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  1. New Owner Says Ruffino’s Spaghetti House is American Dream Come True, by James Cullum, January 8, 2021, on ARLnow.com.
  2. Watching what is going on at the Capitol I am raiding my liquor cabinet for any available alcohol. 6pm curfew in the District tonight folks. No one outside. No travel by car or other modes of transportation. If you need food or other essentials get it now.
  3. Joe Bastianich’s Otto Has Closed for Good, by Rachel Sugar, November 4, 2020, on grubstreet.com.
  4. Never mind. Closed for good per their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Unfortunate for sure.
  5. Lawsuit alleges wage theft by Mike Isabella at one of his shuttered restaurants, by Emily Heil, November 3, 2020, on washingtonpost.com.
  6. Fine Dining Fixture 1789 Reopens Soon in Georgetown With a New Chef, by Tierney Plumb, October 29, 2020, on dc.eater.com.
  7. Ruthie's All Day is a new restaurant not far from the cemetery. They are currently open only for dinner but they are working their way to breakfast and lunch as well. You might want to give them a ring and see if they will open for your group. Give them a chance to test out the brunch service. I am sure they would appreciate the business in these difficult times. They also sport a nice sized patio.
  8. Ireland court rules that Subway's sandwich bread is not legally bread, by Jon Haworth, October 1, 2020, on abcnews.go.com.
  9. Balducci’s closes Reston Town Center store, by Jeff Clabaugh, September 3, 2020, on wtop.com.
  10. You go to the front desk and have them convert your $20 bills into $5 bills. Do it one $20 at a time. I have never had a hotel refuse the exchange.
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