great article. Thanks for sharing.
  3. u-bet!

    Stand Up Comedy

    Does this require a new subforum or would it fit into one of the existing ones (or is there already a topic covering this that I am missing)? I listen to the Radio Classics channel on Sirius XM and find the old episodes of The Jack Benny Program to be reliably hilarious. Although that was a scripted radio program with multiple characters and writers, I've always thought Benny's stand up routines were quite funny, as well. For more contemporary stand up comics, the first name that comes to mind is Dave Attell, although I haven't seen any of his recent work. I was a big fan of his old "Insomniac" TV show, which I thought was creative and a good vehicle for his brand of humor. Who are some of your favorite stand up comedians from the past or present?
  4. u-bet!

    Eating at Nationals Park

    Grace's Kitchen has replaced G Sandwich at Nats Park.
  5. I guess if I had spelled it correctly when I was searching I would have found that thread.
  6. Capitol City Brewing Company abruptly closed its Shirlington location yesterday. My regular Thursday night travel patterns made it convenient for me to drop by the bar for a couple of their "core four" beers, which were on special that night of the week (most recently at $3.00/pint). After a while, it became apparent to me that this was also a big night for a large number of local taxi drivers (primarily immigrants from the Horn of Africa region) to gather in the bar area. I never got to know any of them personally, but the ones I would ocassionaly engage in casual conversation were always some of the nicest guys I ever met. I know there are comments here and there on this site referring to the mostly poor quality of their food and the no better than mediocre quality of their beer, and I would generally agree with that (although I thought their hummus platter was actually pretty good). But it was a good deal on Thursdays, and the bartenders who I got to know were always very friendly and outgoing (if occasionally absent-minded). My understanding is that the staff was not given any advance warning of the closure. When places like this close, I think it would be good to keep in mind that real lives are affected, no matter how insignificant a blip on the radar of the local food scene they might have been.Their (original?) location on H Street apparently remains open.
  7. u-bet!

    Tom Sietsema's Online Chat

    ...and another DR.com shout out from the DC Urban Mom Sietsema thread referenced in today's chat, for whatever that's worth...
  8. u-bet!


    You might want to try Grosvenor Market in Bethesda. I've never had it myself, but the pickled herring on display in their deli/prepared foods section always looks really good (I assume they prepare it themselves, but don't know for sure).
  9. Just spotted a "Coming Soon" sign for Los Tios Grill at the Van Dorn Plaza shopping center (the one at the corner of Stevenson Ave. & Van Dorn with the Gold's Gym and the Safeway).
  10. u-bet!

    Eating at Nationals Park

    Good information and good news! I was always used to going to the Red Porch for the interesting brews and assumed all of the "permanent" built-in stands would be strictly A-B at this point, so never bothered to check. I think I also remember spotting a roving vendor selling Flying Dog a couple of seasons ago, as is mentioned upthread. If any of them still do, I suppose finding them is catch-as-catch-can.
  11. u-bet!

    Eating at Nationals Park

    You really do need to stick with the District Drafts stands, which have a nice variety of rotating local craft brews. Only Anheuser-Busch brands now in the Budweiser Brew House (what used to be called the Red Porch). The days of Dogfish Head and Flying Dog offerings are gone.
  12. Sorry if this has already been covered, but is the feature that allowed you to see the information about how many were viewing a topic (and the user names of the members who were logged in) gone for good?
  13. u-bet!

    An Open Letter To The News Media

    "While a political earthquake has shook Westminster to its core..."
  14. FYI, Heavy Seas Ale House in Rosslyn is currently offering 1/2-price growler fills on Saturdays & Sundays. I got a growler of their Loose Cannon IPA today for $9.99. Xtra Fathers Day bonus - the growler itself was free!?