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  1. There is nothing worse than having your own children create a disturbance on a plane. When someone else's kid cries, I just smile to myself and think "not my problem." I get more annoyed at the business folks who continue their business calls in a loud voice until the last possible second before shutting off their phones.
  2. Hilton Brothers Bringing ‘Cafe Colline’ to Lee Heights Shops, on ARLnow.com, July 9, 2019. This is quite an interesting development. There is zero competition for this type of restaurant at that location. Looking at the storefronts for several blocks in either direction on Route 29, that is a situation that is not likely to change anytime soon. I say this is well played. --- Cafe Colline (hopsing)
  3. The last time we were at Foode we were chatting with the bartender about local place to eat and she suggested Orofino. I have not eaten there so this is all I have to go on.
  4. Donovan's Pub in Woodside, Queens - since 1966. Their hamburger is still a strong offering.
  5. Duke's Grocery just opened up in the old Kinkead's space at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. I would be inclined to try that over District Common. Haven't seen the menu posted yet. It is reported to be more expansive than the Dupont and Woodley Park locations.
  6. That is more or less an accurate statement. However, for those with a less negative assessment of the fare, I suspect that Patsy's has the GAR A-team working these opening weeks. The Blue Crab & Shrimp Fritters I had there this past Saturday appeared a step up from previous iterations I have been served at other GAR locations over the years. So, if anyone is at all inclined to partake, I suggest that it is never going to get better than it is now.
  7. I only within the last 6 months started frequenting this joint spurred on in large part by your October 2018 post. Got the whole family in on the great burgers. It was never all that crowded when we were there, which may have something to do with the decision to close.
  8. Silverado (formerly Fantastic Fritzbe's Flying Food Factory) - 1976 - per the Great American Restaurants website.
  9. For Connoisseurs and Joe Sixpack, Canned Wines Beckon, by Eric Asimov, May 6, 2019, on nytimes.com.
  10. What was in this location before it closed? Been here more than 30 years and have no recollection of this site.
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