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  1. Counter Service Tipping: Who Gives? By Seth Kugel, September 15, 2019, on nytimes.com.
  2. I vote for this as the best tomato. A Tomato Grows in the East River, by Amelia Nierenberg, Sept. 4, 2019, on nytimes.com.
  3. The Racist, Twisted History of Tipping, by Maddie Oatman, May/June 2016, on motherjones.com. 'It's the Legacy of Slavery': Here's the Troubling History Behind Tipping Practices in the U.S., by Rachel E. Greenspan, October 15, 2018 (updated August 20, 2019), on time.com.
  4. Some people will only drive a BMW or equivalent Others are happy with a KIA. Not everyone is passionate about food, but recognize they must eat to live. Frankly, in many locations dining options are severely limited.
  5. Stick to the SkinnyLicious menu for more reasonable calorie counts. It also wards off the headache that ensues when you try to read through the hundreds of items on the full menu.
  6. I wouldn't read too much into it. We sometimes hear this even at places we frequent at least once a week, just because schedules vary. It is invariably followed by a conversation in which we catch each other up on what we've been up to since we last spoke. If they recognize your face and know your name you are a regular no matter how long it has been since you last stopped in.
  7. The Rye Street Tavern's Uncle Vals Garden is a strong offering (Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, cucumber, lavender, lemon, sage, Q Tonic).
  8. In this regard, you may want to peruse the Oldest Restaurants in the Washington, DC Area thread.
  9. There is nothing worse than having your own children create a disturbance on a plane. When someone else's kid cries, I just smile to myself and think "not my problem." I get more annoyed at the business folks who continue their business calls in a loud voice until the last possible second before shutting off their phones.
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