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  1. Thanks, Dave O. It was fun to do, and I appreciated the opportunity to weigh in.
  2. This bums me out. I think it was a solid concept, and they invested a ton into the place. I think the location, while extremely convenient for my neighborhood, is just never going to be great--if you don't live down there, it is hard to even explain where that stretch of Glebe Road is.
  3. On tap at #spiderkellys and its delicious. https://t.co/V2f6grDDTf

  4. Keep up the hard work, guys...#coffee #entrepreneur https://t.co/BueXiAV48T

  5. Welcome to the neighborhood! https://t.co/u5lcHDoaxs

  6. @tomsietsema, valiant defender of my hometown and its amazing restaurant scene. https://t.co/XhNow3wPJC

  7. RT @spiderkellys: Oktoberfest specials all week! Brats, Pretzels w/beer cheese and a variety of German/Oktober brews... https://t.co/s4eAs…

  8. Safe to say a lot of us didn't see this one coming... https://t.co/4lD9mXj3E3

  9. Tough business, tough neighborhood. Can't just open & hope to make $. When dust settles, #spiderkellys will still b… https://t.co/p3rikt430u

  10. @Mariobatali @ilSavio Amen, Chef.

  11. Well done Justus, Jeremy and Tim! @LiveOakDelRay making noise! #lowcountry https://t.co/VpK4SeCvor

  12. Agree. Thanks anyway Michelin, but I will stick with the local experts. @tomsietsema @timcarman @toddkliman @jsidman https://t.co/jU5Nu26DlO

  13. https://t.co/vmZeTASF7I Meet the guys behind our first project! #coffee #takomapark

  14. Looking good @takomabevco! Can't wait to get this thing open! #coffee #mothersaucepartners https://t.co/YtAbdASGlu

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