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  1. dcs

    The Rolling Stones

    According to Wikipedia, George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics. He probably has more money than Mick.
  2. Former owner Blake Bethem is taking part in a charity bike ride. Fredericksburg chef to take part in 300-mile bike ride to end hunger, by Cathy Jett, The Free Lance Star, September 17, 2018, on fredericksburg.com. The donation deadline is Friday, September 21, 2018, if you are so inclined.
  3. A few weeks ago the bartender at Trummer's on Main overheard our discussion about passing through Fredericksburg and needing a place for lunch. He recommended FoodE. It is located in the National Bank Building at 900 Princess Anne Street, complete with vault and all. We enjoyed a fine lunch at the bar. I have not had an egg salad sandwich in about twenty years, but I really enjoyed their take on it on sun-dried tomato bread. We also enjoyed the chicken hummus plate, which was a little busy in presentation but tasted A-OK. There is a lot going on in the menus, so it probably deserves a return trip the next time we are making our way down south.
  4. ‘The Franks’ Will Rework Their Brooklyn Restaurant Empire, by Tejal Rao, September 18, 2018, on nytimes.com.
  5. You scooped the omnipresent ARLnow.com: The Great Eatery in Rosslyn Permanently Closed, by Vernon Miles, September 12, 2018, on arlnow.com. Fantastic!
  6. dcs

    Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

    Andrew Zimmern’s Nonstop Road (and Food) Show, by Kim Severson, September 11, 2018, on nytimes.com.
  7. It will be difficult for me to patronize one of his restaurants after reading that story, and I'm not usually the boycott the owner kind of guy (hell, I still regularly attend Redskins games). Everyone deserves a second, and even a third, chance. But this guy is still stuck on "bad press" this and "someone else's fault" that. He is not helping himself with these interviews.
  8. dcs

    Home-Brewing Jun Kombucha

    Craft Kombucha does have this advisory on their website and at their stall at Union Market:
  9. dcs


    Branzino can also be found on the menu at BlackSalt, Il Canale, and Zaytinya. I would call ahead to confirm availability before going as menus can change and supplies can run out. --- Greek Taverna (hopsing)
  10. Top Chef Star’s ‘Le Kon’ Restaurant Opens in Clarendon, by Alex Koma September 6, 2018, on ARLnow.com. That is a tough strip and to me is psychologically less accessible than the rest of Clarendon. I am not in love with the menu, but will try to keep an open mind. Maybe I will stop by for a gin & tonic during happy hour.
  11. Heavy Metal Band Gwar Is Taking Over DC’s Ill-Fated Rick and Morty-Themed Pop-Up Bar, by Jessica Sidman, September 4, 2018, on washingtonian.com.
  12. Celebrity chef Mike Isabella declares bankruptcy in wake of sexual harassment lawsuit, by Tim Carman and Maura Judkis, September 6, 2018, on washingtonpost.com.