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  1. Nice farewell by Robert Sietsema. New York Just Lost La Caridad 78, One of Its Last Cuban-Chinese Restaurants, by Robert Sietsema, August 3, 2020, on ny.eater.com.
  2. Well, this blows. La Caridad, A Cuban-Chinese Staple on Broadway, Closes After 52 Years Posted on July 23, 2020, on West Side Rag
  3. dcs

    Dress Codes

    Baltimore Restaurant Group Battling Discrimination Suit Says It Won’t Bring a Dress Code to D.C., by Tierney Plumb and Gabe Hiatt, July 9, 2020, on dc.eater.com.
  4. dcs

    Dress Codes

    A Baltimore restaurant group apologizes to a black woman and son for unequally enforcing its dress code, by Emily Heil, June 23, 2020, on washingtonpost.com. When I see that a restaurant has a dress code I invariably choose another restaurant, although I did once don a jacket to dine at Commander's Palace.
  5. He continues his "defense" in this story on the local Fox affiliate. He appears to adhere to the Mike Isabella school of public relations management. https://www.fox5dc.com/video/697315
  6. The Entire Staff Quit Over This Coffee Shop’s Racist and Covid-Denying Tweets. The Owner Claims They’re Not His, by Jessica Sidman, June 16, 2020, on washingtonian.com. I am speechless.
  7. Had lunch yesterday outside at The Liberty Tavern.
  8. The Bathroom Attendant Is About to Make a Big Comeback in Restaurants, By Jessica Sidman, May 29, 2020, on washingtonian.com.
  9. Fred Parker, co-founder of Hard Times chili chain, dies at 78, by Louie Estrada, May 12, 2020, on washingtonpost.com.
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