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  1. Matty Maher, an Institution at an Institution, McSorley’s, Dies at 80, by Sam Roberts, January 13, 2020, on nytimes.com.
  2. County Board Approves Request To Eliminate Off-Site Parking At New Children’s School on Lee Highway, by Kalina Newman, on ARLnow.com. It is too bad this location could not have been preserved as a restaurant. I suspect that the costs of bringing the facility up to code as a public establishment was probably just too great. That place was a warren of steps and turns.
  3. Mike Isabella Resurfaces in Florida After #MeToo Allegations Decimated Him in D.C., by Gabe Hiatt November 27, 2019, on dc.eater.com.
  4. A Montreal Bagel War Unites Rival Kings, by Dan Bilefsky, November 26, 2019, on nytimes.com.
  5. Asiatique in Clarendon Closes for Renovations and Rebranding, by Kalina Newman, November 6, 2019, on ARLnow.com.
  6. For those who have not been following along at home, Don offers commentary in the final episode of this season (yes, I am counting on a second season!) of Dish City - Power Lunch. Transcript here.
  7. I haven't been. Never saw the need. It is a coffee shop that doesn't open until 9am, which pretty much made me skeptical of the operation. Just wondering if you had any intel that I might be mistaken.
  8. Fanelli Cafe - 1863 (under the Fanelli Cafe name since 1922). The Bar That Has Fed SoHo for Almost a Century, by Reggie Nadelson, Oct. 14, 2019, on nytimes.com. Wikipedia
  9. Starting last week, Foode no longer closes between 3pm and 4pm. They stay open during that hour serving a limited menu. Their website does not yet reflect this change.
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