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  1. A little follow-up.... Raising a final toast to Rose, the Clyde’s customer who charmed and mystified, by John Kelly, November 20, 2018, on washingtonpostcom.
  2. We use ours every day. A little butter or oil prevents major sticking. If you don't leave it out all night and wash it before you go to bed you should not have a problem. Never had a mess a Scotch-Brite sponge couldn't handle. I don't recall ever having to use Brillo or SOS on this (not sure that would be good for the pan).
  3. Horseless Carriage Restaurant - 1966. Located in Galpin Motors auto dealership in North Hills.
  4. Pacific Dining Car - 1921. Literally open 24 hours a day. It, like, never closes. Christmas Day, too. Free 1921 membership gets you 21% off all breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items, a free entrée in your birthday month, and 24 hour access to the Late Night menu. The night shift at the Pacific Dining Car is full of glitter, ghosts and blueberry pancakes, by Sara Cagle, August 1, 2018, on latimes.com.
  5. Irv's Burgers (née Queenie’s) - 1946. Closing for good (or ill). The rent's too damn high. West Hollywood’s Most Iconic Burger Restaurant Will Close Forever This Week, by Matthew Kang, November 19, 2018, on la.eater.com.
  6. dcs

    Tips on Tipping

    Times You Didn’t Tip Enough and Ruined Someone’s Life, by Katie Nguyen, on newyorker.com (November 19, 2018, Issue).
  7. Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything. April 12 - September 8, 2019. Jewish Museum, New York, New York.
  8. dcs


    I Found the Best Burger Place in America. And Then I Killed It. By Kevin Alexander, November 16, 2018, on thrillist.com.
  9. Take it from a butcher: A turducken isn’t worth the trouble, by Greg Herring, November 16, 2018, on washingtonpost.com.
  10. dcs

    The Blues Brothers

    You should grab a copy of Albert Murray's Stomping the Blues for a scholarly explication on the nature and various expressions of the blues idiom. Here is a link to an excerpt of the book discussing folk art and fine art in the blues context. I think this may read upon the point you were making. I would say that Blind Willie Johnson falls into the folk art camp and musicians like Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie are more squarely in the fine art business. Yet, they all are firmly rooted in the blues.
  11. I think Foobooz is engaging in Trumpian logic - why import anything when we can make it ourselves in Philly. Sometimes things like the Commerce Clause endanger local businesses. Maybe we ought to take a close look at that.
  12. dcs


    Our refrigerator is seldom without a tub of hommus from the Lebanese Taverna Market over in Lee Heights in Arlington. Once we took a cooking class there with a group and made some ourselves. Frankly, they make it better and it is not that much more expensive than a DIY effort.
  13. New York Magazine’s Sites Are Going Behind a Paywall, by Jaclyn Peiser, November 12, 2018, on nytimes.com.
  14. Cedd Moses Resurrects the Gateway to Los Angeles, by Michele Stueven, November 8, 2018, on laweekly.com. Imperial Western Beer Company and Streamliner Bar.