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  1. Just to update this discussion.... Since I last wrote that missive above, the Giffard Triple Sec of Curaçao HAS found a new U.S.A. importer, and we proudly carry it in our store. Quite possibly, the best orange liqueur we've ever carried, and Jay Hepburn did not exaggerate its qualities. Also of note, while the Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao is lovely, we now also have the Golden Moon Dry Curaçao, from Colorado, and it gives the Pierre Ferrand a serious challenge, with the single biggest difference between them being that the Ferrand is blended with Ferrand Cognac, and the Golden Moon does not have any Cognac or brandy in it., so perhaps that's like comparing Cointreau with Grand Marnier, or Combier with Royal Combier, as they are not exactly the same products.
  2. After years of phone calls, emails, and other searching, I FINALLY acquired the Maraska Maraschino Liqueur today. http://www.maraskausa.com/individual-products.html#maraschino Been after this since, oh, at least 2008.
  3. Rittenhouse Bottled-in-Bond; the one indispensable rye for your bar Bulleit Rye is currently made at MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. For less money, I'd rather have the Redemption Rye, which is the exact same mashbill as the Bulleit rye, but it is slightly higher in proof, though the whiskey itself is slightly younger. Biggest differences between the two for me? Bulleit Rye is too "soft"; Redemption Rye has the trademark forward rye spice that I love and look for in my rye whiskies
  4. These folks just opened their distillery this month, and it's most encouraging to see: http://www.oneeightdistilling.com/home Just as their neighbor, New Columbia, does, the folks at One Eight make their own grain neutral spirit (GNS), rather than purchasing it commercially. That method certainly is NOT the path of least-resistance, but it does ensure their satisfaction of quality-control and D.C. authenticity. As of this moment, only their vodka and their Rock Creek White Whiskey are available, but their Ivy City Gin will follow in just over a month, and they will be distilling other spirits as well. Much to look forward to!
  5. Okay - I've tried it (am trying it now, straight, chilled can poured into a cup). It's very nice. They do use pure cane sugar (no HFCS - yay!). It's as clear as an unmuddied lake in summer, perhaps even more clear. Will it replace Barritt's bottles (sugar cane) or Fever Tree (ditto) or Fentiman's (same) or Regatta (same) as my go-to ginger beers of choice? No, but if it's the only one available, I certainly won't quibble. The cans are quite handy, and obviously do chill faster than bottles. As Clive Coates might say, "Very Good"
  6. We just received it in the store today. I haven't tried it yet, but I have some chilling for that very reason. It comes in cans that make it look like Red Bull or even Sixpoint Brewery products. Just a reminder: Stolichnaya is no longer "product of Russia"; it is "product of Latvia".
  7. Color Todd Thrasher at Restaurant Eve as very impressed with these wines as well. We don't stock them, but they are available to me to buy, if anyone is interested in acquiring some for themselves.
  8. Related this recent brunch experience at Belga Café elsewhere, but thought it deserved to be shared here. Had one drink today which, according to the drink menu, included Mount Gay "Black" rum, but I watched the bartender use Captain Morgan spiced rum instead (!!!). When I mentioned it, I was informed that the Mt Gay "Black" was out of stock. My friend ordered a drink which, according to the menu, included Mandarin Napoleon, and Corner Creek Bourbon. Instead, the bartender used Grand Marnier and Jack Daniel's (!!!) Maybe I'm spoiled, but I'm used to being informed ahead of time when I'm not getting the drink that I've ordered, and paid for. If you've run out of something, that's fine, but please give me the option of accepting the substitution or ordering something else. Silently substituting is insulting to me, and I don't appreciate paying the same money for cheaper ingredients. If you advertise specific ingredients, then that's the experience that I want. It's dishonest to switch them out without telling me. Why should I have to watch the bartender prepare my drink? I (rarely) have the opportunity to watch a chef prepare my meal; I have to trust that I'm getting what I ordered and paid for. No different with drinks. If the menu simply said (for example) orange liqueur, Bourbon, etc... that's one thing, but to actually list the components by brand name takes things to an entirely different level. I enjoyed my food just fine. Terrific frites. Great brunch menu, which I can happily recommend, but order with care off of their drink menu.
  9. Wow, this thread hasn't been touched in so long, it has dust on it I just acquired an old favorite of mine - The Franí§ois Collard (Cháteau Mourgues du Grès) "Galets Rosés" Costières de Nimes 2013. I've loved this wine for years, and it now has a new U.S. importer, and tasting it took me back 15 years ago, last month, when I visited the estate. It is summer in a glass, red wine with its shirt off. A simple delight, and inexpensive as these things should be. More info here: http://www.mourguesdugres.com/vins-vignes-languedoc.php?page=vins〈=en&recette_id=&vin_id=65
  10. Islay-whisky enthusiasts! Saturday, May 31st is Ardbeg Day! Come and purchase the new Ardbeg-Day bottling, "Auriverdes" as well as other Ardbeg bottlings at a nice discount. Come on down, we'll talk about it. Bring the wife, and then we'll dicker....
  11. Hell, we've delivered liquor, wine, beer, sodas, juice, mixers, ice, etc... in D.C. since 1934! www.acebevdc.com Call me up! I'll beat these people at their own game! 8)
  12. Yup. We got ours on Wednesday. Already blown through a lot of it because we don't limit people. I'm told a lot of people bought an entire case.
  13. This is really kind of a hoot: "Frogs and Puffins! 1730s Menus Reveal Royals Were Extreme Foodies" by Maria Godoy on npr.org
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